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  1. picked up a jamie phillips 580 clone off sideline swap the other day. Nothing will dethroe my warrior gt2 but it feels pretty nice.
  2. @SaveByRichter35 have you heard anything about rinks on LI re opening?
  3. i used to play ball hockey in my supreme pants and they work great. theyre very streamlined especially the lower models so you can move great and the protection is still solid.
  4. if you like to tuck warriors could definetley work. very very very bulky though especially compared to supremes and ef shield pants
  5. Honestly the axis seems like a huge step foward for ccm in every category minus graphics. older eflex and premiers had mucch better graphics than axis
  6. g4 seniors are at 560 rn on goaliemonkey. great deal on very much pro level pads
  7. Max27

    Warrior G5

    g5s are temptinggggggg. @Kirk3190 will stores ever stock warrior with shorter thigh rises? if i was to order custom id honestly drop down to a 36 + .5 over my current 36 1.5 g4s.
  8. how does crawfords curve compare to the price retail curve?
  9. as far as the glove goes, how close to a 600 is it? hear its a significantly different glove compared to 2s and honestly the supreme gloves all look closer to 580s to me than 600s.
  10. bryans optic 2s lol
  11. might invest in a pair of these. anyone know somewhere currently w these in stock?
  12. @Ryan W if youre interested i have a pair of like new warriors for sale. what size are you?
  13. whoops my bad my bad ty
  14. Hey all, I dont anticipate too much interest atm due to the lockdown, but I am selling my Warrior X Pro pants. They are size senior small, and were used once on ice, and once on dryland. Stock Black colorway. Im looking to get 180-190$ US for them, but i will listen to offers. Shipping from Long Island, NY. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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