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  1. Bauer Nxg skates. Loved the feel and performance that came with them, unfortunately my feet absolutely don't fit bauer toe caps. I made a very solid effort to make it work but it just left me with massive foot pain on and off the ice. So I had to shelve them Got a good deal on them, so wasn't too upset at my loss, but was unable to sell them off due to my foot size. Ended up going to a consignment
  2. I took them down due to the lack of dankness.
  3. He always looks sad. Even when he's liquored in the parade he looks sad.
  4. coopaloop1234

    Vaughn V9

    They've been taking notes from Battram
  5. coopaloop1234

    Vaughn V9

    At least if you did you'd be able to bait A LOT of 5 hole shots.
  6. coopaloop1234

    Vaughn V9

    They're essentially the same. Just upside down and reversed. I do like the proposed Vaughn one more as well, but it's way too similar.
  7. Yea the thumb loop the GT2 isn't great for smaller hands. I had to do a lot of adjusting to get it to be OK. The GT1 was a lot better. I would try to make the loop work. Did a game without using the loop and the added strain on my thumb from harder shots made it awful.
  8. coopaloop1234

    Vaughn V9

    Hmm, where have I seen this graphic before??!?!? Oh wait, I know.
  9. That would just go into the gear sitings thread.
  10. Excellent write up by @maxtm30 Ultimately not a hell of a lot differentiates the two blockers. Blockers kind of mostly fall into brand differences instead of line differences.
  11. coopaloop1234

    Warrior G5

    The GT2 used a different method of the binding that keeps the threading off the ice. I have almost zero wear in that area over the past few months. So at least they'll piggy back off of that design but they really do need to go back to a bindingless design.
  12. Which div are you playing out of 8 rinks in?
  13. Saw this heat map recently on how the laughs play in front of Andersen and Hutchinson. Pretty stark difference.
  14. coopaloop1234

    Warrior G5

    well at least the line goes all the way through the pad. The GT2 wasn't very much fun to design for due to the lower third of the pad needing to be a single colour.
  15. Ever get bored posting shit no one cares about?
  16. It takes snap shots of the website. All of the server functionality doesn't exist. So log ins, searches, etc. aren't going to be available as you're essentially viewing an image with semi working links. So don't expect a lot from it.
  17. G3, G4, GT1, and GT2, strapping kits are all identical G3,G4 glove palm liners are almost identical but are completely interchangeable. G3, G4, GT1, and GT2, Blocker liners are almost identical but are completely interchangeable. Warrior's website is pretty poor and does lag behind quite a bit when displaying their current line up. But their replacement parts list is pretty simple once you know they all share the same configuration.
  18. There's very little difference between my GT1 Sr blocker liner and my GT2 Pro blocker liner.
  19. https://web.archive.org/web/20130316044909/http://goaliestore.com/ Not entirely lost. Luckily this website has taken snippets of the page over time and you are able to browse to some extent on there. It would require someone to comb through each page to gather the information and compile it, but it's there if anyone is willing to wander around blindly on the webpage.
  20. Aside from the Metro part, the new divisions are fairly idiot proof to figure out. I will jump on the bandwagon for hating the current playoff format. 1-8 is easily the best.
  21. For the blocker and leg pads they're the same. GT1/GT2 glove doesn't have a removable palm, so that's a G3/G4 option only.
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