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  1. Max27

    Vaughn PVE 2

    i think its a cool idea I just dont personally get the point of them over just using the great system the SLR1 and 2s have. Seems like change for the sake of change.
  2. Max27

    Vaughn PVE 2

    It provides a snug fit that probably comes off every couple minutes lmao
  3. Max27

    Vaughn PVE 2

    its visually distracting to shooters!!!1!1!!!!1!11
  4. like the 1,2,3,4 flex ratings
  5. What are the max cores flex ratings?
  6. Max27

    Chin slings

    I don’t wear a chin cup either, so good thing they don’t check haha Unrelated, but who did you play for?
  7. Max27

    Chin slings

    where could i buy a chinsling for my sportmask x8?
  8. Max27

    Optik 2

    they made a new design named after me, im honored.
  9. I ended up going to one of the better teams in the league in the high school draft, which is nice. I got my first game in on Friday in the 3rd period and allowed no goals, but then got my first start yesterday and allowed 6. I held them to 2 goals the first period, but i let up 2 bad bounces, a softy, and 3 PP goals. Pre season tournament was good to get to know my new team and I’m excited for this season!
  10. Max27

    CCM's new line - AXIS

    As far as who the lines are designed for, theyre similar. Theyre designed to be stiffer, looser fitting pads. However, from what i felt when i checked pads out in pure goalie, Stiff- 2s pro, s29 Flexible- Ef4, Optik (both chassis), P2, GT, Gnetik IV not stiff, but not soft (medium)- G4, SLR1/2, V8 Honestly, i added the s29 bc it was extremely stiff for a mid level pad. i know they have an nxg core but theyre still VERY stiff for a mid price point pad. MUCH stiffer than its competitors like the P2.9, G4 Senior, Slr pro (not pro carbon), etc Maybe i use a lot of force when flexing my pads, but i didnt find too many pads in the store to be that crazy stiff, i could flex a lot of them pretty easily.
  11. Max27

    CCM's new line - AXIS

    Round roll, boot angle, sliding materials 2s is much stiffer than premier, especially in the boot optik is much thinner than both, and has the really thinned out outer roll while bauer angles it and ccm has standard size still
  12. thanks and lol i put the emoji covering my face bc im dealing with some pimples and you can see a big one through the cage
  13. I think if he did what he did on just the catcher on the blocker and pads too it would look nice. I think it’s weird that each piece of gear has different designs on it as far as the colors go.
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