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  1. Doc1200

    Brians BOA model

    They shipped a replacement within 24 hours! Will update once I receive the replacement. So far excellent customer service.
  2. All the best to Price, he's true legend. Allen has had that habit of struggling when he's given the crease. Should be interesting to see how he handles being the guy (for now) in the pressure cooker of Montreal.
  3. New Bauer Custom Chesty: -1S Pro European body -beefed up Ultrasonic Arms -Reinforced shoulder floaters -Reinforced forearms -½” shortened forearm thanks to TGC for the hook up!
  4. Doc1200

    Brians BOA model

    Does anyone know the type or model number for the BOA system in Brains gloves? The BOA dial broke in my blocker and I’m trying to figure out which replacement model to buy. Thanks
  5. Like the setup on Matt Tomkins of the Hawks.
  6. Worn a pro Cat Eye for over a decade and never had any stick scares with my cage. I think the pros are more susceptible to stick issues because of all the traffic and tough play around the net. In rec hockey I don’t think you have as much to worry about when it comes to sticks in your face, I’m comfortable wearing a non certified cage.
  7. You are going to love that anchor tee. I just got my Genetik glove with the anchor and it’s a dream right out of the box. No pop outs after 6 games and that was an issue I had every game with my Bauer, this glove swallows everything. Extremely impressed.
  8. New set arrived today. Thanks to Jay at the Goalie Crease for all the help! G-Netik 4 34+1.5 with a few mods: Anchor T +1" pocket Pro Palm extra Break in No outer break on outside roll Pre curved tops X-Still knee block
  9. Ordered a custom set of G-Netik 4 on March 26 and they are on the way to me. Thanks to the Goalie Crease for the express slot. 5 weeks total with shipping, can’t beat it!
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