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  1. I handed it off a few months ago. I'll see if I can get one. We do need an update.
  2. My kids' rink just won the 'Golden Trowel Award'. It's the "The most sought-after award in horizontal concrete". As a civil engineer, videos of concrete laying are appreciated. Thanks for the link.
  3. At this point - JRZ should offer any "brand name" as an option. You pick.
  4. Heck, my Jeep is the same thing. All metric.
  5. That's a laser screed. Goal is get the concrete surface as flat as possible.
  6. My gear is so old that they're retro retos.
  7. Other than a name from the past? Nothing.
  8. When do the retro pads that look like the ones that people wore last week come out? Tomorrow? I don't want to look like a fool.
  9. One of my kids tried to go on the rink the other day wearing two different socks (one solid gray practice sock and one home game sock). I stopped him and made him fix that. I told him, don't be the two different sock guy. They always stink and are really annoying. He's only 11, so I didn't punish him.
  10. Nice site. I just started using weebly for school. Seeing the old cards made me miss Reebok gear. Where has the time gone?
  11. I hate politics. Ruins everything. RIP DMX
  12. Always thought the fact that John Blue wore solid all black pads was a travesty. Even when he played for the Sabres... man, all blue gear would have been epic. But Grant Fuhr was rocking the black gear too with the Sabres. So you do what the greatest goalie ever does. Which, as always, looked amazing.
  13. I don't think he did. I recall seeing his ducks helmet on game worn website. The paint was flaked off. Said he wore this mask after the trade to the Rangers and had it taped over blue. When they removed the tape, the ducks paint came off some.
  14. The Pennsauken one is pretty bad. Sorry for your experience. I've heard stories how it was a top place in the day. Was before my time (and I'm 44). My kids play there often. There was a AAA team that played out of there that was sponsored by Comcast. Johnny Gaudreau played for them for a little. So there's old jerseys and banners for him up there in the closed off sections. John's dad is the skating coach out of that rink. If you ever meet him you'll understand why John is so good.
  15. This is the poster I had. Sorry, thought it was the Pinnacle mask collection one. It was this one for sure. Was on my bedroom door.
  16. Looking for that poster now. Did Guy Hebert ever wear this mask? It sucks, BTW.
  17. Kirk's gear game was level 11. Iconic.
  18. May have to post up my Fuhr collection of cards. I even did a scratch board portrait of him while in HS art class.
  19. There are actually four "skate zones". But the Flyers recently sold off three to Black Bear Sports and just kept the one in Vorhees where the Flyers practice and all. The other three are dumps. One in AC (looks abandoned, one sheet), Pennsauken (2 sheets, looks dilapidated) and the other gem is in Northeast Philly by the airport that looks fine but is still crappy. Black Bear Sports is buying every rink. Some of their other ones are: ProSkate, Skylands, Aspen, Jersey Shore Arena, Ice Land (scary) and the Howell Ice Arena.
  20. Wendell Young's best mask was his SK HM30 Pro combo. The PRO HM30 had the extra chin protection. So rad.
  21. Fuhr's mask with the Sabres the next season had Itech logos.
  22. Mike - I think there was a poster too sold at that time with the masks. Don't think it was Pinnacle that made the poster though. I could be wrong. I swear I had that poster of masks up in my room at my parents house. If I go looking for it, my mom will send me home with a few boxes of crap my wife would kill me for bringing to our house now - like that binder full of 90s cards.
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