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  1. Oh wow. That’s perfect haha. tried doing what a few people suggested so far with some Maltese I had around, but it’s way too firm. Going to try some different stuff out. Thanks for the tips!
  2. indykrap

    Tavares Injury

    Apparently he's conscious and communicating in hospital, but stayed overnight for testing. Absolutely brutal to see.
  3. Awesome, thank you @Ross!
  4. @Ross looks great. What are the dimensions? And what foam did you use? This is exactly what I had in mind! Thanks for the pics.
  5. Really helpful, thanks @ser33! These the Condon pro returns?
  6. Nice! Do you remember where you fit them in? I am thinking between the wrap and calf wedge.
  7. Hey all - seeing a lot of new pads have had calf pillows implemented as stock now (i.e. Hyperlite, Optik2), and thought I'd see if anyone's built one or added one to their pads? Looks like a cool addition and some reviews are saying it really helps with comfort and seal. Would also be curious how it's impacted your pads as well. Thinking of making and adding one to my G3s! Thanks all.
  8. That's fair! It came out to about $33 USD plus shipping, but makes sense to avoid it if you're already replacing.
  9. I had the same problem with my Warrior G3s, and when I opened it up the knee block foam had cracked. It was already a pretty hard landing too (no extra foam topper) so I e-mailed Sarah at PAW and built new blocks from 1" LD45 and 1/4" EVA topper. Feels great now. Pretty easy to do with Warrior as you can open them up and slide out the foams yourself. Not sure how it works with 2S though. you might have to to get a piece to fit in on top to it or just replace the whole thing.
  10. Still got mine for sale! It's all white (the red is pad wrap) so you can match it to your set fairly easily with pad wrap!
  11. indykrap


    Good to know! I was going to put in an order for these two this week.
  12. Thanks! I'll keep an eye on them. They seem to be sold out of everything but the 75 degree right now. I might just call somewhere local and place an order too. Hockey Monkey US shipping is nuts haha.
  13. indykrap


    Curious what you think! I'm trying out Partake right now as part of a dry january/dry out a bit after the holidays, aha. The Blonde is really good and the Lager is decent too.
  14. I can't find these anywhere in Canada to save my life. Anyone see an online shop have them? I'm in TO so close to a bunch of major shops, but surprised nobody (PHL, SFS, Just Hockey, THS...) carries them.
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