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  1. Punisher Goalie

    Re-foaming Knee Blocks?

    If you go the DIY route, I’ve found fitness mats to be a good source of cheap foam. Lots of different thicknesses and densities out there too.
  2. Punisher Goalie

    Skate White Out

    Soooo, rattle can no good?
  3. Punisher Goalie

    Skate White Out

    I’m doing this. Seriously. Any special equipment required or can most body shops do this?
  4. Punisher Goalie

    DIY Warrior ARS Toe Straps

    In his vids he says he's a voice actor.
  5. Punisher Goalie

    DIY Warrior ARS Toe Straps

    Recently got a set of G4 Pros. I have True One Piece skates. Unfortunately, the ARS toe strap clip does not fit through the toe hole in my skates. Inspired by a video posted by VOGoalie (linked below), I decided to make my own ARS straps that 1) are 3/4” in width so they fit through the toe holes; and 2) use Velcro to attach to the ring on the G4s instead of the clip (I’ve found with my aging hands its difficult to squeeze the clip to undo it anyway). I basically just copied how the stock straps are constructed. There is an overlapping Velcro fold on one side to connect to the anchor point on the G4s, so I just made another Velcro connection on the opposite side that feeds through the ring and secures back on itself. Very easy. Here’s the video I was referring to before. He just wanted a lot more slack than the stock strap allowed.
  6. Punisher Goalie

    Inspirations on gear

    Very inspiring.
  7. Haha I was pretty surprised at the difference it makes. Admittedly I think it’s also making it difficult for me to find the puck down on the ice too so it’s a trade off.
  8. Yeah not looking to re-open that debate but I’m pretty sure it makes a 0% difference at my level of play. Quick whistles? Oh yeah, I’ve already noticed a difference. Yeah the main thing is our nets have crappy paint jobs that rub off extra easy too.
  9. Punisher Goalie

    Punisher Goalie's Videos

    Wow this is incredibly helpful. My current “landmarks” are tied to my foot position on the crease, relative to the “corner” marks on the crease, but your map makes a lot more sense. For example, when the puck is carried over the blue line close to the boards, it’s easier to center myself between the inside hash marks and the dot then do what I currently do, which is “skate blade on corner mark”. I will give this a try. On the RVH subject, first of all yes “RVH” makes little sense - I’ve heard it called “post lean” which seems to fit better In any event, you’re right on all fronts. My main concern with relying on the RVH has less to do with the 1-in-100 risk of the top corner shot (at my level) and more with the crappy pegs and being unable to get a good effective push off the post without lifting my post leg.
  10. I can’t believe it took me this long to pick up an all black set. My G4s are awesome and I absolutely love getting no puck marks, red paint, etc. on them (or, at least not being able to see it!).
  11. Punisher Goalie

    C/A Design Help

    Wow. Great stuff. Funny how the vintage logos make such a big difference in completing the look!
  12. Punisher Goalie

    Monster Hockey Thread

    Right - after I was offered and accepted the SD cup instead, they did build my unit (and sent me pictures) but the current and hopefully final delay is waiting for the cup to come in. As someone else said they did offer any item up to $30 as well.
  13. Punisher Goalie

    Punisher Goalie's Videos

    Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to do this breakdown. I can't tell you how helpful this is. I appreciate the compliment on getting square - this has been a huge and ongoing struggle for me and its something I would never know except for posting videos and getting feedback from this forum. You are spot on with what happened at 1:49, I misheard the impact and initially thought the puck was to my left and behind me, what's why my first step was in the wrong direction and I got all messed up from there. In general, I have been trying to rely less on the RVH after reading a few articles on InGoalMag and elsewhere advocating for limited RVH use. I also find that I'm way faster coming off the post from my feet even if I need to drop down it just somehow seems more reliable. You are also 100% right on your last point about flailing the arms out to reach for the puck. The last lesson I had, the coach was trying to get me to delay dropping down a fraction of a second more so that I can read the release more and, as you suggested, try to drop in the path of the puck (not using the right terms, I'm sure) instead of dropping straight down and relying on reaching.
  14. Punisher Goalie

    2018-2019 NHL Gear Sitings

    Partial to solid colors myself.
  15. Punisher Goalie

    Warrior Glove Liner & G3/G4 Strap Kits

    FYI I put a G3 glove liner in my G4 and as far as I could tell it worked perfectly. All the strap/buckle/velcro locations are the same.