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Oral History: The Rise and Quick Fall of Vezina Winner Jim Carey


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I saw this in a comment in a GGSU post.  Sharing because I remember him for a few reasons.  I remember his name, obviously, because I was 13 at the time and loved the Actor.  I remember hating the way he strapped his mask(same as how Hellebuyck wears his now).  Most of all I remember him being really friggin good for like 2-3 seasons and then I have no recollection whatsoever of what happen to him.  Well, this filled the memory gaps for me.



Two decades ago Jim Carey took the NHL by storm. After an impressive showing the season prior, Carey had a Vezina Trophy-season in 1996 as a 21-year-old. His pro career was short, but it was prosperous. He signed a four-year, $11-million contract, but injuries quickly took their toll. And after stops in Boston and St. Louis, along with a couple stints in the minors, Carey retired from hockey. There was no Hollywood ending to the brief career of the goalie nicknamed ‘Net Detective.’  ...

More in the link

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I'd really like to get Jim's perspective on things. I've heard/read so much from others about him, I'd like to hear it straight from the man. It seems though, that he doesn't have an interest in discussing it. I mean, to go from a Vezina season to out of the game a few years later...

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