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  1. Get a new stick. The blade looks split. Yes, you don't play the puck a lot but it will impact your rebound control. For example, directing pucks into the corner or over the glass.
  2. Been using this for 4 months now and love it.
  3. I have the eFlex Shield 2 and I love it. Very mobile and I don't look like a Michelin man. Check it out.
  4. Simscityy

    Vaughn Gear

    Price should go back to Vaughn and wear this graphic.
  5. I came from Vaughn V3 (8 Years) Bought the elfex and absolutely love it. I've only had Vaughn products but I didn't like the way the Ventus, V6 and V7 fitted. There was something off with all of them. So, I waited for the eFlex to come out and was immediately happy when I tried it on. Patience helped me out here I Felt comfortable my first game wearing it. Minor things here and there but don't even notice them and I've worn it for 8-10 games. Great mobility in the arms and love the squared off shoulders. It's also light and keeps pretty cool throughout the game. I also like the way I look
  6. Simscityy

    Bauer Gear

    I couldn't resist the temptation to splurge on the 2S. Trying it out tonight.
  7. Simscityy

    CCM Gear

    it's great. There isn't any concern.
  8. Simscityy

    CCM Gear

    I'm coming from a Vaughn V3 7500 - I was very hesitant to go CCM. From my experience, I felt CCM to be really bulky and I never really gave them another look after I got my V3 unit. Especially since I'm a Vaughn guy, but I have to be honest - I wasn't liking the fit on me with their new units when I was in the market for an upgrade (V7, Ventus..V8 looks ugly in my opinion). So, when I saw a few previews of the Shield II, I waited. Right away, I love the squared off shoulder look and mobility in the arms was a focus for them. Plus, the red and black look matched my gear - haha. Once
  9. Simscityy

    CCM Gear

    Played my first game in this yesterday and really impressed so far. any questions - please ask.
  10. Yes, I had a few shots and didn't feel a thing. The material also absorbs the puck very well. I was really impressed. I've only wore Vaughn the last 8-9 years and this was the first CCM product (aside from stick and neck guard).
  11. Played my first game last night and was very surprised and pleased on how easy the transition was from my Vaughn V3. I was very comfortable as soon as I threw it on with my full gear. Obviously, there are some minor adjustments that will go away after I get a few games. When crouched low, I felt a little discomfort in my side peck and armpit area but I'm not sure it will break in after a few more games. The arms are very mobile and the puck absorbs nicely with the D30 technology. There was no point during the game where I felt I couldn't comfortably move, especially going in RVH position.
  12. Picked this up the other day. Coming from a Vaughn V3 (I'm selling in case anyone is interested - see pic below). Looking forward to trying this out the next few games. I've been a Vaughn guy for a few years and never wore a CCM product before (except a neck guard) because of the bulkiness but this chest unit looks more mobile especially around the arms. Trying it on felt comfortable, especially around the torso area. It hugs you really well.
  13. I have the VH boot with Vertex edge blade holder and love it.
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