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  1. $80 USD... Open to offers and splitting the shipping...
  2. Absolutely right, I actually should have done the Heritage Blocker with my IV set. Pre retirement I was actually going to go FrankenSet... Bauer Blocker Brian's Glove Warrior pads
  3. Good used condition. Steel upgraded to Bauer LS5G and Bauer Speed Plate insoles. Soakers are included. Asking $80 USD obo plus shipping from Regina, SK ,Canada.
  4. You and me.both... I'm guessing COVID and no one skating???
  5. Lol... Appreciate it. With COVID its made me miss it less and less.
  6. Lightly used, still in great shape. Retired so I no longer need it. Asking $50 CAD shipped in Canada, shipping from Regina, SK.
  7. cwarnar

    Warrior sizing

    Yup. I use to wear the ARS Boot when I first got them. But boot straps are useless nowadays
  8. cwarnar

    Warrior sizing

    Yup. I was a 19.5" on the nose. I was told the newer Warrior series (GT2/G5) may play taller with the hypercomp. A few guys I talked with went 1" shorter on the GT2 from the GT1. There is also a chart that shows the where the size difference is on Warrior pads. I know the knee stack only moves 1/2" from the 33 to the 34. @Kirk3190 can speak to this as well. I was in a 33+1.5 but was going to move to a 32+2 is I decided to order a new set.
  9. cwarnar

    Warrior sizing

    I was in the top 2/3, but I wore no boot strap so the pad would ride up and sit higher. I didn't have any issues with settling of the pads for 1.5 years I had them. I think too many guys are oversizing pads. I was going to move into a 32" pad if I went back to Warrior for increase mobility. No way would I want a 34.
  10. Glad you're okay? She get charged up? You doing some COVID car shopping?
  11. cwarnar

    Warrior G5

    The retro set that almost was...
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