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  1. Ok cool ill check them out Thanks!!
  2. Hi is there a way to date a Bauer 960 mask? I've just bought one for good price Also has anyone dealt with any good Mask refurbishers? Id like to change the foam and straps and cage. Thanks
  3. Hi there I did some for you a while ago. If its simple i can try to help out
  4. that's so awesome. Great to hear!!
  5. Hey Ross You still rocking your own goalie pads?
  6. I assumed as much. Was curious. Thanks!
  7. Saw these on Kijiji, couldn't find anything online.
  8. Hello! So for my 40th Bday last summer the wife bought me a pair of SR R/GT pads, they had sliders on them as I am 100% ball hockey goalie. Quite the gift! Anyways, I realized a lot of the straps were missing and bought the replacement package to add the Slik Clips etc. The pads had their leather straps for the boot strap and I've been playing with them since I got them. But now I want to change to elastic boot straps to put under my feet, i've tried them WITHOUT but it's too floppy for me. I do have the heel straps that were in the replacement kit and was thinking of just putting those, but My question is, are they any elastic or quick clip boot straps out there? Or any mod that can be done?
  9. thanks! I love that beer logo, and as Stout fanatic, I will have to check it out! LOL
  10. My buddy used him too. I help DEK / Ball Hockey teams with their logos, and his team is celebrating 20 years, I had to redraw his dragon for his jersey logos. He is thrilled with what JF has done.
  11. havok

    Homemade neck guard

    Hey everyone So the awesome dude @ross shipped the red neckguard to me. And i can't get used to it. No matter how i adjust it, there's always pressure on my adam's apple. So i am going to pay it forward and give it to someone else. If you live in Canada i can ship it for like 10. If you're in the Montreal area, come amd get it! In The US of A i dont know but i can check it out. Contact me if you want it
  12. a ....honda.....civic...The ANTI-Goalie gear car.
  13. BUMP Hey if you like Nillson's PADS 😉
  14. Oh man..You know Ill bug you about them Ball Hockey Pads LOL
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