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The Athletic - "Behind the Save: How Laurent Brossoit found his way back to NHL form"


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The majority of goaltenders fall in one of two categories: those that are naturally flexible and those that aren’t.

The majority of off-ice training for goalies has shifted toward promoting increased agility and range of motion, which has helped combat the myriad of lower-body injuries that the position’s modern approach can cause. From yoga and pilates to flexibility-based training, it seems like every goaltender hits the gym with one goal: to get more limber.

For Winnipeg Jets goaltender Laurent Brossoit, though, it took a shift in his thinking under personal trainer Adam Francilia to figure out that the agility-based work off the ice was producing the wrong effect...

I'm stealing some thunder from @BadAngle41, who posted this article in another thread.  I wanted to give it its own thread so it got more eyes on.  Unfortunately The Athletic is a paid subscription site.  I am not a member but I have heard from several people that their content is very good.  If you're already a subscriber give it a look see.  If you are not, I believe they offer deals for first time subscribers.

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