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  1. how funny. i complain that im slumping and then get a shutout tonight.
  2. What do i do? Nothings going right for me. Ive dropped my last 3 games and have given up 3 or more goals in all the games. Nothings working and i cant seem to catch a break. Its insanely frustrating and its making my confidence rocket down.
  3. oh youre right my percents were off was going off my latest sale
  4. I dont tell my teammates on any team how to play their position. I figure if i wouldnt like being told by them how to do mine, i wouldnt think theyd enjoy it back.
  5. its not just new members, its for everyone. ive been on sideline swap since 2017 and they still take 15%. gotta make money somehow eh?
  6. Wack is great, he helped me decide which pads and which chestie i should get. Hell help you out with whatever you need
  7. happy i could help, hope you can get your demo set
  8. Max27

    Lefevre going solo

    we will be seeing bernier in a lefevre pad soon 👀 peep the bottom of the screenshot
  9. you can try and have pure goalie do a demo for you. dm them on instagram @puregoalie and see what they can do.
  10. i keep them straighter than that when i play. that pic was exaggerated with all my force to illustrate how much you can flex them if that’s what you want. i don’t flex them much during play at all cause i like how they’re playing at a bit of a straighter profile.
  11. @SaveByRichter35 can you please lock this thread for the meantime? i’m not ready to sell. just got the x pros on the ice for the first time and i’m not ready to only use them full time. i know you do a lot for the selling portion of this site so i figured you’d be the right person to tag.
  12. ohh, i gotcha. i haven’t actually regularly been flexing them that much, i just wanted to show how much i can flex them if i wanted to. getting them down that far was with all my effort, i just wanted to show it in a pic how you can flex newer pads a good amount without having a break above the knee for the person who asked the original question. That would definitely be bad for the foams if i did that a bunch of times but the pads are still very new (only used them 3x so far) so if the foam is damaged from flexing them like this once than there’s a bigger issue.
  13. i selling my old bauer s190 pants now that my new warrior x pros came in the mail. they are size small and are royal blue. they were used for just about 1 calendar year with probably 50-60 skates on them. not much wear except a small tear at the top by your hip. not much smell at all (aired them out after each skate.) asking 80$ USD, shipping from Long Island, New York. any questions feel free to ask. hoping to sell quick so i’ll listen to all offers.
  14. what do you mean? they’re just bent straight down. probably just a confusing camera angle if that’s what you mean
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