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  1. Im not gonna complain about it, nor am i trying to play the victim card. If they dont want me, i don't want to play for them. I want to play in front of a team and coaching staff that believes in me, and evidently, this team isnt. Whatever team takes me im going to prove to that the team I tried out for was wrong to not take me.
  2. Yeah, i hope so. Im going to join another team for the summer, and continue to work with my goalie coach As for other sports, Its funny. Ive tried essentially every sport to find one that A.) im somewhat good at and B.) enjoy playing it. I played soccer, tennis, baseball, soccer, and i was on the middle school track team. I ended up quitting every single one. I started hockey in the second half of middle school, loved it, and stuck with it. Plus, not sure if my parents would be ok with me playing another sport. I played on 3 different teams up till abt a month ago, for a month and a half i was working w my goalie coach 3 times a week ontop of the 3 teams, Plus, i have 2 younger brothers who also play hockey. Ill see what I can do, though. Thanks. Ill make them regret it.
  3. me and him talk on ig too, didnt know he was on concussion protocol though. Hope hes ok!
  4. I felt i had a good chance. There was only 5 goalies in my age group trying out for both JV and Varsity. They, for whatever reason *politics* let a freshman goalie who didnt try out for the team get on *bc his dads the coach* As for when I started, Ive played hockey for fun forever, but didnt start playing competitive till 7th grade. I never switched to ice until 2 years ago though. Wish I started hockey as a baby. Id be way better off now Thank you for the positive words. Im going to be a junior next year so i have 1 more year left to try. If I get cut both years Im gonna be very pissed.
  5. Thanks. Worked really hard for this. Thanks. Yeah, the draft. I registered for it today. It takes place in September though.
  6. Thanks. It was for JV This lit a fire under me. Ive woken up at 3:30 AM every Monday for 2 months to go practice before school and I worked till i got sick, and then kept working. Im not going to stop working until my dream goal i set for myself is accomplished- to play for my school team. I have 1 more chance after this and ill work twice as hard next year.
  7. P2 seems best suited for you. Any modern stiff pad will likely feel much stiffer than your Reebok P2s, but CCM gear is very similar year to year. The 2s Pads will likely be too stiff for you if you like a "fairly stiff" pad as theyre widely regarded as the stiffest pad you can get. CCMs customizer on the P2 is fantastic and youll be able to dial them in very well! Let us know what you end up going with
  8. Anyone know anything abt this mask? https://www.goaliemonkey.com/equipment/masks/goalie-masks/bauer-goalie-mask-nme-ix-cert-str-sr.html
  9. Max27

    Removing Pad Logos

    why not put a padskin over the logo
  10. Thank you Ive heard the rosters for JV and Freshman are both finalized and that theyre just having a coach meeting before they announce them. Varsity is still up in the air though.
  11. It is a weird way. they said they wanted to try something else this year. I pmd you abt where i tried out for. dont feel totally comfortable giving my hometown out to the entire internet
  12. Im not playing spring- this is tryouts for 2019-20 season. I do camps in the spring/summer and work w my goalie coach Theyre announcing the rosters within the next few days. Was longer than usual bc they did tryouts differently, as well as the varsity coach was fired, so they took longer to announce the full roster bc on top of 4 teams (2 freshman, 1 jv 1 varisty) they had to get a new coach for the varsity team, and they split up the tryout dates based off your age. 15+ went on one day and 12-14 went one day, and then a week later they had a day for anyone who wasnt able to make the original tryout. Interesting. all tryouts have been taking place the last month and a half or so here on LI
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