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    Kenesky Pops 1915
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    Boddam Refuse
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    Warrior Ritual Pro/Vaughn V6
  • Chest & Arm Protector
    Bauer Ultra Pro
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    Vaughn Velocity
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    Custom Made Mask (Kicksave)
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    Awesome mask, and Shawn is the best to work with, and the quality is beyond belief. Do yourself and him a favor, give it a try.
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    Bauer Composite of some sort. True 6.0
  • Skates - Boot
    Bauer Vapor 9000
  • Skate - Cowling
    Bauer Vapor 9000
  • Skates - Blades
    Bauer Vapor 9000
  • Knee Pads
    Brian's Pro
  • Jock
    Vaughn Double Cup

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  1. I'm excited to hear your thoughts after a few skates in them.
  2. I second your comments on Joe, super awesome to work with. I went with the Assault as well and couldn't be happier.
  3. Yeah, I've checked these all out as well, maybe I need to modify my original post. Thanks for the help though. 👍
  4. Looking to try some Subzero Pro pads, could be older, but would like it with the smart strap system if possible. Let me know what you've got or if you've found something, thanks!
  5. I recently had an incident through sideline swap. I put an offer in on what looked to be a barely used glove, seemed like a pro return with practice palm, wanted to give that a try. I received the glove, and what was in the box was not what was pictured. The nearly new looking images must've been before it had been used at all, because what I had in my hand was well loved, not to mention the smell (which wasn't bad, but definitely made the whole thing worse in my mind). So that said, if you're selling gear, post current/accurate pictures so that everyone has the same expectations of what's being transacted.
  6. Why have those logos worn away so much already?
  7. Also, maybe this should be in the used gear for sale section, just saying.
  8. I'm looking to get some vinyl cut to apply to my mask. The local sign shop I was able to get in contact with said they had a minimum order charge which was way more than I needed to spend. I used to work at a sign company, so I'm well aware of the process to cut, weed, cover, and apply the vinyl, just don't have the cut portion available. I'm hoping to have it done in a graphite metallic color, any chance you can help with that? Never mind, its not working how I thought it would. Thanks though.
  9. Do you have equipment to cut adhesive vinyl based on a vector art file?
  10. Sorry, I must've missed that, thanks for clarifying. I'm thinking about these, I'll be in touch.
  11. I just tried to message someone, and while I could type a subject, I was not able to click anywhere to create the message. For what its worth, I'm using Safari as my browser.
  12. Can you post some more images, looks like there's some wear in spots, I'd like to see the extent of it please.
  13. @Money I have a Ryan Miller pro-return 5500 in really great condition for sale if you're interested.
  14. If these were a bit shorter I wouldn't be sharing them with you lot. 😉 Full set of Warrior Pro gear for under $400 for the time being. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Warrior-Ritual-G3-Pro-Goalie-Leg-Pads-Glove-and-Blocker-Full-Set-35-1-5/264513078937?hash=item3d96354699:g:mEsAAOSwZ~pdtfAA
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