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  1. @ZeroGravitas you are correct. These were the Premier style pad in-between the P3 and P4, basically the P3-LE as you stated. I think there may have been a few additional customization options from the P3. You are also correct in the last offering of Canadian-made Custom retail gear. Some more great looking sets!
  2. Michel Leighton and his amazing Revoke set really got me into the gear side of the position around 2010. This whole set up with mask and jersey is 11/10!! Who can forget Flower's powder blue set at the Winter Classic?! Simple but awesome! Bernie rocked quite the setup with LA's 3rd jerseys! Really wish they would bring these back, the purple and sport gold go so well together!! The graphic alone on this pad really got me interested in gear and the customization aspects. The two sets below were sets that I sought out for a long time to match my team at the time. Unfortunately, the only pieces of Revoke gear I ever got to own were two 590 gloves. Black and yellow to match the black pads below (Patrick Killeen Brampton Battalion OHL) and a Kamloops Blazers glove (Justin Leclerc). Thanks @Smeds35 for making this topic! I may have to make one for the Bauer TotalOne (my other favorite graphic)!!
  3. Hi @Jets26! In this case 'short chin' really means 'medium' which is stock, and pretty close to every other mask. Our Victory V4 and V6 stock options are Long and Medium, however 'short' is a custom option (V2 chin length). I do not believe we sent any 'shorts' to PuckStop in the UK. Please PM me for anymore questions, I hope this helps!
  4. Employee Purchase Program has been around for a while. I believe the number was $800 or $850 USD. Hell of a deal but Im not a CCM guy, or employee of GoalieMonkey, PureHockey etc.
  5. Finally here!! Actually about a month early. SLR Pro Carbon Pads 33+2.5 Pads Pro Logos, Stolarz Strapping, Laced in Knee Wing and RRC strap, Jenpro Outer Gusset, Soft Boot, Nylon Calf Wrap VE8 Blocker Pro logos, Extra Carbon in the face and sidewall VE8 XP Glove PVE19 Single T, Pro Palm, Reinforced Perimeter, Nylon (back) Cuff, Leather Wrist Strap, Reinforced T @SaveByRichter35 that’s really weird!! Literally the only thing they told me they couldn’t do. (Made in USA, Michigan Factory)
  6. Sorry! You guys have to wait one more day like I do 😂😂 Actually the ‘Vaughn’ on the glove comes stock upside down. That was actually the only mod they would not let me do, I tried to flip it I promise!! And there is a ‘37’ embroidered on the glove, just not the front. Maybe some production pics will hold yous over.
  7. Correct! These were done EARLY in my case and I would expect in the coming months to see delays from Bauer and CCM as 95% of their products are made overseas (specifically China).
  8. Made in USA so no pandemic issues here! Was quoted roughly 12 weeks and took less than 8 weeks for completion. I am going to be stalking the mail man the next few days!! Lots of changes and mods to these, will list specs when I receive them.
  9. Andersen wearing the new Ultra Sonic Bauer glove for 2020, I assume he's still breaking the pads in. No pics but other sightings include: Miller - Vaughn PVE'19 pads Howard - CCM Extreme Flex 4 set MacElhinny - Bauer Vapor 2X Pro pads
  10. AG37

    Vaughn V9

    I'm a big Vaughn fan but I agree with most comments here on the graphic... That being said, I'm getting a new set new season and the V9s caught my eye. Do I go V9 or a Custom setup with a 'Dudo' sized pec sheet?
  11. A few more updates and pictures added. Biggest change is Crawford's transition into Bauer gear, along with Heritage Classic setups and a few more 3rd jersey setups.
  12. I've heard a rumor that Lefebvre has already signed with another partner. Not sure if I can share what manufacturer, but think skates
  13. https://www.bauer.com/en-US/goalie-hockey-gear/goalie-masks/ The first picture on the Bauer page. They are a few years old (since initial release) now but are the 'standard' in the NHL and other elite leagues. The XPM is basically the updated version of the old Profile 960. 950x is the updates Profile 950.
  14. Straight from Mr. Brent Woods at Vaughn: -Thinner Outside VE8 Profile, VE8 Landing and Knee Stack, VE8 Outer Roll, Removed Top and Middle Strap. (I will add these to the post.) -Bindingless VE8 Blocker and VE8 XP Glove.
  15. Made some more adjustments. I still have a few things on my list to add including some more 3rd and 4th string guys. I would appreciate any DMs and messages about Bauer 2S sticks (Pro or no pro) as well as Vaughn glove models in particular, and anything else I missed! Enjoy!
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