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  1. Crow wearing pretty much the same set up from last year at the team scrimmage on Sunday.
  2. Awesome, thanks for the code. Yeah I was a little surprised at how flimsy they were compared to pro laces, the other cord is in perfect shape so maybe that one cord was a dud. Everything else has been amazing with the pads so I can’t complain too much.
  3. Did a double take on that name myself!
  4. Hawks prospects Alexis Gravel and Mareks Mitens
  5. Brians Smart Cord on my GNETIK 4'S after about 20 ice times, fraying started after 5 or 6 ice times. Meh, switching to Pro laces.
  6. Flames rookie Artyom Zagidulin
  7. 2 minutes is insane! I’m never complaining about a 5 minute warm up again. Thanks for the ideas fellas, took a look at some of Maria’s videos and will change things up.
  8. I’ll be sad if Hellebyuck goes away from the 18 calf straps set up.
  9. Hey guys, looking to change up my pre ice warm up and was wondering what you do before you hit the ice for a game? I’ve been going with a basic dynamic stretch routine for years. I wondered if there was a better way to warm up since in my leagues we only get 5 minutes max on the ice before a game starts and I always feel that it not 100% warmed up after just a few minutes on the ice. Thanks!
  10. $250-300 max...sold a JRZ pro return set of Reactors made for Roloson last year and got $300. They were used slightly more than your pads but were a custom made pro set with matching gloves. Resale market is pretty soft for gear from 6-7 years back regardless of condition.
  11. It's not even close, the difference is staggering between my Jenpro NXG'S and my Gnetiks. Sometimes I think my Brian's over slide with primo, especially on fresh ice. I've had to adjust my technique because they slide so well.
  12. Bauer for the control zone(grip) technology, never been able to duplicate the superior grip of a Bauer with any other stick manufacturer. I just can’t get comfortable with any other stick.
  13. Doc1200

    Louis Domingue

    The rumour was Tampa was looking to buy out his last year.
  14. Raanta’s Optik 2 set
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