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  1. MTH

    Pekka Rinne Retires

    Pekka Rinne retired?
  2. MTH

    2021 Playoffs

    My garage smells like a dead closet. Between my old crusty gear and my boys... ooof
  3. Rich - covid quarantines are so 2020.
  4. The "enter me" had me cracking up. Girls are the same way. My wife will work on putting together a nice outfit. Look all hot. Us dudes don't notice the small stuff but the other girls do.
  5. MTH

    2021 Playoffs

    Dead closet will live on forever.
  6. MTH

    2021 Playoffs

    Nice game last night. 1-0 final game with the Canadiens bringing all they could in the 3rd to tie it. Lightning are a good team. If they can win next year, that would be legendary. It's almost mid-July. I'm sure the NHL wants to have a normal season this fall. These playoff teams will be at a disadvantage for sure with recovery times and all. Nice to see a packed house for a cup game. Congrats to TB (again).
  7. I "worked" at Friendly's restaurant while in college. I didn't get paychecks at the end of the week, I got a bill for all the food I ate. They only gave employees 50% off on food. Waiters only got paid half of minimum wage with the expectation that you made at least the other half on tips (not always). Meanwhile I was taxed on the full salary still. I ate a lot of sundaes. You could take a 'to-go' paper cup and fill it to the brim with Reese's cups and add a little ice cream on top. Had to be 20 plus Reese's cups in there. So great.
  8. Ozzie's gear was cool. But his jersey? As opposed to: Don't hate the players - hate the game.
  9. Sorry. Old guy joke. Garth Snow played decades ago and was one of the first goalies in the NHL to take advantage of the NHL's then non-existent gear size limits. There was a playoff run where he was accused of using wood under his jersey to enhance his shoulder space (see picture). http://www.crossingbroad.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Voila_Capture-2014-11-20_04-41-00_PM1.jpg There wasn't a pad height limit... so order big pads. Still too short? Add some more on top...
  10. My kids playing has done wonders to cure my GAS. Money? Who needs that?
  11. Did you guys see the layout at Manny Legace's house? I guess they were lighting them off at the fire pit area on the lake. Sweet setup with the hot tub overlooking the lake. Crazy accident. Where I was with my family on the 4th - there were neighbors lighting fireworks. I had that feeling of 'this could be a bad spot' and moved my boys. Terrible accident.
  12. MTH

    2021 Playoffs

    They play tomorrow at 8 at TB, right? Last game for the lame-o NBC broadcast. They were reading their obituary during game 4. Hoping that next year they don't just have one channel play games 4-7 on their channel. So embarrassing that the NHL let that happen. It's like letting a channel just play the last 30 minutes of every movie.
  13. Love it. Stylin' Profilin' Limousine Ridin'
  14. Welcome back to the good old days, boys.
  15. I literally have no idea what this post means. At the same time, Ric Flair and beating up co-workers in the same post is something to cherish.
  16. MTH

    2021 Playoffs

    I'm one of them. Is it over yet?
  17. MTH

    2021 Playoffs

    I would love to see a team win the cup and the fans climb on the ice like they did in the day. Absolute mayhem in a world that was so much more innocent then. Gretzky holding the cup with kids and adults just running behind him. The dude with the fresh white Nikes is climbing the glass. No way this will ever happen again. I wonder when this ended? Had to be mid-80s with taller glass and all. When they were airing all the old 'raising the cup' games last year, it was awesome to see the post game celebrations. All kinds of fans in the mix. No lame-o tee shirts and hats.. just raw emotions and fun. Quick video - 74 Flyers win and count how many non-players were in the mix before the guys even left the bench.
  18. MTH

    2021 Playoffs

    I don't think the 'dirty' stuff is new. Just that there is less BS in today's game so anything that deviates from the normal is deemed a problem. That said, I think pro sports are overanalyzed. So the announcers are going ham on anything they can to be relevant. Add in the 10,000 online journalists now and you have a big to-do over nothing. Have to make it more sensational so people will pay attention to you...
  19. MTH

    Foam shortage

    Can you stuff pads with toilet paper? There's a plethora of TP available now.
  20. MTH

    Daily Chit-chat

    "Traded the van for it straight up… I can get 70 miles to the gallon on this hog."
  21. Summer hockey on the east coast - we get the humidity that's nuts. Some nights I leave the rink and it's over 90% humidity and over 80 degrees still at midnight. By the time I get home in my Jeep, it looks like I just left the ice. As a fat guy - I dream of living in Colorado/Utah where the humidity is single digit.
  22. MTH

    2021 Playoffs

    Good game last night. Canadiens beat the Knights in Game 6 OT to advance to finals. Can Canada please let more fans in the stands? The country needs this. I as a tv watching bum needs it too. Pack the building. The American way.
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