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  1. Debating picking up a CCM P2 set where they have a 2 piece catcher and wondering if there's a major difference between their 1 piece and 2 piece glove, and opening up the discussion more generally, advantages and disadvantages of both styles? Thanks for your help!
  2. That's possible! haha. That's quite a lot of hockey, definitely pro level needed. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hey thanks for this post! A lot of the stuff out there only focuses on the pro version. My questions: - How has the durability of the synthetic leather on the face been for you? any threads loose or much discolouration? - I guess coming from Vaughn all rebounds would be crazy, but how are the rebounds on the 2X version, still booming? - have they softened up a lot over the last few months? Thanks for your help!
  4. Thanks so much for the heads up guys! If I go ahead I might ask 'em to forgoe the snap closure and maybe just ask for a jenpro tab I can sew to inside of calf wrap.
  5. Did you end up getting the Kenesky professor strap? I'm thinking of getting a set and am wondering if looping the attachment points through your pads' cords (that run down the length of the pad) led to any loosening of those cords or any undue wear? If so, did you make any adjustments?
  6. Gear hygiene super important... but I'm also cheap. heh heh. I've tried sanisport and captodour and they were great but cost per bottle was too much. When I was selling one of my sets a guy told me about dettol and water solution and I use about a 1:9 part mix of dettol to water and it works great. One bottle of dettol is under $10 and that lasted me almost a year. The only drawback is that it smells like a hospital around you for a bit, but that's also not bad because your teammates will hate the smell and sit further away so you have more space to put on gear. 😆 For deep cleaning I use front load washer and for areas that are sweat-stained or extra gross I put oxi-clean gel on it (in addition to putting oxiclean powder in the load). Voila.
  7. Get the Kenesky one! Ain't that the truth. I'm still getting used to the active drop leg channel on my RGT2s--wasn't used to the loose feeling and wrapped mine too tight the other day and one time I landed on the face of the pad. Gotta trust the system.
  8. Plot twist, actually not Travis and just someone out to impersonate him and tarnish his good name.
  9. gotc

    R GT/2

    7 weeks and 5 days after ordering, my RGT2 / RG4 set has arrived (RGT2 Gloves, RG4 Gloves)!!! Super happy with how they turned out, only thing would be how white on jenpro and weave is a bit off, but I suppose that makes sense (that they'd have different tones as they're different materials, not sure if anyone knows anything about this). Will also be putting on TGN Spec Pro Laces on there instead of ARS or lace toe ties.
  10. gotc

    Custom Gear Wait Times

    I'll pop 'em in the RGT2 thread after I pick them up today!
  11. gotc

    Custom Gear Wait Times

    Ordered RGT2 Pro leg pads, RG4 catcher and blocker Sunday April 28, just got word today that my set has arrived, picking up tomorrow! 😁
  12. On my 3mm Bauer blades I usually do 7/16", recently got skates profiled (Prosharp Detroit2) and sharpened 'em at 1/2", feel like they're a good balance of bite and glide. Highly recommend.
  13. gotc

    R GT/2

    Good to know, that's a great problem to have! All good, I was just trying to use your guys' IG channel to see if my set's complete, I'll be more than happy with getting them on the ice--and of course sharing pics of the set here with everyone.
  14. gotc

    R GT/2

    Oh strange, guess it's a bit different vs other brands, most just use a wide elastic strap. How do you like your OPTIKs? Keep us posted on how the glove is!
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