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Gnetik 3 toe taper

Jonathon v

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30 minutes ago, Jonathon v said:

Thanks, do you think going to 84 will feel a lot different?

i cant say for sure cause i have not used a tapered boot before (was in eflex now in g4) but if youve used the gnetik iv or checked it out in store, they too have the 84 degree taper as well so theyd likely feel the same. you could try getting in your stance with skates etc. with a pair from a local shop that has a pair with the 84 degree boot and see how it feels. i personally wouldnt think it would do too much as a difference due to how small the degree difference is between the 80 and 84 degree but at the end of the day its your call. you can order the optik 2s with a 80 degree toe if you go custom though so if you dont like it just go custom and change it.

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Hey Jonathon,

On your Gnetik 3's does the front material feel like it isn't actually connected to the foam? I am looking at some used 3's and the material isn't flush with the internal foam. Didn't know if this is because the pad is very flexible or there is an issue with the internals? I am using Warrior G3's right now and even though that pad has a lot of flex the material seems very mated to the internal foam. 


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