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  1. At retail nobody does it. I bet you could try and talk to stores about doing that at retail though. If its available at custom, and a lot of people at the retail market want the spec, the store could buy a bulk of sticks from them with trigger grips or some different options for people but it take a lot more than 1 request from the store. theres lots of pro return sticks online that have custom grips you could look at till that day could come though, depending where you are some of the stores up in canada have them, and pro stock hockeys website has a lot of pro return composites with custom g
  2. https://www.prostockhockey.com/goalie-sticks/?&search_query=goalie-sticks&filter=Hand_fq:"Right"&rows=20&start=0 Some good sticks available here in full right, plus ya get 9 free rolls of tape when you order from PSH right now.
  3. Max27

    I Hate Politics

    I think neither of them are good candidates, I hate the 2 party system. I think Bidens become more the DNCs puppet than Obama's, the DNC was very obviously rigged for him. They disapprove so much of Hawkins, Sanders and rig it against them, its sad. Trump has for sure done a lot wrong imo, especially with Covid. Both sides definitely have their fare share of propaganda though, I don't trust Fox nor CNN to get news as a sole source. Part of me wants Trump to win to guarantee a strong leftist candidate in 2024, but I think he's going to set us back a lot more if he gets another 4 years. I t
  4. Max27

    I Hate Politics

    granted i cant vote in november (im 17) so my political opinion very much is meaningless, but imo, trump and biden are both very unideal candidates, I think the criticisms and praises of both trump and biden become very repetitive and it just ruins politics as a topic. I would vote for Hawkins if I could (green party) and its fine with me if you dont, its your decision not mine. Politics really can bring the worst out in people.
  5. check vaughn v9s out. same with brians gnetik. some of the softest pro pads you can buy. vapors are flexible but are very much butterfly style pads and eflex is getting to be very stiff up top compared to previous models and even the axis and premier from my experience.
  6. for real though. so much potential with the islanders colors too
  7. Varly in Lefevre. takeover continues
  8. picked up a jamie phillips 580 clone off sideline swap the other day. Nothing will dethroe my warrior gt2 but it feels pretty nice.
  9. @SaveByRichter35 have you heard anything about rinks on LI re opening?
  10. i used to play ball hockey in my supreme pants and they work great. theyre very streamlined especially the lower models so you can move great and the protection is still solid.
  11. if you like to tuck warriors could definetley work. very very very bulky though especially compared to supremes and ef shield pants
  12. Honestly the axis seems like a huge step foward for ccm in every category minus graphics. older eflex and premiers had mucch better graphics than axis
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