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FS - Kenesky Retro (look) Catch - been on ice twice - asking $400 Cdn OBB


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So long story short - I bought this to match my old Bauer 6000 retro set as I preferred the Kenesky glove over the Bauer. The Bauer pads were toast so I sold the set but kept the Kensky glove with the intention to build a new retro Kenesky set around them but when I did (this past year) I went with a different set up (pic at bottom for attention).


Glove has been on the ice twice, and is way too nice to sit in my garage.  It has a Vaughn 5500 / TPS feel to it (Roli Spec) with a huge floating tee - it's a puck magnet. .426433310_7955101657838995_3855566490659848509_n.thumb.jpg.f228626a74af9785758f6ddfe92ede47.jpg425379461_7245877985478888_6329619431434842496_n.jpg.2a05ba7f8742a21e138dab6b8aa85e19.jpg425894057_7645078918869964_2416479036173173062_n.jpg.b98624cec4620224e4b988bc3282c858.jpg426457926_7762128197144558_3373719425939947032_n.thumb.jpg.0b6766ae102b696558c5a3d43390029f.jpg425914048_24676743841969030_8921749450080126778_n.jpg.4029d49b4a9c62e16b9ef101895945d2.jpg426265468_7825837504111204_230862704785719910_n.jpg.a26416b5d58d781fe9abf46e0bb5c73a.jpg426355642_7853499854677899_768641243807062134_n.thumb.jpg.e48b67f44b87df366b983b712d04f4dc.jpgRetro Kenesky Closer up.bmpretro look (pic for KensekyRetro1.thumb.jpg.3874ad429f452aea380a3505858a342e.jpg

Retro Kenesky Closer up.bmp

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