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  1. the f1, then the sr+ and sr if im not mistaken. @Kirk3190?
  2. i used a g4 for like 7 months and the velcro worked fine the whole time imo the buckles that vaughn has hold the c/a in place best and are easiest to use
  3. Max27

    G4 Sr. Sizing

    for the calf elastic theres little d rings on the inside. heres a video explaining it from warrior- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzgxCwJbbME&t=163s
  4. Max27

    G4 Sr. Sizing

    I wore a 34 CCM pad and i wear a 36 g4 and land dead center on both as far as sizing goes if that helps. Warrior tends to run a bit smaller in the knee. if you want them to sit higher, use the lundy loop, and making the straps looser. this will allow the pad to sit a little higher because its a little more free on your leg. as for the rotation issues, try loosening the strapping. the g4s are meant to be worn looser
  5. you measure to the middle of your knee it looks from the pic that youd be like a 19.5 ftk
  6. I played JV this past year and also practiced with players on varsity and some play AA/AAA
  7. welcome to the board. I used a GT2 Senior for the past season (7 months, about 75 skates) its fantastic. I rarely get popouts or stingers, and the closure is excellent. would totally reccomend you get it!
  8. carey price x max27 collab🥵
  9. were just messing ya. pure goalie does demo stuff. contact them on insta @puregoalie . id wait till corona clears up though.
  10. with a global pandemic going on that's killed over 18k people and infected 422K and has most of the world on lockdown I think you should wait on demo gear inquiries lmao
  11. for sure. likely will grab one i wanna get an M1 but i dont see it in m
  12. 😮😮😮 might have to buy a few. these are by far my fav stick and ive used so many sticks I was checking out the Ef4 but was worried abt durability w how much it flexs.
  13. the person i bought these from sold the rest of these
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