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  1. I too have the same issue. I use waxed laces. Are unwaxed laces more forgiving, easier to get right?
  2. Ross

    Warrior G3 pad mod

    I tried that however with my knee /knee pad resting on the knee stack there is no space for the inner calf wrap to slide up on top of the knee stack. I can see that if you run the strap down to the calf and have it tight so that the break is flexed all the time then the top of the inner calf wrap will be sandwiched between your knee and knee stack all the time. I prefer to have the break with the ability to flex.
  3. Ross

    Warrior G3 pad mod

    Here’s a good picture I found showing the issue that I was having. You can see how the inner calf wrap hits the side of the knee stack preventing the pad from flexing at that break.
  4. Ross

    Warrior G3 pad mod

    I’ve been using the G3 pads for quite a while now and I really like them however there has been something that has bothered me about them since I first saw them. They have the break below the knee but in order for them to flex there the inner calf wrap must ride up and over the knee stack. They do this nicely when you aren’t wearing the pads and you flex them by hand but when I’m wearing them the top of the inner calf wrap ends up hitting the side of the knee stack, as your knee prevents the inner calf wrap from going on top of the knee stack, so as a result the pads don’t flex at the break below the knee when in use. I could see the the top edge of the inner calf wrap was bending due to repeated contact with the side of the knee stack so I decide to cut this area off. Before taking the scissors to my pads I went to the LHS and looked at all the other brands of pads that have a break below the knee and they all have the inner calf wrap shaped so that when the pad flexes it doesn’t interfere and hit the knee stack. So I cut the area on the top of the inner calf wrap away and now the pads flex there nicely. I’ve used them several times now and they work great. I no longer need to use the Velcro tab to flex the break above the knee now that the pads are flexing at the break below the knee.
  5. https://www.usedvictoria.com/classified-ad/VINTAGE-Goalie-Blocker-and-Trapper_34587451
  6. If you like to give shooters an opening and then take it away it could be argued that darker gear is better. Is a white jersey better than a coloured one?
  7. Never too late.. I learned to skate and started playing goal when I was 53, I’m 56 now. If you already know how to skate then that’s a big plus, if not then go to as many public skates, stick and pucks as you can. Take a lesson. Flexibility is the main thing as it will make you a better goalie and will help reduce the chance of injury. As has been said already look up Maria Mountain on youtube. Something like this http://www.goalietrainingpro.com/goalies/hockey_goalie_training/beer-league-goalie-basic-training/
  8. Found a couple more patents for Pete Smith https://patents.google.com/?q=goalie&inventor=Peter+smith&oq=Peter+smith+goalie+ The thing to note when looking at patents is the only thing that matters is the claims. An item only infringes if it has all the elements listed in a claim.
  9. Does anyone actually know the patent number of the bingless boot patent? If an object is patented but the patent number is not displayed on the object then infringement only happens when you are made aware of the actual patent. I’ve searched but the only patent I can find with Pete Smith as the inventor is for a knee joint on a leg pad.
  10. Having the same problem of trying to find a G3 or G4 60 degree glove liner in Canada. Anyone know where to buy one? @Kirk3190 ?
  11. Ross

    Rec League warmup?

    Great idea Belak!
  12. How do the foams compare in the Eco and Roughneck?
  13. Ross

    Homemade neck guard

    Definitely better fit on someone with a rounder neck. The black one I made has more of a V neck which fits me much better.
  14. I’ve used Zap glue ( pink label) https://www.zapglue.com/ca to seal up a composite. It works really well and lasts a long time. It wicks into the foam and glass. You can also use it to fix cracks in sticks. You can find it in hobby stores that sell rc planes.
  15. Ross

    Material Database

    Some actual research on D30 and Poron https://www.researchgate.net/publication/275648927_A_critical_review_of_impact_resistant_materials_used_in_sportswear_clothing
  16. Didn’t like the binding on the the couple that I made so I made some bindingless. They should be better as they have less bulk and are more flexible. Sending these to Punisher, Cwarner and Motowngoalie to get some feedback.
  17. Ross

    Homemade neck guard

    Thanks for the information Ruckus. What I would like to source is the gel used in the original Maltese neck guards. Shocktec sells a gel, is this at all like what Maltese used to use?
  18. Ross

    Homemade neck guard

    The Poron in the bib part has holes punched in it which does make it flex more but it doesn’t have relief cuts. Something to try on the next one. I used 1” elastic webbing and Velcro so in effect it dips 1/2”in the back plus the Velcro is positioned such that when adjusted for my neck there is none exposed.
  19. Cwarner, I can make another set later this week. Will let you know when they are done.
  20. Punisher, l made another set of the “adjunct professor straps” that you can have if you like in appreciation for posting this mod. If you want them send me a pm with your address and I will send them to you this week. I can send them no charge through my work account with Fed Ex. The sewing of the binding around the perimeter isn’t that great. I’m ordering a fitting for my sewing machine that will make it easier in the future..
  21. Ross

    Homemade neck guard

    Havok, you can have the red one I made if you like. pm me with your address and I will send it to you this week. I would rather see it being used than hanging in my basement.
  22. Here’s a setup a made about 20 years ago to help train blocker side saves. It’s a miniature blocker that has Velcro on it and a tennis ball with Velcro. I know that you can buy a Velcro sleeve to go over your blocker but the virtue of this setup is that it allows you to throw the ball yourself and the save it with the blocker. Throwing a ball against the wall is good for your glove hand but catching the ball with your blocker hand isn’t really applicable to making a blocker save. Using a blocker to make the catch makes more sense. The mini blocker is made from a piece of LDPE with loop side Velcro, some foam and elastic webbing. There’s one row of stitching around the perimeter that holds it all together. I think it would be possible to make one without sewing just by using some double sided carpet tape. I will try putting one together like this if anyone is interested. The Velcro on the ball usually lasts a couple of months and then it needs to be replaced. CD15FED5-8827-4C2C-9DB6-8CD6EA0D9F59.MOV
  23. No not laced in at all. Just used peel and stick Velcro on the lift and the the knee stack. I noticed that the front angular part of the G3 knee stack was prone to compression so I added the lift to prevent that from happening plus I like the added height. On my floor hockey pads I use hook side Velcro, it works great on hardwood and dimpled slide plates when I play on anything else.
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