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  1. Won my final championship last night. Retired after. Burning gear tonight.
  2. I've always worn one. Wire breakage isn't really a cat eye cage issue. Also, all those breaks were from NHL situations that I'm sure you're not in. Add in that there are guys who want the lighter cages that can make them more likely to break (also different alloys). All my cages bend and break over time. You have to change them when they bend (metal fatigue) or they can snap. The stick in the eye is a real concern though. So you have to weigh that vs. a certified cage. I've never had to wear a certified cage. All the goalies when I was a kid wore cat eyes in the NHL. So that's what the legit kids wore too playing. So that's why I've only worn them all these years later. I do like the Sportmask cat eye cage. I went through a few dozen Cooper/Bauer cages. But the last two Sportmask cages have taken a lot of abuse.
  3. One can only wish to have the amazing life in net as Wonder. The gear, the teams... always enjoy your posts brother. Thanks.
  4. Told my team I'm not playing after this season. We have the last game this Sunday. Championship game. I've been with the team for years. Just bored. 4 team league. Every week we play the same people it feels like. Every week we piece a team together. With my kids both playing, I have to miss a lot of the games. Since my rink charges goalies full price, I end up paying too much for a few games. Add in my gear is old, I'm old and pulling all my gear out of the garage is old. Bar in the rink already asked me for my mask to hang on the wall.
  5. Here's another angle of Mrazek and Thorton...
  6. "right in the jugular!" This is why I can't watch the current NHL. Gloved shot to the chin of his mask. Soccer flop (fell on his shoulder - so he was able to turn while being "dropped"?). The announcer, like all cheese ball announcers, was doing a WWE broadcast. This is so lame it hurts to watch. Also, odds are the puck wasn't fully covered. We've all been there. You can see how easy the puck came out after Thorton poked it. It's embarrassing as a hockey player to see this act now get shown all over the place like it's real tough guy stuff. Terrible.
  7. Imagine the cost. Looking at like 3 cows of leather. 100 yards of string. And about 500 hours of labor to build it. I thought maybe Glenn Miller made one too. Old GSBB days...
  8. Follow up. I still use this stick. I added some epoxy where it was peeling a little. I play twice a week (not as much in summer). So it's taken some abuse. I see new e-flex foam core sticks around and I keep thinking of buying a new one. The wrap on the blade is really what makes this stick last. You can see the wrap in this stock picture. I see pro stock sticks all the time with the noticeable wrap under the paint. It works. The black strands that run up the paddle and also on the shaft act like stiffeners for the stick. So it hasn't yet become too flexy. I have had several other foam core and wood sticks that get 'soft' when trying to play the puck. This CCM design has held up well. I've seen retail models in the $150-$200 range. Seen pro stock on eBay for about $100. The pro shop at my rink had a 50% off all wood sticks (kids laugh at them) for Black Friday. But they didn't have one of these in my size. Hope this helps.
  9. Good stuff. Why remove any extra parts of a stick? That nub might stop a shot? It's like puck foil on your blade.
  10. Now, if True produced a clone of this glove... Then we're talking.
  11. NASCAR style. Template and weight minimums. 'Pads of Tomorrow'
  12. Asian quality isn't the issue. It's that JRZ and Leferve aren't Asian companies. Sure they can design it and all in NA - but that's not much to sell people on. Furthermore - how much different will their design really be? Seems like it's not a real good market to enter right now. But I build highways, what do I know?
  13. Great picture. The VGK still look like a fake team used in a movie to me with the logo and the swords with explosions thing on her arm cuffs. Poor lady has to walk around with that on her head? Good luck.
  14. MTH

    New CCM Revolution Line

    They're on nhl.com under the store tab.
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