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New glove ready to order

Jonathon v

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Gnetik 4 glove skinned as this exact opt1k glove graphic. I want Nash but it might make the glove look stupid could I get some opinions? I will be going with a reinforced double T with a +1 inch pocket and nylon, to give it a snappier feel than a single T with skate lace, and also no pop outs. Pro palm and traditional strapping just feels more connected than boa does. I’ve started to realize an issue I have with the optik which could be how hard I strap it (as tight as possible) or it could be the break angle. It closes amazing when not tight, but when I strap it tight it just doesn’t close well. also does anyone know the break angle of a gnetik 8.0 glove? Brians says the gnetik 4 is a 35 degree but it doesn’t have the gnetik 8.0 on their website

edit: I realized the palm would look just fine with Nash, didnt realize it’s all white down there



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