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  1. Those little lids work. My nephew wore one for a bit. Worked great. I always was reminded of Danny Gare when I see them. I these old Topps pictures were always so memorable..
  2. "Philly Mike"? He's a cool dude.
  3. One of the pro lacrosse leagues in the States is restarting at the end of July. (Yes, there are actually several pro lacrosse leagues) The PLL is having a two week tournament with the whole league of seven teams. They are basically quarantining together before and during the event. If you're the PLL - you take this shot. What better way to get people to watch? The NHL should come back with a camp/exhibition games for a month then just do an entire league tournament/playoffs. Have the first tournament for the Division championship. 8 team tournament - all best of 5 series. Blues would get a first round bye as there are only 7 in that division. Then the Conference championship would be the two division winners in best of 7. Then the cup is best of 7. It would be amazing for fans. Almost a March Madness style event for the NHL. Division tournament would take a month to complete. Have each division tournament in one arena. Then another month for both the conference series and the Stanley Cup series. We'd all be glued to the TV for this. They'd need 4 networks to cover all the division series games. NHL, NBC, NBC Sports and maybe USA Network. Wouldn't even need to open up the stadiums. Could use four facilities with several rinks and at least 8 locker rooms (Lake Placid, etc.) to use.
  4. Baseball draft is also in June. But that's based on the the previous completed season's final standings (after the World Series).
  5. MTH

    The pre-1980 thread

    Watching a lot of pre-80 hockey on NHL Network. The appreciation for the gear then is growing for sure. I always wonder what if Doc Brown showed up and took me back to the 70s. Would the concept of non-leather gear blow minds?
  6. MTH

    The pre-1980 thread

    Edited for "truth".
  7. Flatpad back in business? Maybe they're the new Ikea goalie pads. Just need a 4mm hex head and some word-less instructions...
  8. MTH

    eBay Gear Sightings

    Looking at the shortened cuff on the one arm, I'd bet that the wearer was a regular handed goalie. Also the salt lines and wear make it seem that this unit was worn for a long time. I'd say post Heaton being made still. H5 units are still pretty obvious under jerseys but a lot of guys were wearing these in the day. My guess? Someone who came and left like:
  9. I like the fact that he's wearing an adult medium jersey over his gear.
  10. That stance - while ridiculous - was super badass on a hockey card. Crouched down - focused.
  11. I have NOS clips for that neck protector in my desk. I used one for a time. Never really had a good setup with mine. The Cooper GTP was and still is king.
  12. If, by some miracle, there is a resumption of regular-ish life by mid summer. How great would a NCAA style tournament be? Have each division play an 8 team tournament. (Blues just get a bye for 1st round). Maybe best of 5 each round in division. Two division winner play a best of 7 for conference and stanley cup is best of 7. Would be a month to get a division winner, and another month to get a league champ. Push the start of the 20-21 season back so first games are in November.
  13. Been watching so much vintage hockey with my kids. They were laughing at all the raising the cup games from the early and mid 80s. Goalies were "terrible" and the players were so "wimpy and slow". Can't really argue with a kid looking at old stuff with today's eye. Told them your kids will be saying the same thing watching hockey from 2020.
  14. Blues finally win the cup and then this happens. Damn you Blues! Damn you!
  15. That goalie is #LessThanGood
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