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Official Youngblood Movie Trivia Thread


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With the fine 80's gem Youngblood frequently being played on NHL Network, I've been re-watching this movie a lot in the past few years.

The beauty of it being on NHL Network is that the movie is obviously edited. Which is great, because I think the hockey parts of the movie are really really good.

I'm 41 today, so this movie came out when I was too young to watch the real version. I was exposed to it while at a friend's house who had HBO (pretty awesome in the day of just 39 cable channels!). While I didn't watch the actual broadcast off HBO, we had a VHS taped version from HBO. Add to the fact that my friend's dad who taped it, cut out the adult parts. But I was maybe 11 or 12, so I really didn't care anyway. 

That said, we watched that VHS tape like it was a how to movie on hockey. All of us circled the hockey ball in the street and kicked it forward when taking a penalty shot. We didn't have the internet, so that was my only exposure to 'real hockey' in the day.

The movie is so great, but there are many, many odd things in the movie that you pick up when watching this for the 900th time.

Here we go:

1. How many games did Dean Youngblood play for the Mustangs?

2. What was Dean's older brother's name?

3. What car did Dean's brother drop him off in?

4. How many days did Dean come home for when he left the Mustangs?

5. What team scored first in the final game against the Bombers? Can you name the player?

6. How many goals did Dean Youngblood have in the final game?

7. How much time was left when Youngblood scored on the penalty shot?

8. Who was the penalty on that gave Youngblood the penalty shot? What was the penalty for?

9. What number was the goalie for the Mustangs who played in the last game? What was his name?

10. What gear did the Mustangs goalie wear? Pads, blocker and catch glove.

11. What brand helmets did both the Mustangs and Bombers all wear?

12. What brand stick did Youngblood use? Model?

13. What brand stick has an ad on the boards at Thunder Bay?

14. What was the Mustang's coach's name? What NHL team did he play for?

15. What two books did Youngblood buy at the store?

16. What movie was playing at the theater when Dean ran into Jessie?

17. What time was Jessie"s curfew?

18. Who's face was on the goalie in Sutton's apartment? 

19. How does Sutton have an apartment like that playing Juniors?

20. In the final scene where Youngblood is talking to the kids on the ice, how many goals did the kid with the most goals have?

I'll write up more later. So much to digest...

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