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Ingredients For Becoming A Great Goalie - Bandits Goalie School for TGN

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Ingredients For Becoming A Great Goalie

By: Joe Messina ( @Joe Messina )

© Bandits Goalie School - 2017


Goalies are faced with many challenges throughout the course of a season. Whether it’s playing on a team that is considered weak and you’re faced with a lot of shots, being considered a back-up goalie that only plays 10 games a year or even being considered the starting goalie; keep in mind there’s only one true recipe for success, CONSISTENCY. Ambition to win, good training habits and focus are just a few characteristics that exemplify a consistent goalie. Consistency doesn’t come over night, it develops over time. Goalies that have consistency use a great deal of internal drive to push themselves to become a better goalie.


So how does a goalie become consistent?


AMBITION TO WIN. Some of the greatest NHL goalies have earned the title of being consistent, big game players. They are known for stepping up to the challenge during big games and crucial situations. Consistent goalies always have the desire to achieve greatness. Goalies such as Terry Sawchuk, Ken Dryden, Patrick Roy and Martin Brodeur have all achieved greatness in their playing careers. These goalies have played with a style that no one can duplicate exactly. Each goalie playing their own system and style that made them what they are known for today; consistent.  Some goalies are known for playing a “read and react” type style, where others are known for playing a “blocking surface” style. Many titles can be used to describe these types of goalies, but the main ingredient was and still is today, CONSISTENCY!


GOOD TRAINING HABITS. At Bandits we always teach our students to strive for consistency. In order to obtain this we educate our students to go on the ice with a purpose. Every time a goalie steps onto the ice, they have to mentally create certain goals that he or she will be working on during practice. Lazy habits are developed from goalies just going out and putting in their 60 to 90 minutes of practice. The problem with this is that goalies are far too often wasting valuable time at practice. More damage is done than good when practice is without purpose. Practice is the best time to develop into a more consistent goalie.

FOCUS. So how do we go out onto the ice with a purpose? A few things we suggest to our goalies is; work on being patient while holding their white ice, watching the puck all the way into their body, pushing and pulling their butterfly tight when moving back to their post and making sure they seal all their holes. A goalie that is eager for a challenge each time he or she steps on the ice is an individual that has the work ethic and desire to one day be considered a consistent goalie.

Bandits Goalie School offers year round training with private and team lessons. To learn more about Bandits Goalie School and the services we offer, visit our website at www.banditsgoaltending.com 



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