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  1. So watching the game Boston/Lighting tonight and the local analyst commented on Halak's equipment while he was getting some maintenance done on his skates. 1) they commented on the fact that his equipment looked like new all the time, and the goalie specialist said that he changed equipment often, don't know what that means vs some of the numbers highlighted above ? 2) he also changes his glove often during a game (nearly every period) as is gets very wet ??
  2. TGN not yet my son is trying out for a Junior AAA if he makes the team a new pair of pads will be ordered ! Quick update - he was on the ice yesterday with his P2's which he had not worn for about 3 weeks will all the pads he demoed and the speedskin still slides VERY well after 2 years of use
  3. I have been wanting to ask this question for ever - Does anyone know how Halak keeps his gear in mint looking condition, even more impressive he wears pretty much all white (you can throw Price into the mix ) ?
  4. Carguy well said - the pads he demoed where perfect in their material selection 80 - 90% weave and Jenpro as soon as we pull the trigger where hooking up with the Mgr. to order with exactly the materials as on those pads.
  5. TGN thank you for clarification on materials! Can pads with this issue (twisted) be corrected ??
  6. So we just got back from my sons on ice session/ Demo - and he absolutely loved the pads. They worked perfectly no over rotating like de Ultra Sonics, that where light, he loved their sliding, slightly less than the US but an improvement over his P2s. The face of the pad is very hard and rebounds where similar to the US maybe not as hard off the pad but a lot better than his P2s. His first comment when he came off the ice - best pads I have ever tried by far ! So if you going to buy a pair of Axis - stock, take a very good look at the material selection from CCM white pads look great a
  7. So we just got back- first of all Vaughn is out, my son did not like the glove break on the SLR Pro Carbon, beautiful combo needs to go on a Vegan diet a little on the pudgy side ! Probably the best quality pads, with Brian's, out there when it comes to their built quality. CCM Axis - fist of all my comments above only apply to the Demo sets that CCM has sent to the stores. Their the black and yellow pads everyone hated from the get go, not only are they ugly but their material selection is poor mostly their new material AND FYI speed skin in black looks really cheap ! SEE PICT
  8. Big2

    Lefevre 20.1

    Awesome set - these are my sons colours for the last 3 years , enjoy they look great
  9. Big2

    Lefevre 20.1

    Chenner are these your pads ? If not can you tell me where you saw these ??
  10. So I just got back from an on ice session for my son - he was supposed to try the CCM Axis - but the Demos they brought where too small 34+1. However I got to see the pads that where brought in for him they where the black and yellow ones that every one commented on that they looked like street pads - GEUSS WHAT my son said when he got out of the arena, they looked like street goalie pads ! (He has never seen the posts stating that !) Furthermore - the pads looked like they had been used for ever, the top section which is know binding less already showed some wear and tear and the seams
  11. So yesterday I found out that the skate he was wearing when the blade popped out where 4 years old - his into a new pair of skates already, one piece true
  12. Confirmed True 1 piece while I'm surprised due to the way the blade is locked into place, I wouldn't hold it past True - I have a post on TGN about the issues we (my son) had buying a pair of True skates.
  13. WillyG - i believe he wears True skates: he had the one piece so I'm surprised, did this occur during a game ??
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