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Knee landing gear size G4vsRgt2


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I'm wondering what the size difference is between the G4 and the rgt2 landing gear..I've read the G4 is slightly bigger. Anybody have any measurements? Are we talkin 1/2 inch quarter inch? I have a very narrow butterfly and I rely on the landing gear to stop some of those squeakers. Really torn between these two and I don't think I can wait for the G5

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I believe the G4 landing gear is identical to the G3 in size. So here are some pictures of the GT1 against the G3 and the GT2 against the GT1.

It's about an in between from the GT1 and the G4. It's noticeably bigger than the GT1 when you're playing in them and I've had zero issues with mobility, falling off the knee stack, or closing the 5 hole in my GT2's.

But I could say the same in my GT1's.


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16 minutes ago, xoch1 said:

coopaloop1234, so it sounds like you are a GT2 owner..?  In your humble opinion(no marketing bs) do you believe you're missing out on air slide???  

I've been in both the GT1 and GT2. Never have worn the G1/2/3/4 on the ice. I honestly couldn't tell you if I'm missing it or not.

I know hat based off of talking to a life long warrior fanboy (owned every set since G2) and a manager for a respectable gear store, he said that the airslide is only a minor upgrade over the GT2 sliding surface with weave.

As I've never found my performance to be heavily reliant on a minor improvement, I don't think at the end of the day I am missing out.


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