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Styx Hockey Goalie Stick Review


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So I went and bought myself 3 sticks from Styx Hockey aka Talmolder.  $210 shipped. 

Communication with the owner was great and the sticks arrived shortly, wrapped well. 

I ordered the 25" model and can only compare it to a Warrior 25" foam core Emery stick.  I don't know the specific model of the Warrior. 

Weight-wise, identical by feel.

The stick has a lie of 14. I preferred the 13 on my Warrior, but I'm sure I'll adapt. 

The Styx stick is slightly longer at the paddle by about 1/2". The shaft is about 1" longer. 

I cut a trigger in both sticks. As far as I can tell, the foam used both seem quite dense. Flex seems similar.  There may be more wood at the top of shaft in Warrior. 

I will have to get back to playing to see how it performs in shooting and durability. 

One of the sticks doesn't sit perfectly flat on the floor. Slight warp to it. 

So far, I love the label-less look, the price, and the product. 







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