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    Goalie Camps

    I did The Crease Goaltending Camp (Etobicoke, ON) one this past year and really enjoyed it. Great coaching, fairly small group, and good video review each day. It was Friday Evening, Saturday Morning, and Sunday Morning for $350 CAD plus tax. http://creasetraining.pointstreaksites.com/view/goaltendingacademy/ Friday: 7-9pm on Ice (four stations, skating drills, lots of positional/stance fundamentals work) 9pm-onwards wings and beers upstairs Saturday: 9am Video and gear talk 10-12pm Ice (four stations) 12-1 Yoga Was supposed to have a yoga here but it got moved to yoga Sunday: 9-10 rebooked Yoga 10:30-12:30 Ice time (four stations and a shootout comp at the end). Great mix of skill levels, quality coaching, and didn't feel like too many so you got lots of attention. I preferred this one to the GGSU camp I went to a few years ago.
  2. McKenney sr medium Goalie pants for sale - used for the last 3 years 1-2x a week No major damage aside from some small fraying (pictured) and the knee pad attachment came unstitched but has been fixed. Otherwise just puck marks and mild hockey smell (sprayed/aired after every use). Looking for $75 CAD or $50 USD, with shipping to be discussed. Located in Toronto if that makes it any easier.
  3. Just got back on the ice last night for a game after two weeks off. Fortunately there was no game before us so had 30 minutes to play and get it together! ...got scored on by the first shot (screened a bit by defence, but I'll own that one) and played decently well to a 4-3 win. Felt better/looser/more relaxed out there, and the mental break really helped. Physically the issue (IT band) seems to be better, and going to physio tomorrow to work it out. Thanks all for the advice and encouragement - really needed that break, but also really needed the encouragement to do it!
  4. Okay, got it! I'll leave it in. Thanks @chile57 for the keen eye and thanks all for the advice.
  5. Hey all, Was taking apart my G4 pro glove the other day to tinker, and saw this piece inside the glove under the removable palm. I'm assuming this is the pro palm insert I see on all the product literature? Just curious if any other G4 users keep theirs in or not? I find my glove closes fine, but is still somewhat stifff after a year and change of using it 1-2x a week, as well as trying the Keep33 cycle.
  6. You're right on the money with this! I swear, some days it's so easy to get caught up in things that I forget it's supposed to be a fun activity. When it stops being fun or I just want a break, it's okay to do that.
  7. Yeah, for some reason both my league game and pickup both continued throughout the christmas break! While I love to play, I was definitely hoping for at least one of those off.
  8. Hi all, Wondering about your advice on taking time away from the ice, and how you plan for it and manage it. I've got a little bit of a knee/hamstring issue from the past that's been brought by back to backs (playing sunday/monday for the past few months), and it's been throwing my game off. Decided to take the next two weeks off, which will also double as a good mental break as I haven't been playing like I'd like to this year with all the injury stuff. Anyone else do the same? Feels weird to be away, but also like it will be good for me physically and mentally. Would love to hear advice on what you do during the time off (i.e. gym stuff/yoga/stretching)
  9. @cwarnar What core did you get for the Optik2s?
  10. Here’s the curve on my G3 after about a year’s use. Stored upside down and I use the profile lock, though I could probably get it even more curved if I was a little more aggressive.
  11. If you can find G3s, they have single break and the profile lock to give the shape you're looking for. Considerably more flex than the G4, though maybe not to the extent of a full double-break. I've got a pretty narrow butterfly too (one hip side is weird) so this has helped a lot. Also, you could probably get a really good deal on them!
  12. Anyone try these yet? Looks pretty cool and they were advertising pretty heavily in The Hockey News https://christianhockey.com/products/christian-helium?variant=30140445556787 Thinking about getting one once I figure out how their measurement converts to CCM. Looks like the size is an inch more (i.e. 26" CCM = 27" Christian) but I welcome any corrections on that. Sadly no Curtis Curve (yet)
  13. Weird story for you guys on these. I use a set of Mizuno volleyball kneepads under my knee guards (Warrior x2 pro+), and lately they've been bunching up behind the knee. At a shinny yesterday morning, they got so out of place that I think it may have cut off some circulation to my foot, which went numb. If you've ever tried walking with a numb foot, try skating with one. Thought I had lost an edge until I repositioned it (after taking off pad + skate) and felt it all of a sudden return to normal. Either way - going to check out these various sleeve options instead. Something tells me the bigger sleeve shape would fit/operate better.
  14. Blocks arrived today! 1” LD45 cut into the Warrior insert shape (on right in comparison pic) I added a square of Maltese (butchered from some old Monster AKP inserts) on top, and fit these in. Very comfortable and stable, and super easy to swap out. Included is a pic of the “sandwich” of the Velcro sections all open - took maybe five minutes. I did try the Maltese as an insert with the originals, but it was really tight. Still very comfortable for six hours of camp plus a game this past weekend, and a vast improvement. Looks like Warrior stock is 1” of a low density foam and a thin layer (1/4” or so) of a softer gel, but that really compressed on me. Really happy with these and the help from PAW!
  15. Thanks for the suggestion! She absolutely was. Helped to explain the difference in the foams and process. Just put in the order now so I should receive them sometime in the next few weeks. For now, I've got it glued together with some extra maltese on top, which is why I took these apart in the first place. Feels really comfortable and the next step up (base of LD45 and maltese top) will be even better. I'll post here when done! Thanks all.
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