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  1. Big2

    Lefevre going solo

    There’s a video on their Facebook page showing how well the L20 slide - not sure if the pads are are using their fast slide, but they probably are
  2. if its the same tool as for the 2 piece its just a long socket key - 8mm
  3. Add Graf to the list - their new cowlingless skate looks awesome
  4. Looks like Step has been purchased by CCM - can someone confirm this, forgot where i read this I know i that Im not dreaming this up ? Also what will be the impact for after market blades moving forward ??
  5. Richman - lArtiste du Patin in Brossard Quebec sell Graf skates and have a wall with holders for both players and goalies which include Bauer. The only place that sharpens my son’s skates- wouldn’t trust anyone else!
  6. Big2

    Lefevre going solo

    Looks like chicken skin - can’t wait to hear how it compares to the other options
  7. Big2

    Lefevre going solo

    I was informed on Wednesday that a Lefevre CA will come out shortly
  8. Probably the best looking boot on the market - again not a fan of the player holder but it seems to look better than the True set up ! Looking forward to some on ice feedback.
  9. Big2

    Kudos to Bauer

    Abraham - i agree! Great looking pads by the way, what was the wait time for a custom set of Bauers ?
  10. Quick update - bought two paris of Cut Shield socks which are currently being introduced to the market to replace my sons tuff and lites. The Cut shields i am told are level 5 rated and have ordered a set if Daredevil undergarments.
  11. Vegas - try the Goalie crease they demo my son every summer when I’m looking for a new set of pads ! Not sure how they would handle you out of Vegas, but could be another option ?
  12. Big2

    Lefevre going solo

    TGN do we know if mere mortals will be able to get some of the options above - like the X stiff core ? If Pro options are available they certainly will go to the top of my sons future set he like the picture you showed on a previous post the only issue is the Lefevre logo, especially white logo onto dark base. look forward to seeing Bernie’s set
  13. Big2

    Lefevre going solo

    Not bad - I like both models, as far as pricing is concerned not bad for an equipment supplier who made the equipment for most top goalies in the NHL TGN try to get a set of each to Demo them !
  14. Coop Good call - here are the details - RULE 67 – PUCK OUT OF PLAY i. When the puck is shot or deflected outside the playing area (including into the players’ bench) or strikes any obstacles other than the boards or protective glass above the ice surface, game action will be stopped and the ensuing faceoff will take place at the nearest faceoff spot to where the puck was shot or deflected, unless otherwise set out in these rules.
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