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CCM JetSpeed FT480 Skates

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Since I couldn't find any reviews of these skates before I purchased them, I thought I would post this in case anyone else has been looking at them.

The last pair of CCM skates I wore were the Tacks 852s many moons ago. Since then I had worn only Bauer and loved them. When it was time to retire my most recent Bauer Elites I was going to just buy the Bauer Supreme S29s and be done with it. BUT...a good buddy of mine in the industry convinced me to give the FT480s a look.

So...I did a side by side comparison and in all transparency, the Bauers fit soooo nice and the kinda pinched my feet a bit, but my buddy told me after baking and a few skates the CCMs would be amazing...plus there is a 90-day no questions asked return policy (even after being sharpened)...so what the heck...I gave them a shot.

First skate (without being baked) was painful in the first period but felt a lot better during the 2nd and 3rd. I took them in the next day for a baking and played the next night and WOW...they felt soooo much better. I now have 4-5 skates on them and they fit like a glove, are super light (compared to my old cowling Bauers), great attack angle and I just feel much faster moving around the crease!

If anyone is looking at new skates I would definitely recommend the JetSpeed FT480s or the pro level if you have the cash!

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