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    Awesome mask, and Shawn is the best to work with, and the quality is beyond belief. Do yourself and him a favor, give it a try.
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  1. Except he was in all white ones last night. 😞
  2. I'd really like to get Jim's perspective on things. I've heard/read so much from others about him, I'd like to hear it straight from the man. It seems though, that he doesn't have an interest in discussing it. I mean, to go from a Vezina season to out of the game a few years later...
  3. I agree with the others, this looks great. When I first read the title I thought, "is someone letting their child put a bunch of stickers on their mask like you sometimes see on the back passenger windows of cars?" While that has some sentimental/family appeal, this is better for sure. As @Lucky Pucker said, well thought out and executed. As an aside, @MangoRhinehart, that wouldn't be difficult to do. Have a sign company print it on vinyl and cover it with transfer tape. You could cut it all out by hand and apply it yourself fairly easily. The art doesn't have to be super high quality if you don't make them any bigger than 3", and varying the sizes will create an interesting composition.
  4. Nice work on the pad wrap.
  5. In his new mask at least. Or has that been mentioned already and I missed it?
  6. He made me root for the Hurricanes in that Cup winning run. Sad that that was his high point as far as hardware goes, could've done well on better teams, but also good that but for one year, he was with one team.
  7. Shawn is awesome, had my mask done by him, and two more are currently in his possession for refurbs.
  8. A day late and a dollar short on this reply, but the main thing that kept circling in my head was the issue with the "neck guard." Someone else mentioned that maybe it was only to protect the throat, or mostly to protect it, something like that. I wouldn't say the collarbone is part of the neck, am I wrong here? Shouldn't the chest protector cover that area better in general? I think mine does, at least not to the point of me worrying about it (until now maybe). When I first started playing in the late 90s early 00s (high school), I used public school issued equipment. I don't remember the brand of C/A it was, but it was old, and flimsy for sure, probably didn't fit right (no one was paying attention to that). I took a shot off my collarbone then, and while I didn't get any x-rays, I'm pretty sure some permanent damage occurred. When I flex that area now, my left one looks like it has a walnut in the middle of it, while my right one looks perfectly straight. I agree with @Puckstopper though, maybe this thread could be called something like "Chest Protectors and Collarbone Injuries"
  9. And I JUST bought the hybrids earlier this week, they've already shipped. These look great though.
  10. goalie381

    JRZ gear

    This is what I noticed most of all.
  11. Does anyone know the inspiration behind the different lines of Coveted Masks? 905 906 A5 3:13 X3 Omega
  12. I would get a similar style interruption on Chrome on Android. I have to close out of the tab, then navigate back to the site. It only happens every so often, nothing with regularity.
  13. I've heard of golf gloves being worn, maybe batting gloves as well. I thought I saw Lundquist wearing some type of vinyl exam gloves, but I could be wrong on that.
  14. I reached out to this guy a few months back, never heard back.
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