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Blocker training ball


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Here’s a setup a made about 20 years ago to help train blocker side saves. It’s a miniature blocker that has Velcro on it and a tennis ball with Velcro. I know that you can buy a Velcro sleeve to go over your blocker but the virtue of this setup is that it allows you to throw the ball yourself and the save it with the blocker.

Throwing a ball against the wall is good for your glove hand but catching the ball with your blocker hand isn’t really applicable to making a blocker save. Using a blocker to make the catch makes more sense.

The mini blocker is made from a piece of LDPE with loop side Velcro, some foam and elastic webbing. There’s one row of stitching around the perimeter that holds it all together. I think it would be possible to make one without sewing just by using some double sided carpet tape. I will try putting one together like this if anyone is interested.

The Velcro on the ball usually lasts a couple of months and then it needs to be replaced.



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