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  1. Guys i have tried 4 times to save my design - but when i try to download my design i cant find anywhere and nothing pops up telling me where it has been saved ? Can someone help
  2. FYI the section of the blades that go into the holder are 3MM thick - the blades where called Fat Blades
  3. Yeah - I bought 3 sets when my son got his 2S Pro skates and 2 of the 3 sets where really tough to get into the holder. So I contacted Step and they told me to return them for new sets went back to the store where i bought them and got the blades exchanged but the issue did not disappear. So I used a very fine sand paper (the type used wet) and gave each side of the blades a few passes on each side at a time. Problem resolved ! Just as an FYI - before going thru the procedure above i bought a tool at a large hardware tool to measure the width of the section that goes into the holder and they where all within spec ?? I dont know what to say but my 2 cents is that the sanding helps out with the finish allowing it to better fit ! Hope this helps - i bought 3 more sets since Step is no longer making these blades. Just relax and buff them a bit on each side - good luck!
  4. Big2

    Warrior G5

    Two very good looking sets - really like the colour schemes that we can choose with these pads Look forward to seeing the actual sets
  5. Look forward to seeing the padding on their mask - very interesting mix of different types of padding
  6. Will the NHL cancel the rest of the season ? The NBA just announced it and some of the leagues in Europe have cancelled the balance of their season as well !! i give them less than two weeks or as soon as a player gets diagnosed with the Virus 🦠
  7. To all you collectors out there - Upper Deck will be issuing a Rookie card for David Ayres, could be worth a lot of money in 20 years ?
  8. Stew - placed an order look forward to getting them, will be installing them on my sons new pants. FYI i did order them with the straps that go around the floaters.
  9. Woah alot of marketing BS: Coveredge Airslide RVH optimized 360 Active drop I dont see any information supporting any of these buzz words ?
  10. Stew - the design has changed (the 3 sections that hook onto the pants) did you ask for this set up or are they from a previous model? Also regarding the tie straps - are they sown to the suspenders or loose ?
  11. Very nice looking set - keep us informed on how the glove works out
  12. John, i dont think their field testing anything - all that has changed for the Pro are the graĥics Lefevre was making their CCM stuff until recently !
  13. Big2

    Lefevre going solo

    Greg find the post - Insider info CCM/Lefevre you’ll find your answer. We know have access to the same masks that the CCM Pros where using!
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