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  1. Doc1200

    2xpro sizing

    Medium would give you more movement, large more coverage. Also depends on your style, if you’re more of a blocking type butterfly goalie that would be a good fit. If you’re more hybrid I’d go with medium.
  2. Career Lefevre loyalist Crawford wore 2X gloves last night in LA, he was definitely wearing his CCM gloves last start. Also wearing a VTX mask.
  3. How often you play and how long you want the glove to last should probably be the deciding factor on game ready vs pro palm. I was told by my Brian’s rep to go with a pro palm with some extra break in because I play 2-3 times per week. I’m sure a pro palm adds weight but I don’t want to buy another glove in a year.
  4. Don’t like the look of skate lace either, nylon seems more durable to me. Weight difference is not a factor. My glove is an inch deeper and still very snappy with a pro palm. Get them to give it some extra time in the break machine if you go pro palm.
  5. You’re not alone, I’ve had 2 bounce off my back and fall into the net this season already.
  6. I don’t think so, the anchor T might look a little smaller to the shooter but I’m not noticing that guys are trying to beat me more to the glove hand than when I wore a double T. I am able to make easier glove saves and have way less pop-outs with my Brians glove.
  7. I have a GNetik IV glove with an anchor T, pro palm, extra time in the break in machine. Best closure out of the box of any glove I’ve owned. I’ve found that tightening the BOA straps all the way does affect the closure, I need to keep the wrist strap a bit loose to get that great closure/snap feel. Can’t say enough good things about this glove, it swallows up more pucks than any other glove I’ve owned.
  8. Doc1200

    Optik 2

    I can see the benefit of a professor strap on a pad with a larger leg channel but with the Genitik 4 having such a tight leg channel would it have the same effect?
  9. A guy I play with ordered his son a junior intermediate set the day Bauer launched custom for 2x. His wait time was also 18 weeks, it kept getting pushed back by Bauer after he was initially quoted 8-11 weeks.
  10. A blocker is a blocker to me, I’m VERY picky about my catcher and the styles i like versus the ones I hate, in fact I hate most catchers I try on especially Bauer and Warrior gloves, to me they’re all terrible. Moving from a Bauer NXG blocker to a Brian’s Genetik 4 was easy for me. I also live near plenty of hockey stores and get to try on lots of new gear, never tried on a blocker that blew me away or one that I hated either, the pro level blockers kind of all feel the same to me. I guess the one feature I do like in newer pro level blockers is the grip technology in the palm but pretty much every blocker has that nowadays.
  11. Crow wearing pretty much the same set up from last year at the team scrimmage on Sunday.
  12. Awesome, thanks for the code. Yeah I was a little surprised at how flimsy they were compared to pro laces, the other cord is in perfect shape so maybe that one cord was a dud. Everything else has been amazing with the pads so I can’t complain too much.
  13. Did a double take on that name myself!
  14. Hawks prospects Alexis Gravel and Mareks Mitens
  15. Brians Smart Cord on my GNETIK 4'S after about 20 ice times, fraying started after 5 or 6 ice times. Meh, switching to Pro laces.
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