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  1. Neither are Brian's, kenesky, Simmons, or Bartram.
  2. There's a few NHL guys that have dropped to using 1 Bauer set a year. So it's not like there isn't backup to their products lasting. I'm sure other pads would show some substantial wear and tear as well too, I just don't the possibility of the boot essentially just falling off like that.
  3. $2790 USD / $3680 CAD for a set. So $500 CAD more than getting a current Eflex4. Which is in line with the past posts in this thread, well actually higher. Kind of unreal to be honest. Maybe I just don't align with their strategy, but wouldn't pricing below what is essentially your largest competitor (CCM) be a wiser move than charging more? You have two, almost identical sets of pads, but you have one with a more familiar brand that's cheaper and has more "tech" (CCM) Vs. a more expensive, less well known name. I don't know guys, just seems like a weird way to try to penetrate the market.
  4. Looking forward to trying one on. So far the only buckets that even remotely fit me correctly are the NME/VTX series. I'm lucky enough to be able to try on a ton of different helmets and sizes. CCM, Prochoice, OTNY, Bauer Profile, etc. None of fit right at all. I love my VTX, but having a possible alternate at my disposal will be very welcome.
  5. It's probably not too different than just strapping down to the calf honestly.
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/hockeygoalies/comments/f74346/vapor_2x_pro_boot_completely_falling_off_after/ I have never seen anything like this before. This seems like a manufacturing defect and not a usage one to me, especially considering the amount of Pro Bauer sets are in the wild without any mention of a similar issue.
  7. You know, I was going to say that you had some incorrect info, but looking at US prices on Goalie Monkey it looks like you're right. In Canada, the price discrepancy between the two lines is a hell of a lot closer. Brians: $3190 CAD Warrior: $2910 CAD You guys are getting hosed on Brian's gear down south. lol
  8. It's funny about Crawford. With his stats and success, you'd expect him to be in a lot of people's minds when they talk about top tier goalies. But for whatever reason (stacked team) the guy is constantly overlooked.
  9. Ask and ye' shall receive. Now the question is, which other starters in CCM will be making the switch over too? Smith? Markstrom? Jones? Gibson? Etc.
  10. coopaloop1234

    Warrior G5

    Betcha Bauer would be first.
  11. Here? Can't say I've ever had the opportunity to wear a chin sling. With them being essentially custom and I've never encountered a time where replacing the foams in a helmet was a possibility. At this point, I think I'd have a hard time making the switch. I've been using chin cups for almost ten years and find them comfortable (plus the performance/safety benefits). Why bother now?
  12. I've been in both the GT1 and GT2. Never have worn the G1/2/3/4 on the ice. I honestly couldn't tell you if I'm missing it or not. I know hat based off of talking to a life long warrior fanboy (owned every set since G2) and a manager for a respectable gear store, he said that the airslide is only a minor upgrade over the GT2 sliding surface with weave. As I've never found my performance to be heavily reliant on a minor improvement, I don't think at the end of the day I am missing out.
  13. @Quadzilla32 If you want a softer pad, why not go for a Velocity, GNetik, or Heritage pad? All three of those will play softer than the next in line soft pads (GT2, Eflex). Everything else starts to become stiffer and stiffer. Is there anything about the Warrior pads that has you leaning that way over the ones mentioned above?
  14. I believe the G4 landing gear is identical to the G3 in size. So here are some pictures of the GT1 against the G3 and the GT2 against the GT1. It's about an in between from the GT1 and the G4. It's noticeably bigger than the GT1 when you're playing in them and I've had zero issues with mobility, falling off the knee stack, or closing the 5 hole in my GT2's. But I could say the same in my GT1's.
  15. Fuck me. Don't even start on that nonsense.
  16. Just a snippet of his posts in our "discussion". I have never once done any business with him. I'm pretty sure he thought I was TGN himself.
  17. Essan there is a fucking clown. There was a reddit thread about BAHR and I brought up a post that questioned the quality of it. Essan came in and essentially called me a racist and that TGN was a hate group that picks on brown small business owners. He then went off about how successful he is and that I'm a nobody. Fuck that guy.
  18. coopaloop1234


    Theres so much to unpack here @Lucky Pucker
  19. I'll toss my hat in for the Warrior. I came from an Eagle double cup and the Warrior was a decent upgrade. It's not a small unit by far, so if you're looking for something more streamlined, you're best to look at some other alternatives. Though, I've had zero mobility concerns and I feel like my dick is made out of steel now. So take the info for what it's worth.
  20. If anything that adds to my point. The difference in the sale price of the 1S and 2S was practically identical numerically. Technically less for the 2S if you want to to incorporate inflation into the mix.
  21. I understand that. I'm stating that the price of the 1S pads at release are the same as the 2S pads now.
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