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  1. Have you looked at any other companies? I'm not sure where you are located but I just picked up a Passau pro pack on sale and with the exchange rate I got a killer deal. So far its been very protective and I'm still getting use to the bulkiness but already feel more solid in it than my previous chesty. you can pick up a chesty that will last you more than just your two years while being possibly cheaper and more protective. I'm not bad mouthing any other companies I haven't had any experience with them, in fact I tried on a Vaughn and loved it and still think about getting one just because it was so mobile.
  2. Quadzilla32

    Warrior G5

    My pads finally came in!!!! Can’t wait to get my hands on them.
  3. Quadzilla32

    Warrior G5

    You see any stress on the grey material when you pull on it?
  4. Quadzilla32

    Warrior G5

    Did you connect your prolaces through the two small holes in the toe or run them some other way? I have a set of TGN spec ties waiting
  5. That’s pretty slick, I have premiers right now and the same thing is happening to me as it did to you. If I trie to use the internal belt the side of the chesty rests on the connecting straps and doesn’t go down flush but kind of just sits on the belt and when I bend Over the chesty rides up
  6. Quadzilla32

    Warrior G5

    Ya didn’t have to fly them/ship them across the ocean. I’m guessing closer you are to the factory the faster you will get them.
  7. I had the same thing happen to me. The anchor straps are made out of weird plastic that is flexible but still rigid. I had one anchor break on me during a game when a shot hit it. picked up some nova and like them so far along with floater straps.
  8. Quadzilla32

    Warrior G5

    8 weeks for a custom order? Like the colors, clean and simple looking.
  9. Was kind of disappointed with their “huge” goalie sale. They originally posted there would be tons of things on sale then it changed to 15% off, which basically covers tax and a little bit more. Good pick up though, I got to check out the G5’s finally.
  10. Quadzilla32

    Warrior G5

    Got my hands on a set of G5’s at Local monkey sports and can’t wait to get mine now. Initial impression for the leg pads seem to similar to G4 pads, but I know they aren’t the same. Liked the bindingless knee stack and felt stiff but not overly 2x4 stiff. I thought they would be stiffer but still pretty good feeling. glove felt way better on my hand that the G4. Last G4 pro I tried on it was pretty difficult for me to close it right away and left a little gap. The G5 closed and snapped shut right away. The glove also felt like it presented more forward than a normal glove and was natural feeling. the blocker was the biggest change for me because the board is so big and beefy. Put it on and felt like I had a giant pillow on my wrist but felt nice. Overall I really liked them and can’t wait to play in mine. The only thing I was wary about is I held the pad on my leg without skates in the size I ordered and the knee stack seemed a little high and I was landing low but again I was just eyeballing where the pad would sit and did nothing scientific to measure where I would land. I know there is a skate pad in the boot like a riser, does that soften and break down once the pad is broken in?
  11. Quadzilla32

    Warrior G5

    Ya that’s what I was thinking on how it works. Maybe it takes the person making the pad longer to do separate colors but pretty quick if the pads are one solid color. Cut everything from one roll and be done with it vs having to cut several pieces from different colors. they could of also like you said missed the production batch. Like they make X amount of pads a week and his snick in to that batch.
  12. Quadzilla32

    Warrior G5

    I’m a little sour now, I ordered mine 4/14 and still haven’t received them. Maybe a solid color is quicker to knock out than several colors? I’m guessing two more weeks for mine, they still have to get them In then ship them to me
  13. Quadzilla32

    Warrior G5

    Looks sweet, I’m jealous! How long ago did you order them and from where?
  14. Idk how anyone uses the internal belt while tucking. I have tried it several times and the belt keeps pushing my chesty up and won’t let it sit flush on me. Using premiers and a passau pro pack I had to ditch the belt and just use suspenders.
  15. Quadzilla32

    Warrior G5

    It’s a mass produced pad I think you will get some minor things no matter what. You would probably have to personally pick through sets to find exactly what you want. I know it’s not ideal since they are brand new pads but you could always bend them back. My pads have a slight curve in them because I rest on them when I’m net.
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