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  1. Punisher Goalie's 2017 Videos

    Thank you! I was thinking about doing a PadSkinz design on these, but may just leave em. Great observation, thank you. I'm going to try to watch this next time.
  2. The Mask Thread

    Not to beat this horse any further, but Sportmask says it uses a “carbon fiber composite” shell, so curious how their particular flavor compares to others. Not clear where and how much carbon is in the mask. I go back to my earlier thought - the stiffness is just one element of the design, the contours/shape of the mask and how it reflects pucks away play a huge part as well and I imagine it’s important to find the best combination of both. As @TheGoalNet said I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these pro level masks, the approach to protection is just slightly different among them.
  3. Sub Zero 3 Pros on clearance?

    Anyone have any experience using the Brian's knee guards attached to Brian's leg pads using the velcro tabs? Its a really interesting design I was just wondering what its like in terms of rotation of the leg inside the pad (does the tab hinder movement/twisting). Contemplating switching away from garter/socks and just wearing UA leggings. It seems like keeping the knee guards attached would simplify the dressing process a bit too.
  4. Punisher Goalie's 2017 Videos

    Yeah and the OT goal was by far the weakest, or at least it felt that way. In the 2nd period (where I didn't have the camera behind me) that same player tried that move twice and I made the save, this time I left the 5 hole open...
  5. The Mask Thread

    Not an engineer or physicist here, but my understanding was that you wanted the stiffest material possible and that the shape of the mask was meant to deflect impacts away, not absorb any of the energy.
  6. Bauer Gear

    Had to lol at this sentence. What about next year, will the 2X be 4X more flexible than 1X multiplied by 2S divided by 1S?? Math jokes.
  7. Punisher Goalie's 2017 Videos

    My first game of the Winter season. A disappointing 4-3 OT loss. Faced 60 shots though, so I can’t be too upset. Would love to hear any feedback you all have on how to improve. Thanks again! In case anyone is interested, gear for this game is: Mask: CCM Pro C/A: Passau Standard Glove/Blocker: Warrior Ritual G3 Pants: Bauer Supreme 1S Skates: CCM Tacks Leg Pads: Brian’s Sub Zero 3 Pro Stick: Bauer Supreme 1S
  8. The Mask Thread

    Didn’t get a quote from them but I thought Sportmask customs were around $1000 USD. Haha yessir. The lighting in my picture makes it look shiny but it is a really nice matte white. Personally I think it looks really cool contrasted against the chrome cage.
  9. The Mask Thread

    Just got this in and I’m absurdly excited about it: Sportmask Pro Series 2 (Cam Ward) After lots of measuring and consultation with The Goalie Crease store, I’ve got what is as close to a custom fit as I can get without going the full custom route. I am so happy with the fit and finish and looking forward to trying it out on the ice. Bought this with the intention of getting a nice paint job but I am really digging the matte white look so may stick with that for a while. Do want to swap out the black elastic for white/cream, but will do that shortly.
  10. Sub Zero 3 Pros on clearance?

    Yeah this is the general pattern - I tend to go from “ponder” to “overnight shipping” in 24 hours or less.
  11. Bauer Gear

    @TheGoalNet Screw-in toe bridges on 2S Pros?
  12. Punisher Goalie's 2017 Videos

    Thank you! Yeah stuff like that will definitely require some adjustment but I was really pleased with the fit (no more falling off the knee block it seems) and the sliding and rebounds were outstanding. As far as I know, the G3Netik glove has a “game ready” palm but it definitely feels waaaay thicker than my Ritual G3. I like that I (hopefully) won’t be getting stingers but it is definitely going to be a long time before I get to the “flappiness” of the Ritual that I like. Its all a trade off I guess.
  13. Punisher Goalie's 2017 Videos

    Got some new pads and took them out to SNP to break them in and get used to them. I also FINALLY took a goalie lesson last week which was very eye-opening. The coach did not want to overload me with too much so right now I am really going to focus on improving my T-push form. He gave me a few drills which I’m doing in this video. Let me know what you think! ETA: Music is inspired by pad name lol...
  14. Sub Zero 3 Pros on clearance?

    Aaaaannndddd... they’re here! First impressions - outstanding build quality. They are similar in weight to my R/GTs but the Warriors feel like lightweight cardboard in comparison. The Brians just have an intangible high-quality feel to them. Flat-faced pad but feel more plush and stable like E-Flexes. I was a little surprised by the color on the back - all white through-and-through including the back of the pad and the calf wrap. Doesn’t really matter, but its a lot of white to get dirty lol. Posted a video of my first SNP with them doing some drills just trying to get used to them. The size definitely feels right and the sliding is excellent and feels much more stable than the R/GTs. Gave the Smart Toe straps a shot, but will probably swap them out for plain shock cord or Monster RYNOs. They just felt a little too sloppy. Will throw my Professor Straps on these two, assuming I can figure out a good way to mount them.
  15. 2018 Brian's Optik

    Damn why do these look so good in red?