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  1. Bauer Gear

    Wow that’s got to be the lightest retail mask out now right? With pro level protection at least.
  2. Bauer Gear

    @TheGoalNet I know you’ve got a scale bro. Can we get the weight of that NME VTX??
  3. The Mask Thread

    Thanks! Pinstriping tape is a really easy way to do a temporary design. I will I’ll say the new paint job will be inspired by a Pekka Rinne mask. As much as I liked the black/yellow design, I want to get away from the linear/line-art look and something more organic looking. Won’t have any pop stars on it but hope people like it when it comes back!
  4. The Mask Thread

    I knew you were trouble, trouble... @ULTIMA as I said before, I applaud the commitment and the artist’s skill!
  5. The Mask Thread

    Not going with Bruins themed and also not linear/stripey this time. I'm going for something that is definitely bold but will go with any uniform. I'm kind of straight stealing from an NHL goalie and the concept has been done well by others too, but I'm in love with the design and will be very happy rocking it. Will definitely post as soon as I get it back!
  6. The Mask Thread

    Thanks! Just alternating 1/4” vinyl pin striping tape. It’s awesome for masks - stays put once applied but easy to remove cleanly.
  7. The Mask Thread

    Here’s a tape job I did myself on my 960 XPM for a special outdoor game my team played recently: And now the tape is off and this mask is off for some custom paint (totally different design)! Although many will probably think it’s derivative, I’m pretty excited about my design idea. Going to be a long four weeks...
  8. What cup do you use? Protecting the family jewels

    I did - my LHS had the one I posted above in red (it has some pelvic protection). I like it so far. Skated with it twice. Nice and light. Only issue for me is I have a 29” waist and even on the smallest setting the waistband is too big for me. I will be modding the straps myself to tighten it up. In the meantime, my jock shorts with the player cup and my pants seem to be holding it in place just fine.
  9. The Mask Thread

    @TheGoalNet or anyone familiar with Bauer masks - can anyone compare the retail fits of the 960 XPM (S/M and M/L) with the NME fits (Fit 1, Fit 2, Fit 3)? Specifically, which NME Fit is closes to an XPM S/M? Thanks!
  10. What do I need to start modding?

    Yep Speedy Stitcher is a must. I have over 10 years of use on mine and still going strong. If you want to build your own straps and replace Velcro etc, I highly recommend picking up a sewing machine and learning to use it - easy to do via YouTube. I am lucky that my wife has two, including a semi-industrial Singer from the 1950s and have done countless mods for my player and goalie gear.
  11. My "Professor Strap" Mod

    Nice work. How did you like it?
  12. Warrior Gear

    Medium. Thanks!
  13. Warrior Gear

    Wow thanks - those are great points. Any chance you have the weights of the R/GT and G4 Pro models?
  14. Warrior Gear

    Just curious - why do you (and others) like the robo-arms? Is it mobility? Or protection? I have never tried one on but it seemed like it was a pretty heavy unit.