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  1. There was a dude in the NFL who was anything but this. He was in the league for a while, but he was very stingy/smart with his money. While he wasn't paid as well as Lundquist; his frugalness was actually nice to see as "their" money actually comes from all of us in some manner. Koy played 14 years in the NFL. Here's a sample of how he lived while a pro QB: He even drove a very un-fancy car. Something that got from A to B.
  2. MTH

    Mechanic Question

    Haven't been here in a while. Glad you got that bolt out. Don't laugh, but I've bought that bolt at the dealership. They stock all those specific bolts. Yeah, it's like $5 for a bolt - but it fits, it's the same one, and it will last longer as the replacement generic bolts tend to be a lesser grade finish than the OEM ones (rust fast = seize in place). Plus, saves the effort of looking. I live in NJ. I use anti-seize for everything. Can't say enough good things about the stick version of it.
  3. MTH

    GSBB - Dead?

    We knew this day would come. Still pretty sad.
  4. MTH

    GSBB - Dead?

    Just was looking for it today for an old thread. Man. Is that it? I had so much good stuff on that place. Feel like I lost so much.
  5. The mask made me flinch at my desk. Where were your parents?
  6. God bless you. 1. It's a Subaru that isn't maroon. (My kids call the color suba-roon) 2. You operate a Subaru with the most confusing radio in modern history. I think the first Astronauts who landed on the moon had an easier radio to use. The steering wheel controls are beyond terrible. 3. Nice house.
  7. That is a nice car. Sorry I didn't know which Skyline it was. I hope its fun to drive.
  8. Glad the Passmore is in a good place. Makes me feel good. Most my family have no idea I even played hockey. Heck, I had a spirited discussion with my older kid's Bantam coach after a game (I didn't want to talk with him - he approached me) and I was told that I didn't even know hockey. Little does he know I play AAA Over 40... I'm going with the Mike Schmidt speech too.
  9. What car is that? I see right hand drive and Skyline style tail lights. Not in the States... need details!
  10. My buddies call me the museum. My retirement press conference will be held in the parking lot of the rink. Should be rad.
  11. I'm retiring after this season. I have a garage of old ass gear. My kids will never use it. I'll get some up here soon.
  12. Ooooooooooooooo....................
  13. I've retired from the NHL. I'm not watching this year. I'll see how long I can do it.
  14. MTH

    Seattle NHL colors

    WTF is a sockeye? Could be the worst name of a pro team I ever heard. And that's a lot with some of these clown show minor league baseball team names. Sockeye? Like? Chris Brown was just a Seattle hockey fan. Who knew?
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