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  1. Coop your comments are applicable on certain colors - the black and yellow set we see all over, not sure why CCM has picked such an ugly set to promo their pads ?
  2. my sons suspenders for next year - we got them a few weeks ago
  3. Nice I also like the red ones but I prefer the top models - I don’t understand why people are bashing the graphics ?
  4. TGN - thanks ! Is the parent company Brian’s ? I believe their making hospital grounds ?
  5. I believe Passau offered this option - if im not mistaken my son had a glove with this padding and he never complained about stingers.
  6. TGN taking a serious look at this for my son but FYI its not on the companies web site ?
  7. Disregard - she's Canadian ! Also has some good stats - maybe the habs should take a look at her for their back up goalie ?
  8. Wow you dirty pig - you obviously have too much time on your hand ! Thanks for the Community work you have made my day as well as my sons - is she Canadian ????
  9. Great looking skates ! Question - the tab in the middle of the holder is it permanant anchored there or its part of the blade ? Also are these 3MM or 4MM blades and do you know if Step will be making blades for these skates ?
  10. CJ thanks I will look into this
  11. Guys i have tried 4 times to save my design - but when i try to download my design i cant find anywhere and nothing pops up telling me where it has been saved ? Can someone help
  12. FYI the section of the blades that go into the holder are 3MM thick - the blades where called Fat Blades
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