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  1. My kids are playing. We live in NJ but have been forced to mostly play in PA. NJ just allowed league games last weekend, but my kids have been playing in PA since August for the most part. As for the rules - they've been changing. Some rinks allowed parents in the rink, some don't. Some will let us in the snack bar/ restaurant to watch (snack bars are packed!) while the stands are empty. Nobody really has this figured out right now, so we just roll with it. My kids teams mostly just tailgate with a parent streaming the game through facebook live. We have TVs in the parking lots with
  2. MTH

    New Team, Old Gear

    Thanks again. Funny how many goalies will have new team gear yet use their old sticks. Out of all the equipment, changing your stick is the easiest. The Whalers mask on the Canes is ironic. Also the reverse flow writing is unique.
  3. The Brian's sticks were just foam core sticks. Ones I used were stiff. Close to a 9950. I have a few in my old stick collection in my basement. What? You don't have a collection of your old sticks in your basement?
  4. oooohhhh I can smell that McM glove from here. The crusty liner inside. Why do I always try those old gems on and think I need them. That Vic McM is really sweet.
  5. MTH

    New Playoff Format

    Hopefully next season's cup will be to a full house.
  6. MTH

    Lefevre going solo

    Vaughn has what? 2 lines of gear but 700 different models in those lines. Is that the pro carbon SLR2? Rolls right off the tounge don't it? I don't even know what the Ventus line really is. And I'm on a goalie gear forum! If I were them, I'd just make the Velocity line the modern stuff and use a name like "Legacy" for all the gear that everyone loves. T5500, etc. God knows just about every kid is walking into the rink in a throwback model shoe these days. They could put so many iconic lines of gear under the Legacy name. Even do 'special releases' of beloved older lines. You could even make a
  7. MTH

    The Passmore Line

    Mike - you really retired? If so, welcome to the club. We hang at Dunlop's. I have a spot for my mask there reserved.
  8. Saw a dude on the Lightning rocking a rad fro. No. 7, Mathieu Joseph. A+ hair. Coolest dude on the Lightning.
  9. MTH

    New Playoff Format

    A. Who'd want to see that? B. It's on Betamax
  10. MTH

    The Passmore Line

    The puck only passed him because it was afraid to hit him.
  11. MTH

    The Passmore Line

    Who the F questions Steve Passmore's skills? I wish I could drop a Passmore punch to your ear right now.
  12. MTH

    Lefevre going solo

    True kinda marches to their own beat.
  13. MTH

    Hockey movies

    Late to the sequel to Goon party (was there one?). I honestly didn't know that there was a second one. I thought I was watching the original again on Netflix last night and thought it skipped to where Doug Glatt was already on the team and all. That said. Good movie. I think it was better than Goon 1 - not saying much. The hockey was pretty good. The players all seemed like they could play and the goalies had their pads on the right legs this time. The instant blood spray was the same as the first one. The announcers kinda joke about it similar to what would be said on a video game.
  14. MTH

    New Playoff Format

    I didn't watch last night. I put the post game on, got bored during the highlights.
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