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  1. Did you end up figuring out how to remove it? Any idea what the best foam for masks are these days for protection?
  2. Such a difficult choice! I've pulled the trigger on an Optik 2 for the following reasons: - you can open up the backside fully for airing out. - the break, from what I can tell, is closer to a 90 degree break so should be better for stick handling Turco style - I like the idea that the fingers are more curved than pancake. My mind tells me that will trap more pucks. I requested for more time on the machine as well. Got a double T with skate lace. I imagine that I'll adapt to whatever the glove is and be happy with it....as I have done with all the gloves I have used in my life. Thanks for your help!!
  3. Thanks for the feedback! Assuming you hold your stick Turco style, was it comfortable and easy for you to shoot with the GNetik?
  4. Hi there I've been riding a used Reebok Larceny Pro set for the past few years. Looking to treat myself to a new catcher that I will use over the next few years and seeing if I could get someone's thoughts. I understand that gloves boil down to personal preference. However, I am curious if people think the Brian's gloves are worth the premium price over the Warriors. It's a $640 vs $400 price difference for me. Thanks for the help!
  5. Cool! Anybody have one of these that they want to get rid of?
  6. Cool! Thanks! I've been thinking about taping myself to see how I play. Do you find that watching your own tapes help?
  7. Thanks for the responses, guys! Pulling the trigger on the seniors now!
  8. So all the stores are shut down here and I can't take a look at the pants in the store. Wondering if any of you can provide me insight. Is it worth it to get the Pro RX2 pants? Or is the senior model basically the same thing? I'm looking to use it in an untucked situation. As a side question, Warrior RX2 vs Vaughn SLR2....which is preferred and why? Thanks!!! As a
  9. Thanks for all the responses! So interesting. I was using an RBK 9K chest protector tucked into RBK 11k pants. I used the front buckles to pull up the pants and connect to chesty. I added a buckle in the back to connect the chesty to pants. Worked for me. I just got a Vaughn Epic 8800...was messing around with it. Ended up having it over my pants with the pants cinched up as tight as possible. Felt way more mobile twisting my body from side to side.
  10. Hi there, I've been using my internal belt for my pants and also loops that connect it to my chest protector. I'm looking to potentially move to a new chest protector and pants, but am unsure how things are done these days. What are people rocking in terms of keep their pants on and up these days? Thanks for the tips.
  11. I'm also curious about the answer to this. Thanks
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