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  1. TRUE Goalie Skates - 1 Piece vs. 2 Piece

    @thebigm thanks - seems like the zero energy loss thing isn’t really for everyone but it’s really appealing to me. When I first got my One80 cowlings with the stick steel I loved the skating with the lower height but hated that I lost the attack angle. Thinking the one piece might be a really good middle ground while still keeping the excellent True fit in the boot.
  2. Punisher Goalie's Videos

    My last game of the regular season and picked up my first shutout of 2017-2018! Once again, only the 2nd period for this one. Overall I was really happy with my performance. All the saves in the 2nd were sort of ho-hum, so not the most exciting video - really wish I had film of the 3rd when there was a ton of action. 28 saves total. I will try to get a face-on video for the next one. I’d like to get a better look at my hands and particularly stick placement since I’ve decided to really focus on that for the time being. Thanks for watching!
  3. TRUE Goalie Skates - 1 Piece vs. 2 Piece

    Anyone here have a recently-made pair of the one-piece goalie skates? All the reviews I can find on them are somewhat old and pre-date the True take-over. Just wanting to hear more feedback on them and if there have been any significant changes since the initial release. I am very much enjoying my two-piece boots with One80 cowlings, but looking to try something new during the spring/summer. I’m really attracted to the one-piece thinking that the flatter, lower, setup would be good along with the cowlingless attack angle and the concept of the low energy loss. Any feedback would be great.
  4. LOTC Channel

    @LordOfTheCrease just a suggestion on the camera angle - up higher is better, but you also need to tilt the camera down. In your latest video, the top half of the frame is wasted because you just see the roof. If you angle it down so that the opposite boards are at the top of the frame, you’ll get a much better viewing angle (i.e., you’ll be able to see more detail) and you’ll also get the area behind the net in frame. Good luck and keep filming!
  5. Punisher Goalie's Videos

    Thanks, gentlemen. I was happy with this one. Focusing on one thing helped for sure. I have been favoring them more lately. Mostly because my league is heading into playoffs. I’m more familiar with them and for now I will probably stick with them until playoffs end then switch to the Optiks full time this Spring/Summer. I wouldn’t say they perform better than the Optiks, just different. I think others have made this comparison, but 1S is like a German sports car - 1:1 responsiveness - while Optiks are more forgiving/organic feeling. In my current mindset, I’m preferring the performance of the 1S. I know myself though and I like having two options like this to switch between.
  6. Knob Pics (Not What You’re Thinking...)

    @cwarnar @IPv6Freely I found the Buttendz easy to install on a 1S too, but I never even tried the included spray. I just used hairspray. Nice thing about hairspray is you can get a big bottle cheap and use as much as you want, which would make it easier to get the grip on.
  7. Punisher Goalie's Videos

    Short one this time - camera only caught the 2nd period. Won 7-1 and faced 26 shots. I was pretty happy with my overall play. I took @Ghostender‘s advice and decided to focus on one thing - using my stick to direct shots as much as possible - and tried not thinking about anything else and just playing. I was pretty happy with the results. Had a bunch of scramble situations in particular that I was pleased with my tracking of the puck. Pretty proud of the save at 0:49 too Thanks again for all your advice!
  8. Design Help

    Stunning set. Going to look amazing with your mask paint design. Looking forward to seeing a photo of the whole set in action!
  9. The Mask Thread

    Thanks! Tony’s awesome. I don’t think mask painting is his primary business, so you’ve got to be patient but I knew that going in. His price was exceedingly reasonable and he executed my requests perfectly. I just found him by Googling for mask painters and the art I saw on his website made me think his style would work for this project. Luckily it did! I definitely highly recommend Tony.
  10. Punisher Goalie's Videos

    I appreciate that. Its a great point. For some reason, I want every save to be a “routine” one where I’m on angle at a good depth and there’s no playable rebound, etc., but obviously that’s not going to happen.
  11. Punisher Goalie's Videos

    Thanks, I appreciate that perspective. Its funny how I tend to get more frustrated when I make mistakes in my movement where the play doesn’t even result in a shot on net, I.e., not being on angle, etc. You are right of course that at some point you’ve got to put function over form. I appreciate the observation on setting my feet, too. I find I’m still struggling with that when the puck is being carried toward the net before the shot.
  12. Bauer Gear

    Already saw 1S sticks for 20% off at my LHS this week.
  13. Punisher Goalie's Videos

    Latest pickup session is up. This was a weird one. I felt pretty sluggish, like I was behind the play all the time. Let in several soft goals, as you’ll see. This damn rodeo arm thing is hard to shake. Its crazy how pronounced it is on video and I have no idea I’m doing it on the ice. I will say that the few times I really concentrated on keeping my arms in front of me and under control, my movements felt snappier and faster. Going to be a work in progress... As always, any and all comments and suggestions are welcome!
  14. Chin Sling for 960 XPM?

    @IPv6Freely thanks, those look great. Since I already have the unused Maltese sling sitting around, I’ll probably try to fashion something out of that. My main issue is, if you look at @CG35‘s pictures, the cheek pieces on the XPM entend down over the holes where the strap snaps attach. That’s what prevents you from doing a traditional sling set up, at least not without overlapping the Maltese and the stock foam. I’ll give it a shot though.
  15. Chin Sling for 960 XPM?

    That would be awesome, thanks!