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  1. Here's a picture where you could see the third deck in relation to the second deck. The staircase to the third are in the supports for the third deck. You can see how the isle went around it. You then had to walk on the top row of the second to get into the stairs for the third deck. Best part was that there were seats still behind the staircases. ha ha. I think some of the portals to the second deck were reduced with added seats. You can see the boxed in seats around the portal. I think they were larger and over years, seats were added. The second deck emptied to the single concourse around the stadium. So it was packed before and after games. Kids today don't know how nice they have it.
  2. When I was a little dude, I was scared to cheer while in the 3rd deck at the old Spectrum. (picture of the stands - not sure who Roger Barone is. Looks like he photoshopped in a suite too.) You had to walk up the isle for the entire 2nd deck to get to the steps that lead up to the third deck balcony that was added after the arena was open for a few years. I think there was 5 rows of seats up there.
  3. Those Chase bridges are nuts. When do they sell spots on the roof where you lay down and look through windows? Under ice seats? I thought by now in person attendance would start to wain for all sports. TV is really good. Tickets are really expensive. Watching live sports on TV with a full house is way better (as we all learned from covid). So I'm happy that people are still going. The 80-90s was a magical time in the NHL. You had the game at it's peak in popularity while the teams were still using their old arenas. What a fun time to be a fan. Much like NASCAR, the owners built new places while their product was hot. Chicken or egg - but the interest has come back some and the huge arenas are a burden now. Personally, I hope that the trend will push to smaller but modern arenas. Some personality in these rinks would be nice. Tough to put the toothpaste back in the tube though.
  4. MTH

    Daily Chit-chat

    When I'm interviewing people to hire, I never call to check their salary before. So whatever they tell me I take as is. Realistically, I have a budget for a position. So shoot high and let them come to you. You only work for money. So don't undersell your work if you don't have to.
  5. MTH

    Daily Chit-chat

    Don't discount the thrill of opening a sealed envelope from China possibly full of SARS or Covid or any other fun. Also, the suspense for seeing how bad the stitching is, the font, or if it will say "KRACKEN" where his last name should be. Just sayin' you can't get those thrills from some stuffed shirt CEO meet and greet. You could be the first person with Covid 21. Chick magnet is an understatement.
  6. MTH

    Daily Chit-chat

    Points for using 'get bent'. Classic and a beauty. Work sucks. 4k barley covers cost of living increase with inflation this past year. Add in that is September and you likely won't get a raise at the end of the year. So that 4k just becomes an early (marginal) raise. Plus more work.
  7. They did nail the colors for sure. If I was playing for them, I'd have light blue gear with navy accents. That or sport goald because MAF4EVA
  8. MTH

    Daily Chit-chat

    You can still get a Driedger jersey on AliExpress.
  9. Although the upper seating in the Winnipeg arena was behind the press boxes. Yes, behind. My knees would be wobbly in those seats. Yikes! You could really see the press box vs. the upper seats when they were tearing the place down:
  10. Nice. Thanks. The upper deck looks like the old Winnipeg Arena. Amazing how much the suites and all kill the character of a hockey arena.
  11. Respectfully agree. Don't forget that Jim Carey was heading for the hall when the Blues ruined his career...
  12. I don't have any daughters. But when I was league president for a few years, we ordered face protectors for every little girl in the league to wear/have. I think the rule is just that pitchers wear them and maybe third. But why just protect a few? So everyone gets one. I don't think kids in the of wear them. At least the baseball bats were tuned down a few years ago, so the boys don't wear them. Although there are tournaments and all that still allow the old bats that were insane in the pop they provided. Scary for pitchers (and their parents).
  13. Someday I'm just getting field turf. I work for the state of Pennsylvania. I'm continuously pushing for the state to let me just install turf in medians and around the highways that are never maintained enough. Believe it or not, we actually include very detailed landscape plans in our highway projects. People design what is planted and where. It's really nice on paper and when they first install it (and we pay). Two years later - head high weeds everywhere. It's a joke.
  14. MTH

    Daily Chit-chat

    I know that gene. Black don't crack. He's 72. God bless him. My family looks like this by mid 70:
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