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  1. Blocks arrived today! 1” LD45 cut into the Warrior insert shape (on right in comparison pic) I added a square of Maltese (butchered from some old Monster AKP inserts) on top, and fit these in. Very comfortable and stable, and super easy to swap out. Included is a pic of the “sandwich” of the Velcro sections all open - took maybe five minutes. I did try the Maltese as an insert with the originals, but it was really tight. Still very comfortable for six hours of camp plus a game this past weekend, and a vast improvement. Looks like Warrior stock is 1” of a low density foam and a thin layer (1/4” or so) of a softer gel, but that really compressed on me. Really happy with these and the help from PAW!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion! She absolutely was. Helped to explain the difference in the foams and process. Just put in the order now so I should receive them sometime in the next few weeks. For now, I've got it glued together with some extra maltese on top, which is why I took these apart in the first place. Feels really comfortable and the next step up (base of LD45 and maltese top) will be even better. I'll post here when done! Thanks all.
  3. thanks! I'll send her an e-mail.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion and great idea! Do you know where I can find that kind of foam? Wouldn't be hard to cut/glue and assemble, I imagine.
  5. Hey all, Was about to start a bit of a mod project (adding maltese layer to knee block) when I noticed one of the knee blocks in my G3s were cracked. Has anyone experienced this? Looks like a quick fix with some glue (not too deep), but wondering if this is something to worry about? I've had them for about eight months skating 1-2x a week on average. Thanks!
  6. Thanks! I'll give that a shot at a future skate. hoping to try out some options to get these dialed in.
  7. Decided to get the X2 Pro+ since I prefer larger kneepads and wanted the best possible landing. First skate on them was great on Monday! Really soft landing, great protection, and very comfortable after a small strap adjustment (slight loosening of the angled knee-calf wing strap on my G3s). Only one concern was that they slipped a bit on me while getting ready, so to preempt this I used the lace attachments on them and my pants to hold them up, and it worked great for an hour skate of drills and 3 on 3 half ice. Previous to this I was in the 1X kneepads, which I loved for protection and stability, but felt were lacking in comfort for the knee landing. That became much more noticeable when I went from CCM Premier 1s with a maltese insert to G3s, naturally!
  8. Just bought a set and have used for two games. Previously in Monster HAL straps. First - quality is amazing and these are solid. My second set of HALs busted on me, and these feel like they will be sturdy as hell. Second - feel really responsive and great so far. I had a month between last game and when I put these on, but they do their job extremely well so far and I have no complaints. Highly recommended!
  9. Hi all, I'm curious about trying a mod - was thinking of replacing the palm on my Brian's SZ3 with a G4 replaceable liner, and having all of the attachments there so I can remove it as desired. The idea came to me after having two skates in about 12 hours, and enjoying wearing a nice damp/cold blocker. Anyone try anything similar?
  10. I've been using them for about eight months now, usually 2x a week. Previously used Reactors (too flimsy/unprotective) and OD1N (too big/bulky). I love them - they stay up and in position without tape or garter, and I've only once had them move on me and be uncomfortable. Good landing area, nice profile, and they've worked well with my Premiers and G3s. Very protective too - have taken several shots off of them because of my narrow butterfly and they've protected me.
  11. indykrap

    Warrior GT2

    Very cool review, thanks! That's good to hear about the style of pad. Basically what I'd be looking for is a more flexible, but hard-faced pad. I like my Premiers as they have one internal/external break but would prefer a softer boot, likely.
  12. indykrap

    Warrior GT2

    Hey all, Does anyone know if Warrior is planning a GT2 line? Looking to move on from my Premiers and thinking this may be what I'm looking for. Also curious about everyone's experience in the original line!
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