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  1. Reviving an old thread, but i noticed a beautiful skate cut on my pads last night after being ran into during my game. I was going to try the pad skinz route and wanted to know if anyone has seen the brown/ antique gold in person and which one matches retro tan/ tan better. I have tan simmons pads and the tan is more red than brown and it looks like the AG might be slightly better as a match.
  2. Thank you for the chart, I'm currently sitting in Simmons 999s (34 +2) and before that I had reebok 9k's that were 34+1 but were a little too big for me. I was landing bottom of the knee stack.
  3. Recently had the same situation going on for me, I just came back from not playing for a while and was playing on a fresh team at a new rink and I embarrassed myself and played like shit for 3/4 games. The biggest thing that got me playing better was stopped thinking of trying to wow people and make great awesome saves, but to focus on the fundamentals and just play solid. I had the bad habit of thinking I'm better and can make that save which would lead to me getting scored on a lot. I started treating each shot/ pass like it could connect or score so I would always be in the right position possible. look on the bright side you aren't getting blown out of the water each game 3 goals is not bad. my first two games back at higher level I let in 8!! focus on things you can control in the game, and try to forget about things you cant like bad broken plays or your team leaving you out to dry on a 2 v 0
  4. Recently got back into playing league play after only getting to play pickup for 4+ years MAYBE twice a month. First couple outings got smoked for a couples games 8 goals in back to back games. Got to play and get my timing back down and have been playing a lot better, and it helps that the teams I'm on can actually play and I'm not facing 35+ shots each time. Anyone playing in Colorado springs area? won last night 7-1, and the only goal they had came with less than 2 mins left and was a shot from the point with no traffic and just beat me blocker aside, I was not amused. I did receive a beer from the other teams bench during a stoppage though so that's a plus.
  5. I can vouch for only PAW since they are the only company I have used for knee pads, but they are awesome. I have had them for 5+ years now and they have held up well and been really protective. I currently have them laced into my pants and they stay in place and don't hinder movement. They are starting to show some wear, some fabric fraying and elastic straps are stretched out. These are things that can be easily fixed and not the manufactures fault. I would definitely look into them, plus they are more of a custom fit too.
  6. My stance relies heavily on the situation and where the shooter is at. When I started I tried to emulate pros as much as possible thinking if they do it I need to do it to be as good as them... I would have a wide stance all the time which would lead to me getting burned when teams would actually pass and move the puck since it was difficult to t push and move laterally. I also would force my stick to ALWAYS be on the ice, which isn't a bad idea but I would focus on that to much and it would slow down my movement. Recently I started standing more naturally and comfortably and noticed I was able to move a lot better and quicker. Now if the shooter is in close ill have my ready stance with stick on the ice, but if the shooter is against the boards or generally not in a dangerous area I will have my stick up and move around without it on the ice. I personally found that moving more naturally and not trying to always be super wide has helped my game a lot and has led to more saves and better performance.
  7. now the question is are the G5s worth getting or do you save money and get the G4s when everyone tries to unload them on sale. I wonder if warrior addressed some of the durability issues in the knee stack, etc.. Side note: I'm currently in 34+2 right now how is the sizing with warrior?
  8. Must be a pure hockey thing, the store in Denver is HUGE but their goalie section is a tiny corner that is pretty sad.
  9. Quadzilla32

    G4 Thread

    pretty crappy that pads are doing this after such a short time, makes me think again about getting warrior gear. Yes there are ways to fix it but you shouldn't have to fix it yourself on a new pad, Warrior needs to step up and fix this issue.
  10. Like most have said depends on your budget and if you realistically need a custom set. I personally got a custom set because I wanted a certain color and design of my pad along with a pad that would last me some time without falling apart. Maybe you don't need a full custom set that will set you back 1.5/2k+ and can go with used or senior level stuff that will work for you. I don't think finding a soft pad like you are looking for will be difficult.
  11. I can get the mask at a semi local store but they don't carry them instore just online, but I have a local shop that carries various masks. probably just give goalieparts a call and go from there
  12. I don't think Portland allows people to celebrate anything that has to do with being patriotic...
  13. Damn you guys, now I want to get new gloves even more! Thank you for the info.
  14. Thank you for the advice, I was actually looking at some OTNY masks too. I guess I should just get in contact with them and see what they have to say.
  15. In the market for a new mask and have always liked sportmask (Quick fanboy). I am currently not located near any dealers who have the mask in store, so trying it on wont be possible. My question is does the X8 fit like any other masks from other manufactures? I have a local shop who carries CCM, Vaughn, and Bauer stuff that I can go and try on. I got the general measurements from Sportmasks website, but I have been told the X8 fits more of a rounder bigger head. I am currently wearing a Fusion MMX, which is meant for smaller thinner faces. Before I order one I want to see if the mask will even fit my small beak or if I should start looking at other masks. Also, as far as protection goes will the X8 be pretty much on par with the Fusion mask? I play intermediate beer league, but would rather spend some coin on a mask that will keep my head safe. Thank you Mike
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