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  1. Like the setup on Matt Tomkins of the Hawks.
  2. Action shot of Crawford’s Lefevre set
  3. Vinyl wraps the wave of the future for masks? Easy enough to just get it redone quick if it peels or wears off. Seems to be just as durable as paint for a fraction of the price.
  4. One of the best sets I’ve seen this year.
  5. I’m with RBC and they were useless on helping me figure it out the first time I called but I called back and got a good agent that helped me set up a free USD savings account. You need a separate savings account in USD to receive your money, once I set that up it was easy to move the money from sideline to my USD account. Just call and any agent can set one up, then you just enter the account number on the sideline swap site and the money will move within 24-48 hours.
  6. My current Brians Anchor T with +1 depth is the best glove I’ve ever owned. Snappy feel and it swallows up almost every puck. I found the double t on my previous Bauer glove popped out too may pucks. I’m sold on single/anchor T glove being the best option for my style of play.
  7. I could see Crawford becoming a client as well. He lasted 1 start in 2x pads before going back to P2.
  8. Funny enough Crawford made 1 losing start in his 2X pads before going back to his P2’s. Still wearing the 2X gloves.
  9. Over rotating on one side is common if you’re new to goaltending. Definitely check the strapping, I agree you might want to check the boot straps but if your calf and knee straps are too loose that can also cause the pad to fall flat. Trust me, this is something that happens to all goalies, 32 years in and my right leg still rotates weird sometimes. Keep dialling in the straps each ice time, don’t be afraid to change things up until you find something that works. On one set of Bauer pads I owned I must have changed the strapping 100 times before I found a sweet spot.
  10. Looks like his teammates are taking it in stride, they drew a chalk outline of where he dropped this morning at practice.
  11. Specs on the glove I would recommend are Anchor T with +1 depth on the pocket, pro palm with extra break in. This is what I went with and it's the best glove I've ever worn. Closes like a game ready glove but the pro palm will help with wear and tear if you play a-lot. Pads I went with no outside break, stiff knee blocks, pre curved tops. I strongly recommend trying the pads on before you order to get correct sizing. I went from a 36 in Bauer to 34 in Brians. I would have ordered the wrong size if I assumed I was the same size from one manufacturer to another.
  12. Doc1200

    2xpro sizing

    Medium would give you more movement, large more coverage. Also depends on your style, if you’re more of a blocking type butterfly goalie that would be a good fit. If you’re more hybrid I’d go with medium.
  13. Career Lefevre loyalist Crawford wore 2X gloves last night in LA, he was definitely wearing his CCM gloves last start. Also wearing a VTX mask.
  14. How often you play and how long you want the glove to last should probably be the deciding factor on game ready vs pro palm. I was told by my Brian’s rep to go with a pro palm with some extra break in because I play 2-3 times per week. I’m sure a pro palm adds weight but I don’t want to buy another glove in a year.
  15. Don’t like the look of skate lace either, nylon seems more durable to me. Weight difference is not a factor. My glove is an inch deeper and still very snappy with a pro palm. Get them to give it some extra time in the break machine if you go pro palm.
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