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  1. I see you are in US I think with as hopping it'd be too much..
  2. ****Small note: I just checked the website and it seems the price has increased from 420$ to 505$
  3. So after 5 games: I have to admit that the glove IS am advantage over a regular ice glove. The bigger catching surface helps and the ball does go in neatly into the pocket. I made a few (lucky) glove saves while screened which I felt was helped by the glove. I also did a few sprawling stretched out saves and the ball went right into the pocket. The wrist strap is a major annoyance for me as a lefty. And I just don't tighten it. I may ask Passau how I can remove it without destroying the glove. Also it's still pretty stiff and longer to break in compared to other gloves.
  4. If the ad wasn't from 2018 I'd hope it was still available. Hard to find these...
  5. I've been looking for this... Besides custom orders do they still make these?
  6. havok

    GSBB - Dead?

    Anyone still have their personalized Hockey Card? I just found mine!
  7. Part4- Unbagging Part deux The glove finally returned to earlier last week, so again a very quick and efficient customer service experience!! I of course am giving my critique based on initial feeling and opinions, and not having a game with the glove yet I did have a game last Saturday though. Back to the glove… One thing to keep in mind is that retail price for this is 420$ CDN. I personally would never have paid that straight out of pocket. Again, in my humble opinion, I think buying a used but good shape PRO glove for half (even often less) that cost, and then do mod
  8. Hey I've been playing ball hockey forever My trick when I didn't have sliders I aimed the ball to the centre of my chest. I'd follow it that to take up as much space as possible. The only real hard thing is rebounds and cross passes. That's where I'd go all 80s and just do desperation dives often towards the player with the ball to limit his shot ..
  9. Part3- Unbagging: I am coming from a Warrior GT SR Glove, and I actually really like it. I’ve always been a Reebok guy . I would take the gloves and relace them etc. Pop ups for me were never a real concern, and never felt a goal went in because I was using an Ice Hockey glove even if it was made to catch pucks. The reason I ordered this glove is that apparently the glove has the “legal” specs of National and International Ball Hockey Associations. (CBHA, ISBHF WBHF). Which allows a larger catch surface than a normal glove (I am getting old so I’ll take any advantage I can get), and a deep
  10. Part 2- Ordering Ordering was super painless. I spoke to Miguel (whom I know well enough as he has sold me his Warrior gear). Fast response and great service. I ordered like the first day of June. I was quoted 4-6 weeks until delivery. Like clockwork, I got an email stating my glove was shipped on July 9th! So as a customer ordering a custom goalie product for the first time, it was really appreciated how efficient they were. I received the glove the following week:
  11. ***LONG SORRY**** Part 1- Background A bit of background: I am a career ball hockey goalie. Been playing for 20yrs now. Unfortunately never learned how to skate properly, but was always obsessed with the goalie position. As a ball hockey goalie, I always bought my pads, and gloves used, so I’d usually be 1-2 seasons behind the latest stuff. Fortunately, used gear sells pretty cheap so I get to play in cool gear and modify it to play ball hockey. As ball hockey got bigger and better, so did player gear and now goalie. DEK hockey is HUGE here in Quebec, and is taken pretty seri
  12. havok

    Passau Ball Hockey

    So I finally did it. I bought a Passau Ball hockey glove. My first ever review to come...
  13. I was able to get this used yesterday. A bit of nostalgia for me I've owned a Protechsport since 2011 Best customer service ever from Michel
  14. I want LOL I have a GT glove 😉
  15. havok

    Passau Ball Hockey

    Hey thanks I've been researching. Im in the later years of my " career" and while expensive I thought I'd maybe spoil myself. Do you guys have any vids of them in action?
  16. Does anyone have expérience with their Ball Hocket Line?
  17. Ok cool ill check them out Thanks!!
  18. Hi is there a way to date a Bauer 960 mask? I've just bought one for good price Also has anyone dealt with any good Mask refurbishers? Id like to change the foam and straps and cage. Thanks
  19. Hi there I did some for you a while ago. If its simple i can try to help out
  20. that's so awesome. Great to hear!!
  21. Hey Ross You still rocking your own goalie pads?
  22. I assumed as much. Was curious. Thanks!
  23. Saw these on Kijiji, couldn't find anything online.
  24. Hello! So for my 40th Bday last summer the wife bought me a pair of SR R/GT pads, they had sliders on them as I am 100% ball hockey goalie. Quite the gift! Anyways, I realized a lot of the straps were missing and bought the replacement package to add the Slik Clips etc. The pads had their leather straps for the boot strap and I've been playing with them since I got them. But now I want to change to elastic boot straps to put under my feet, i've tried them WITHOUT but it's too floppy for me. I do have the heel straps that were in the replacement kit and was thinking of just putting those,
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