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I've had the Passau 60 degree trapper since the model came out. About a month or so ago, the glove's double T began to collapse on itself and some skate cuts on the outside below the fingers began to get worse. I wrote Timmy and he responded quickly and worked out the arrangements with David at the shop. David did a great job of fixing the cuts with a new layer of material (same color too even though I said use whatever was available) and indulged my request for a skate laced floating double T. Further, David probably stayed in the shop an extra day or two during the Company's summer break and entirely redid the cords holding the glove together. They did a great job turning the glove around in about 2 weeks at a relatively modest price of $110 US. Pretty amazing service.

Btw, the glove was awesome to start but I am pretty sure I could catch a water melon with it now. Never used a floating T before; I sure do really like the floating double T. Pretty sick. :)

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