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  1. I can't find these anywhere in Canada to save my life. Anyone see an online shop have them? I'm in TO so close to a bunch of major shops, but surprised nobody (PHL, SFS, Just Hockey, THS...) carries them.
  2. Super helpful and interesting! I think you and I are similar in wanting to try some new things, but yeah - not break the bank each time haha. Interesting point re: the SFS exclusives. They and TGC (near me too) seem to amp up their lower end stuff a bit. I like what you and others are suggesting about pro models for gloves though, as the G4 Pro was a big step up and improvement for me.
  3. Fair points all around! I was thinking more like the big big innovations, like I'd like to try Brian's strapping, or the stabilislide thing Bauer has going on, or the various different sliding surfaces. I've really liked the Warrior because of just how much/easily I can take apart the gear and try different combinations, but definitely hitting limits as to what I can do with it. Perhaps a new years resolution post-COVID is to get more goalie buddies to share/demo gear with! It would be cool to work with them to build up something though based on how you describe it. My dream pad is a ver
  4. Oh definitely. I think my interest is to try different things and different brand features. I feel going full-custom would honestly be fairly overwhelming as I'm still learning what I like and don't like. It's not so much about cost, honestly.
  5. Hey all, Very curious about your thoughts on all the mid-range price point lines from each brand. I like to switch up every few years or so to try different brands and new innovations, but generally don't like to break the bank going pro/top level each time. So I'm curious what everyone uses and thinks! So far I've used: CCM eFlex 500 - my first "real" pad (i.e. not the cheap used gear I started with). No real comparison here, but from what I remember they were well made and fairly solid, though in retrospect fairly heavy. Didn't love the soft rebounds though and wasn't crazy ab
  6. indykrap

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    Mckenney Gear

    Always been a fan of my CA and pants - great quality, very mobile, and rare to get a stinger on either of them. I ended up replacing the pants after about 3 years (2-3x per week) with Warrior X2s because I wanted to upsize and have an internal belt, but they were still in solid shape. Keeping the CA (870 Prospec) though!
  8. For sale I have a Brian's Subzero3 blocker. Made in Canada, solid, and in great condition aside from puck marks. Red on blocker is padwrap that I can remove ahead of time, as it's starting to peel in a few places, and underneath it's all white. Palm in good condition - usual wear after a few years of regular (2-3x) shinny and league play, but no holes or tears. Minimal smell as I air our and spray after every game. Blocker has great rebounds and I really enjoyed the wrist flexibility. Looking for $100 USD/125 CAD plus shipping, or make me an offer.
  9. Sorry @martinyI've decided to donate these.
  10. Sorry @martiny ! Yes still available. Shipping looks to be about $100 CAD, or about 75USD. I'd do 120 USD all in if you want.
  11. Hey all, Just wondering if any of you do alterations/modifications to jerseys off the rack to Goalie Cut, and how. Not common to find a proper GC jersey anywhere, so I was thinking of DIY-ing it. Specifically, just wondering - what size do you buy off the rack? And where do you modify and by how much? Any recommendations on materials? Thanks!
  12. Warrior X2 pants with a McKenney chest protector tucked in - I use the internal belt to get the pants a bit higher, but also suspenders (Kenesky, which are great) over the CA because I like everything to feel like one unit. I'm sure i lose a little coverage that way, but the comfort/mobility makes a big difference.
  13. Amazing! I was thinking of doing something similar with my blocker.
  14. Loving these pants so far after switching a few months (and maybe about 10 skates) ago. Feels incredibly mobile, and the internal belt is fantastic to get them sitting where I want consistently. One complaint is the suspender buttons are a bit cheap, and I've had a couple (on the back loop) pop on me. Bought some from a clothes repair shop for about 5 bucks (for a big pack) and those have held up perfectly.
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