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  1. Selling my gt2 blocker. I used it all of my junior year season of JV. Hockeys been cancelled where I am so im not gonna need it anymore. some of the stitching around the thumb is falling out and the ring finger on the palm is shot so it needs a new palm which is like 30$ on goaliemonkey. im asking for 125$ USD but ill listen to reasonable offers. Im shipping from Long Island NY. If youre interested in buying dm me! pictures are here- https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/goalie/goalie-gloves-blockers/2949569-warrior-gt2-senior-blocker
  2. hyperlite* but I think those are ultrasonic pads. cant speak on gloves. but the vapor line wont have the stabilslide knee block
  3. Max27

    Double seal technique

    i tried it and i felt like i broke something so i havent tried it since but it requires immense flexibility. I know Varlamov and Vasilevskiy do it a lot, its very much a flexibility thing. Ive got a bigger frame (6"1.5, 175 pounds was what I came up as recently) and I struggle a lot with it. If you can efficently transfer in and out of basically a split when youre in the RVH its a huge thing you can add to your game but if you try it when you either arent warmed up or arent very flexible youre definetley going to pull or hurt something in your body.
  4. welcome to the forums, he gets a custom 90 degree break on his TGN Spec Optik 2. Meant to replicate a 580 but it isnt quite. @TheGoalNet anything else to add about it that I missed?
  5. Max27

    New Team, Old Gear

    cant speak on other goalies but Lehner I know tried a few sticks at the start of the 18-19 isles season, he had a warrior foamcore, than a cr1, than a v1 i believe, then used a cr2 , and stuck with it for the entirety of the year. I asked a goalie monkey rep about it, and he bought the remaining stock of CR2s in Blue, with the Bishop curve, and a 25 inch paddle. He got a bunch of different custom sticks during his hawks tenure, so i assume he just wanted to use his oddly beloved cr2s till he didnt have any more.
  6. Max27

    Lefevre going solo

    ahh gotcha. I figured since they said it was similar to speedskin but not quite it was more specifically designed for them. I havent followed Brians super closely honestly, but if i was to leave warrior (which i wont 😼 @Kirk3190 ) I would totally get Gnetiks. The Primo seriously impressed me when I checked them out on the gnetik ivs and optiks in person. Could totally see them being the best sliding pad on the market even if that can be more subjective.
  7. Max27

    Soft pads user

    ccm revolutions have double inner and single outer, warrior g3s do as well unless im mistaken all the current lines are single inner and outer but the v9s are very soft so are gnetiks if you broke them in theyd totally play like a double inner break
  8. Max27

    Lefevre going solo

    could it also be that they've only figured how to make fast glide in white so far? assuming that due to it still being a relatively new material still to the production lines, it could be only producible in white. Likely, you're right though, it costs a fortune to get the materials for pads, Lefevre can't afford that at from an investment standpoint right now, they would lose thousands of dollars from how big a surplus of colored fast glide coated jenpro rolls/sheets they end up having. Primo/Opti Slide was also offered in Black, White, and Grey the first year they had it, which was the O
  9. nicee, hopefully covid doesn't ruin that. I've seen that hockey's been labeled as a superspreader, same w all the other indoor sports. who yall playing?
  10. Max27

    New Team, Old Gear

    Lehner used his Isles sticks for a little while he was on Chicago
  11. Weve been practicing once a week for high school hockey since September. I've heard that all school sports are expected to start around January-ish as far as actually playing in games go, but nothing is set in stone still and there is no schedule outside of practices currently. With cases rising around me recently, I really hope they can still make it work that we practice and eventually get a game schedule.
  12. As long as the lace doesnt get further undone from there, I couldn't imagine it being a large issue
  13. Max27

    Soft pads user

    yea i can imagine, as a whole the core on g5 is definetley stiffer than the g4 though
  14. Max27

    Soft pads user

    I use warrior g4s right now, had them all of 2020 so far, so i can speak for them. I wouldnt consider them a stiff pad at all. gt2 is pretty soft as well too. G5 is a lot stiffer though
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