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Bauer 2S Pro Skate Mini Review


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So quick update regarding my sons off the shelf Bauer 2S Pro skates!

1) FYI when we decided to get a new pair of skates I was sold on the fact that he would go with the Vapor 1X coming from the Reactor 9000 model - however the Bauer scanner dictated other wise it told us that the Bauer 2S Pro was the best fit for him!  When my son tried both pair of skates he confirmed that the 2S was the best fit for him! So the Bauer scanner is a useful tool I was under the impression it was a marketing gimmick!

2) Since the purchase we quickly changed the insoles to a pair of Super feet - actually we just grabbed the ones he had in his Reactors, he has been wearing Super feet insoles for as long as I can remember and even though he thought he would keep the stock Bauer insoles it took him a couple of outings to realize that they did not provide him the same support as the Super feet insoles!

3) Blades - so the skates come with a set of 3MM Bauer LS 5G blades - I have to say that the quality of these blades seems to be very good but since he wasn't able to provide me any distinct advantage over a 4MM we switched back to the 4MM Step Fat Blades!

4) Step fat blades - so I bought him 3 sets of blades and FYI these have been somewhat of a disappointment, out of the 3 sets 2 pairs did not fit properly in the holder.  One set was really bad and the second set just borderline bad so earlier this week I went back to the store where I purchased them and they actually told me that they would change the two sets, on order look forward to getting the new sets!

One last general comment about the 2S Pro vs his old Reactor 9000 skates - the volume of the 2S Pro skates seems to be greater than his old Reactors other than the fact that he finds them very confortable the eyelids for the laces do not bulge out in the middle of his foot like on the old skates so the fit is really perfect on these skates for him!

Finally - he has taken a few shots on the toe cap and he has not felt anything they seem to be very well reinforced in this area.  Not sure how the True skate makes out on this but based on all the analysis if I have done since the fiasco above, True only seems to provided extra adding in the toe region not an oversized reinforced toe cap like Bauer/CCM.

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I almost made the same mistake by trying to go with the 1x from the Reactor 9000's.  They may look like a similar build, but true to classic vapor skate fit, there is no volume in those skates if you have any kind of instep.  I went with the 1s, but still find them pretty tight for me compared to my 9000's, so I don't really wear them.  

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