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  1. Can you become a triple agent if you're already a double agent. We all know ...
  2. P2 blocker still?
  3. Good stuff. Usually we wait until after the Cup is raised for this thread. Also, Lawa always starts it. Been that way for almost 2 decades (Holy Crap - that's older than you! ha ha) I'm sure a mod will adjust everything.
  4. I'd look for a club hockey team to play with and practice. Keep working with your goalie coach. But I'd too try to get onto another school sport. Fall is soccer, football, cross country, etc. You'll enjoy doing that with your friends from school. Just being on a school team is more important than the actual sport; you only get 4 years in high school, do as much as you can. All us old folks will tell you that they wished they did more stuff while in high school (good and bad - ha ha). My kids play tons of sports. I have them doing that for many reasons, but one reason is help offset the highs and lows in one sport. Baseball team stinks? Oh well, you have hockey camp next week. This way they don't have the down time to worry about playing time in one specific sport. Buddy of mine - his son when he got to high school - after a whole lifetime of playing AAA hockey - didn't make the HS team. So he decided to join the surf club (I'm in South Jersey). Loves it. Dad tells me how much they do for the surf team. The kid still plays club hockey, but not AAA. So he has more time to surf and play tennis for the HS team too. Roll with it.
  5. Stinks man. I've been cut from several teams in my life. It's tough to take. I'm sure you'll be able to find some other team to jump on. Hard work pays off. But most of all, just enjoy playing... anywhere. And not let a team that didn't take you consume you. You'll be ok.
  6. We're all within the friendly confines of the Atlantic District of USA Hockey. So all teams that are part of USA Hockey and the Atlantic District are subjected to hold tryouts during specified periods. The Pee Wee and lower tryouts were all in March this year. The Bantams and higher were in April. They set specific days you can offer contracts for Tier 1, 2 and Independent teams. If clubs do it outside those days they risk getting suspended. Sounds like in your area, the dates are later. It's tough to have your kids season end and pretty much jump into tryouts the next day. At the same time, it cuts the pre-tryout window of camps/ private lessons/ parental stress down a lot. My older kid is going into Bantam this year, so the extra month before tryouts was chaos. I think he was at over a dozen different 'pre-skates' and on the ice almost daily leading into tryouts. But tryouts aren't really a tryout. Teams are pretty much in place in the coaches heads before then.
  7. This was a high school team, right? I'd reach out to the coach. If you didn't make their squad, you may need to do something else (club - or play lacrosse). I'd just shoot an email or text making sure you didn't get missed. Hopefully you did. My oldest son is only in 7th grade now, but the middle school tryouts for next year are next week. I know the HS teams are all doing their tryouts now. I also know for him I'll get something that night or the next day. Even his Tier 1 team took only a day to get the team set. I knew by the day after the last tryout he was good. It's a High School team - it's not like they are still looking for kids to come in. The pool of players is your high school. Your coaches should have had the team almost set before tryouts. You playing spring hockey? Either on a tournament team or even a 3v3 league?
  8. MTH

    New Team, Old Gear

    Thanks. That's the mask.
  9. I've seen a few of the Rangers learn to play camps. They're pretty awesome. They give out gear to all the little ones and get on the ice with them. The parents typically dress the kids.
  10. From Dave Neums on the GSBB
  11. Oh the humanity.. Could be worse... Upside down and on wrong leg. Great coaching!
  12. MTH

    New Team, Old Gear

    Jose Theodore with the Wild: Fresh on the Wild using his old Caps mask while his new Wild one was being painted.
  13. They look like an Itech/JRZ style pad. I know it seems like they aren't related to Jerry... but the name, the look, the era of those beauties... I wouldn't write/Wright that off as not his either. I'd guess they were a prototype third party brand Velocity clone from JRZ. Remember too that Itech had Jose Theodore under contract. A goalie who used Vaughn pads before and after his time in "Itech" gear. May be a huuuuge stretch, but looking at the colors and the age... Could be something that was being tried for him/ players that liked Vaughn style pads. Again, huuuuge stretch maybe. But you never know. Theodore did like the single outer break pads. These look like that:
  14. Sorry man. I joined the mask brigade. My sportmask mage is pretty nice. Still hold combos dear to my heart.
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