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  1. Big2

    Is CCM Gear Durable?

    In general both Bauer and CCM are lower quality vs Brian’s and Vaughn - my son has had a pair of P2s Pro with 100 speed skin for the last 12 months and they are holding up pretty good but not even close to his previous Brian’s. He’s had a CCM Premier CA for less than 9 months and it’s showing a bit of wear (not impressed ). He also has a CCM Pro mask - I have to say I’m impressed both the protection and quality holding up pretty well My comments above have nothing to do with the performance of the product(s) .
  2. Tony Yeah really - he looks like a porn star from the 70’s LOL
  3. Dude obviously baking them was a no brainer - but you should also get fitted for good insoles. Bought a pair of Bauer 2S skates for my son earlier this year obviously got them baked I also installed a pair of Superfeet ! Son started complaining about the comfort level of his skates - went to the best skate store in Montreal, they specialize in skates for both figure skating and hockey. The store manager recommended either custom insoles or fitted insoles, upon reviewing his feet a pair of Sidas off the shelf insoles where recommended. To all after using superfeet for 7 years, never again, these insoles are too stiff. If you look at how you foot works the arch of your foot flexes and goes from arched to flat which the Sidas soles allow your foot to do, they are flexible in that section.
  4. TGN - what about your thoughts vs speedskin ??
  5. Mathew any developments regarding a pre cut kit for the CCM GFL Pro ?
  6. Big2

    Louis Domingue

    Guys thanks I’m not really a fan of LD but was just wondering where he’s at - thanks,
  7. Big2

    Louis Domingue

    Guys, does anyone know where Louis Domingue is paying this year ?
  8. Colin - I was not trying to be an ass but you do have to try them! my son has the GFL pro - prior to pulling the trigger on this mask I was very sceptical, he had a Protecsport full Kevlar. The CCM fits very close to the cheeks and per my son had a better line of sight, I would also add that the quality is very good . Good luck with your purchase but again go try both masks
  9. Dude - masks and skates you have to go and try them and make your own mind. Irregardless of your comment about your head shape above that doesn’t mean it will relate to another goalies head shape ? And the only who might own these 2 masks would be TGN - but again GO to a large hockey shop and try both . Good luck
  10. Bunnyman found this option for you - a little bit of gauze and you should be all set !
  11. TGN - so this is the unit you pm’d me on, interesting look forward to seeing one
  12. Bunnyman - thanks for the link, to bad it’s not I’m English amazing stuff
  13. My son has this yeas 2s Pro - the insoles cwarmar referenced above look like the ones that came with the skates? I don’t remember why but my s9n installed his old Superfeet quickly into his new skates ! Chenner Graf/Sidas are in fact the insoles I saw - I was originally looking at a pair that seemed closer to the Superfeet but I found them to be too soft these where off the shelf units. i then brought up a question about a concern my son had about his skates that might require some fitting and ended talking about footbeds again and a custom Graf/Sidas was brought too my attention ! Will discuss with my son - he certainly has not complained about the comfort of his skates so this might end up being all for nothing but will review with him when we go for an adjustment to his skate
  14. While getting my sons skates sharpened yesterday I browsed around the shop and came across custom molded footbeds! The owner told me she swears by them - does anyone use this type of footbed ? This is still relatively expensive $150 ++ plus taxes so I would like some feedback - thanks
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