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    Brian's GNETIK Pro 2 custom 36+1
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    Brian's GNETIK Pro 2 custom
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    Brian's GNETIK Pro 2 custom
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    Brian's sub-zero pro 2.
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    Vaughn V7 XF Pro Carbon
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    Bauer 960xpm
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    Warrior CR1/Sherwood BPM 150
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    BAUER Supreme 1S
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    BAUER 1s od1n
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    Bauer Supreme neck guard
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    Mckenny pro spec/ Bauer player jock

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    Custom Warrior CR1
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    Custom Bauer 2S pro skates
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    LS5G carbon

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  1. It feels like it. I can't say for sure but I did also get to use a 2Xpro today. Demoed the pads as well. I am impressed, but will probably stick to my Opt1ks still.
  2. So far have loved it. It feels very light, and it's extremely responsive when playing the puck. Also Koskinen's curve isn't too bad. Feels good for saves and passing
  3. New sticks. Not sure if I should use the Talbot one as I didn't know it was signed when I bought it. Going to be testing the Koskinen V1pro+ tonight.
  4. It makes it much harder. I've had two injuries that happened after I ordered new gear. Once in high school with a surgery on my back for a pilonidal sisst, took a year to recover. Then last year my miniscus tore, tried playing 3 weeks later but it had tear again. Then through a series of trying to let it heal for 9 months and trying to play again, having it re agrevate after two months, and now waiting for surgery, I have not had the chance to play a lot lately.
  5. Now that I have the full order I thought I might post the full family photo. Hopefully pics of me wearing it will actually happen soon, but it's uncertain because of a miniscus tear. Also included the design pictures.
  6. Straps came in. They both have a special meaning, the 16 for Humboldt, the 31 for my grandmother and supporting all cancer types.
  7. Very nice set. I really wish I would have gotten the eyes on mine. I had em on every set till now
  8. Remember especially with Brian's, just because it has a particular graphic doesn't mean that's why the pad, glove, or blocker is.
  9. So I just recieved my Brian's opt1k gloves this week and was about to heat it when I remembered it had BOA in it. I became a little worried that the heat might damage the dials or mechanism. Does anyone know if I am able to still heat it to break it in. The proccess is spraying the outside with water, keeping it closed with a string or any other such item, then heating it in a skate oven for 5 min, then playing with the glove until it cools.
  10. Number straps. Instead of the bstar strap on the back of the pad
  11. Half my stuff has come in. Still waiting for the chesty and hopefully one small custom piece for the pads. They should come within the next few weeks. the last pic is with another set that came in with mine, so we showed them both off.
  12. Canadian tire bought Sherwood, and Canadian tire owns pro hockey life. If you want one of the bpms they're on sale for 50% off right now. I just grabbed one today and want to test it after the long weekend.
  13. Jacob Musselman

    2X Pro

    Like I said he was a player skate rep so he knows a bit but not too much. The more I look at the pads and chesty the more it points to then being the stock graphic
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