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  1. I like this thread. My son has a pair of revokes. He loathes them. Damn kids!
  2. Just realized I'm an old guy now.
  3. MTH

    I Hate Politics

    My father in law drives it like he hates it. Every time I get up to the cabin... I fear to see what he's done to it. Last week there were several bullet holes in the bed.
  4. MTH

    I Hate Politics

    Good call back. Actually it's not my collection. Found that online. Mine isn't as cool. Garage is still a mess. What can you do?
  5. MTH

    I Hate Politics

    I love Tacos. We have one up at our cabin in Maine. It's a 97 with a manual.
  6. MTH

    I Hate Politics

    Can't have just one. My wife the other day said she wanted a 2000-2001 Cherokee in our collection. Had a 99 for a while.
  7. MTH

    I Miss 'Lootie'

    Is that dude swiping a scooter?
  8. MTH

    I Miss 'Lootie'

    Remember Lootie from Hurricane Katrina? Been a while. Wanted a classic laugh. Found these gems.
  9. MTH

    I Hate Politics

    You mutha fudder, you! I have a 95 F-150 (that is rusting away in front of my house.) Yee haw!
  10. MTH

    I Hate Politics

    Yeah I just wanted some people who want to make fun of the whole politics circus to poke in and make jokes. Like I started this thread with.... politics ruins everything. Even a thread about not talking about politics. ha ha
  11. MTH

    I Hate Politics

    No. I don't care. It's the same as two dudes in a bar arguing over Ford and Chevy trucks. I drive a few Jeeps.
  12. Years of ice hockey playing kids.... driving to Lake Tahoe isn't even a problem. 5,400 miles? Let's go. Need one of your sweet cars. My Jeep isn't the best on gas.
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