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  1. true, but if you look at what brians and warrior have done their glove matches up pretty well with the blocker and pads like how they do it w the optik and the g3
  2. I’m probably getting new pads soon, still undecided. I have a lot of pads I’m looking at and not sure which is best for me. I’ve been reccomended the g4 senior model by Wack from pure goalie based off what i want in my pads and i think they will be a good fit because i can break them in to my liking
  3. I asked Vaughn on Instagram, they said they can just do a new pair of Greiss gloves for me. I’m going to check out the v8 and pve2019 in a store if i can but I’m gonna probably just get the Greiss glove set as new
  4. Ok, sounds good. Thank you
  5. I’ll check the PVE2 and v8 out in the store and see if i like them Ah ok I’ll speak to him
  6. Max27

    Vaughn PVE 2

    Ah, gotcha. So do i. Looks awesome. Also a big fan of Vaughn’s use of the promo material on the actual face graphics
  7. As far as i know, he has a stock PVE glove and a stock XF blocker. At least that’s what GGN told me when i sent pictures of them to him I honestly don’t know what in specific i like because i don’t have much to compare it to. I’ve just been unable to find things i dislike besides recently I’ve gotten stingers on every palm shot but with a 1(+) year old glove that was used in the nhl for a part of the season before i used it a whole year it broke down. If i just ordered Greiss spec glove and blocker they would do it though?
  8. I was wondering if i could ask vaughn to clone me a set of Greiss spec gloves. I’ve been using a set of his pro return gloves for over a year now and i like them a lot but they’re beaten to hell. I want to try get them refurbished and have them as a backup set in the future but that’s a different topic. I believe in using what works and if you don’t have an issue with something there’s no need to change it. Besides how beaten up they are, ive had no complaints with the gloves. Could i order custom through Vaughn a Greiss spec V7 XF blocker and PVE glove?
  9. Max27

    Vaughn PVE 2

    Lol yeah jokes aside that is a very nice looking set. Is that someone on this websites?
  10. Also helps because they put it on ice level so you see what the puck sees.
  11. Max27

    Vaughn PVE 2

    Shame they accidentally made gloves for the wrong hands 🥺
  12. Check your messages on here, I sent you contact information to schedule something with him
  13. honestly, im not entirely sure. I will ask for you in the morning and let you know what he says
  14. I work with 3E east at superior.
  15. yeah, im gonna use them next time i work with my goalie coach. i cant work with him this upcoming week so ill use it the next week.
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