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  1. Pretty cool. When's the last one in the NHL? Been a while I think.
  2. I don't think there's much profits to be had. I assume mask makers make more from using an old design forever and maybe updating the foam used. New designs, new machining, new stuff all costs money.
  3. Good points. I think the hard shell with just some padding is quite out dated. The reason why a shot to the side of the mask hurts so bad is due to several reasons. The concept of a fiberglass shell with some padding between it and you puts the impact too close to your head. You/we need more of a 'crumple zone' between the impact and our bodies. Similar to getting shot at an armored car vs. body armor. Both do the same job (keep bullets out of your body) but the physical toll is vastly different. The mask is open in the rear of our heads. Because of this, the mask moves and flexes with a shot to the ear area. Heck, the mask moves if you push it against your shoulder. A shell that completely wraps around your head wouldn't be able to push against your head since it would be a solid structure. The mask over our ears is basically a cantilever. Even if the mask had padding completely tight around your ear (bridge over your ear) would help - again, a helmet does this. 70 year old design. Why are masks open in back? Because that's how they've always been. Same reason why they're still fiberglass all these decades later. Padding on the side of the head in a mask is too thin. Slim fitting masks are more appealing to players. Not so much the mask's fault, but they make the masks that still pass the mirror test. The mirror test shouldn't even be a factor. (but it always will)
  4. Ross - love people who try to improve designs. I think you're onto something for sure.
  5. I wish I had the ability to mock up some designs... but I don't. I think a helmet and a cage (new design - not the SK/HM) could do much better. Utilizing shock absorption technology and was designed for goalies to wear.
  6. They live in baseball... Force 3 Baseball That said - baseball catchers are going away from the 'hockey style' masks. Even the F3 hockey style mask above has a larger than the face opening cage that is suspended. This would work in hockey. Why not?
  7. Helmets only protect the skull from fractures. So yeah - the thinly padded helmets will still work. My one son wears this: My other son is in this: Whatever they want is fine to me as long as it's certified, not damaged and most importantly, fits well.
  8. But the issue here is concussions - not breaking of your face. The mask and cage does it's job - keeps your face in one piece. Brain banging around is the other.
  9. The Jofa looks like it was originally white - painted navy - then re-painted white again.
  10. Lacrosse helmets are a pretty good design. Your head is up in the helmet with the cage not touching your face at all. The helmet only uses a chin strap with 4 snaps to secure your head in the helmet. All the helmets are adjustable in the back. But any shot to your face is transmitted to helmet and not directly to your face. The impact is more spread out. Lacrosse has a lot of contact to the helmet and face. Between sticks, shoulders and the occasional ball.
  11. Ti don't bend - it just breaks. So what would you rather have over your face?
  12. Gumby shaped was the B3500
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