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  1. One of the worst goalies I have ever seen in the NHL - how do these guys make it all the way there with such a poor technique.?
  2. Guys do we know if Tydan makes a fat blade like Step did for the Bauer Vertex holder ?
  3. Big2

    Louis Domingue

    Just found out his been traded to New Jersey - all the best to him i hope he proves to the Lightning they made a mistake !!
  4. If the orange/ blue graphics above are an option I don’t see any issues with the graphics. At the end of the day if the pads are better than the Premiers ( Which my son wears ) I wouldn’t have a problem considering these. Quality should be the same as the current CCM pads . What about the Eflex pads - will they be changed if the Lefebvre relationship is over ?
  5. Mike Bossy , one of the greatest goal scorers likes the goal! FYI a player in the Junior majeur ligeau just scored a similar goal - a Russian player I’m not crazy about it but banning it ? Not sure.
  6. Step confirmed to me that they will stop making Bauer blades ! This might be a stupid question , but do we know if Tydan will incur the same faith ??
  7. Wow these look like new, did you clean them before posting the picture?
  8. Check their website ? Also True blades are made by Step - so you might want to take look there as well. Not sure if they carry anything other than the OEM blades?.
  9. TGN - the bunnyman is right! I know I posted something on this recently when my son complained about foot ache in his 2S Pro skates earlier this year. We went to the most qualified skate shop In Montreal and was told that his super feet where to rigid. I was shown how your arch reacts when you move your hips up and down in a static position and the arch goes up and down with your movement. His super feet where not allowing him to do so - I was all in for a custom set but was told but was told to look at the off the shelf Graf insoles. A pair was selected for him based on his arch type and length ( not sure if there where any other parameters taken into account ) - since he has them, no more complaint's!
  10. Bunnyman - love the belt, was thinking about getting one done for the player of the game for my sons team ! So how does this work - how do we sign up ?
  11. Mango - good to hear, enjoy your skates
  12. MD - have you had a chance to try them yet ? I might get be wrong but the left skate holder looks slightly offset to the inside - try shuffling in them both ways, best way to confirm if this is the case or not !
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