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  1. Mask painting.. be like
  2. MTH

    GSBB - Dead?

    Hours of my life... evaporated like it didn't happen. Just Sayin' Pics or it didn't happen.
  3. Somewhere, someplace... Neil Little begs to differ.
  4. MTH

    Seattle Expansion Team

    Gordie will fight you.
  5. Nobody. I did have cornflakes that day. Just with sliced bananas. My 15 year old dog left a pile in my mud room though that morning. So maybe that's what got me. My dog is old, blind, mostly deaf, breath that will knock me out, and she'll still try to kill any dog that gets too close to her. Hate fuels her. She still has plenty in the tank.
  6. I like all hockey. College/International women's hockey is fun to watch. The All Star weekend is supposed to be for the NHL. Let them have it. By forcing in other non-NHL players and all - it makes the NHL fans resent it. I think that's the wrong way to try to grow the non-NHL hockey game. We need to let these NHL stars have the full attention so they become well known by the fans. I don't know most of the players in the All Star game and events. Sorry, I'm busy and all. But for a few hours in January I can watch these guys do their thing and then know them. Same with my kids. Then they go out front or at practice and say they want to play like Jonathan Huberdeau or these other young guns that I've never seen play before. There are so many great hockey events (world championships, Canada Cup, Olympics). Let those grow for both men and women. Maybe add another 'hockey weekend' thing and have boys vs. girls events, boys games, girls games.. let it be about all hockey. Keep the NHL for the NHL. Not that the NHL wouldn't be part of all hockey events. But the league can do their own thing and let their players have all the attention they deserve. Does the NCAA Basketball Tournament have non NCAA games in the middle? Daytona 500 stop their race so the boyscouts can have their pinewood derby? No. And it's ok.
  7. I think the Tire Rack reviews are pretty good. What I use. I've really only used BFG MT since 2016.
  8. Two things here: 1. The hardest shot thing kinda lost it's steam with the whippy sticks. Is the top speed man or machine? Pro shop just got these sticks in: It's like saying Jeff Gordon is the fastest driver. Is it him or the car his mechanics built? 2. I'm a Gen X'er. Is 'ok gen x-er' a term yet?
  9. The entire league is young. Part of the reason why it's hard to watch. You sit there saying 'who the f is this dude?' most the game. It's getting near women's professional tennis. The rookies are 14, the best players are maybe 17. They're old geezers by their 20s.
  10. It was the NHL all star game and skills. If I wanted to watch women's 3 on 3... I'd go watch women's 3 on 3. It's like I wanted to watch Roadhouse and in the middle they played Pretty Woman. WTF is this?
  11. 2011 Finnish postage stamp of the lacrosse goal:
  12. I was playing high level roller when the Michigan happened. So every butt head would go behind the net and try it. Some could get the puck up on their stick during the game. I'm 6'2" - and this was before RVH was the thing - so while on my feet looking through the net, I'd see the dude pushing his stick down on the puck and I'd simply reach over the net and push them. Didn't take much contact to mess them up. This was also the era where everyone was Wayne Gretzky behind the net and would pass to themselves off the flat part of the bottom of the goal like Gretzky did.
  13. The white bottom socks made the players look like this:
  14. This year's All Star stuff was torture to watch. I literally was watching at the Flyers practice arena Friday night and Saturday during the game and everyone there was moaning how bad it was. What happened?
  15. Pretty cool. When's the last one in the NHL? Been a while I think.
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