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  1. I just had an ad take up the entire screen. There was no X to close it. So I kicked the monitor over.
  2. The Bauer Sr. Supreme stuff used what feels like pieces of wood.
  3. MTH

    2021 Playoffs

    I want Vegas to be nothing other than that. It's what that city is. Same way that I wouldn't want to see Montreal fans changing either. Actually I miss seeing everyone in the stands in suits and nice clothes. (Screw you Claude Lemieux.)
  4. MTH

    2021 Playoffs

    Knights with a strong 4-1 win last night. Great game with two goaltending greats facing each other.
  5. Everything is different, but the same... things are more moderner than before... bigger, and yet smaller... it's computers... San Dimas High School football rules.
  6. Seeing Bryz in person makes you understand how big goalies in the NHL are. That said, I first ran across him at mites and his kid had some dynamite gear. That's a good dad.
  7. With spray paint - everything matches. New team? $4 can of paint to the rescue!
  8. MTH


    When I played baseball in college, I used my old catchers gear from high school still. I literally spray painted it black - it was royal blue - to match my Rutgers team colors. I had no money. But I played and was going to school for engineering - so no time for a job.
  9. In the Borne movies, Jason Borne was the fake name for a soldier named David Webb. The military program was called Treadstone and David Webb entered and was deleted from the face of the earth. Sounds like your goalie may have done the same. Gone. Vaporized.
  10. Nice. Show some pics of the strap upgrades.
  11. He's around. Still lives in Haddonfield. His son Vladislav Bryzgalov, is a 2006 and is a really really good goalie. I'm sure he'll be in the national spotlight soon enough. Named after some pretty good goalies, no?
  12. MTH

    2021 Playoffs

    The Isles stadium was rocking. Love to see it. It has that soccer game feel with never ending chants. Good luck to the opposing teams there. Wowza!
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