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  1. I find this posting pretty ironic. Just last week I found Snowy's game used blocker pop up for sale. I messaged him immediately and he mentioned he had the matching glove. I got the set for a good price as the Seller used them a bit after Snow. I normally don't buy older gear but they were a gift for a good friend that painted for Snow. Your blocker looks mint and was definitely made for Snow, even unused, I'm sure you'll find a buyer.
  2. Brian's Primo is Legal, Bauer CORTech is legal, CCM Speedskin is legal. Why would 'Quickslide' (which is the same as Brian's Primo) ever be banned?
  3. Sparks mask is supposed to be the 'Fortnite Dinosaur skin', yes, really. Pretty odd design to consider for something as simple and traditional as the St. Pats color scheme and uniforms. In this case, give the player what they ask for. I agree the mask could have been way cooler, but this is what Sparks wanted. Clover skin and Maple Leaf teeth are incorporated well I think considering the request.
  4. The pattern is called "Hounds Tooth", according to Joz at Brian's, Sparks has wanted to incorporate that design for some time. I agree that is does NOT look visually awesome and the bucky is a bit out of place. I was hoping the St. Pats would be wearing 'vintage' brown gloves, helmets, and pants, IMO I think these would look great with some brown mixed in the uniform. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Sparks comes up with some pretty unique and different designs.
  5. AG37

    CCM Cracked cuffs

    I have seen cracked Bauer cuffs floating around on GGSU. Vaughn didn't really do 1-piece gloves until more recently. Vaughn was also notorious for finger curl which they seem to have corrected in recent years. While most common on Lefevre gloves may be true, they are also the most popular 1-piece glove on the market. Brian's is known for their quality and I've never really seen a true durability issue in their equipment (just not my style). I would agree that it is mostly a 1-piece cuff construction in general that is just more prone to breaking from misuse or high level of play.
  6. I own a pair of the Bauer 1S knee guards as well. Playing mostly roller and having a wide butterfly I mainly used thigh boards attached to my pads, but with playing ice more and skating with the NCAA team a few times, I felt knee guards were necessary. Coming from no knee guards at all I didn't want something overly bulky but wanted the protection, got these for a good deal. While seeming bulky at first, I now love my pair! I tape them to keep them from moving and they seem to sit well in most positions with my pads. As mentioned I have a pretty wide butterfly so I havnt been hit yet, but Im confident these would provide adequate protection.
  7. AG37

    Rare Setups

    Bauer tried going after Rinne even before he tired the NXGs for a season. Schneids also tested the Reactors a few years ago.
  8. Smith and Saros both in new sets. Love that Smith is sticking with the home and away sets, the more red in this set looks great! Most EF4s this year have been pretty boring. Guys like Hutch and Bobs stick with the upper portion colored like Saros, Stolarz and Gibson have the ugliest pads in the league, but I really like Hart and Copley's EF4 sets.
  9. AG37

    Vaughn SLR 2

    I believe basic custom is the same price as retail. Basic custom would include things like size, colors, changing breaks or flex points, and possibly changing the straps a bit. Things like custom graphic, custom or non-stock leg channels, embroidery etc will lead to upcharges that vary depending on the request. (speaking mainly on Vaughn as CCM has custom options but you cannot go outside those limitations.)
  10. No, you will have to sand the logos off as they are under a thin layer of clear coat. Best luck would be covering them with black vinyl.
  11. A few recent ones. I love the 1S blocker so much I go non matching now, anyone want to skin me one in silver??
  12. AG37

    Vaughn SLR 2

    I did not say any of that. I've seen others of different sites say Vaughn owns Brian's, but I said they did not. My understanding is that Vaughn is a monopoly of sorts in the MATERIALS MARKET and may likely own the supplier that Brian's gets the 'Primo' material from. I did not say anything about subsidiaries, design, or shared technology. Vaughn having power in the materials market mean they probably have access to the same material Brian's uses.
  13. AG37

    Vaughn SLR 2

    Isn't the material called 'Primo' and the pad is called Optik? Everyone keeps says Vaughn owns Brians, which they don't, but Vaughn has power in the materials market so they may own the supplier that Brian's gets the Primo from. The usual Vaughn release is around the new year right, VE8s came out around January?
  14. AG37

    CCM Leather Toe Straps

    Used mine this morning. Like I said playing roller I never found a method that didn't interfere with my wheels, for $3 of GM I gave these a shot. They worked great actually, I may have to punch some holes and make them a tad looser but didn't get caught in my wheels at all. I attached mine from the bottom as they have a bit more flex from this position.
  15. AG37

    CCM Leather Toe Straps

    I saw this topic and how cheap they were on GM. Playing mostly roller I never found a good toe tie method so decided to try them out as well, mine come tomorrow. Make sure to screw the buckle tab in under the pad as well! Looks like yours are only screwed in on top with the bottom part hanging free.
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