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  1. You stated that you don’t use a boot strap so it pulls the pads up higher, would you still be landing on the stack if you did use the boot strap?
  2. I’m 5’10/5’11 on a good day. I tried on G4 pads and the 33 seemed to fit me but I was not all the way at the top of the knee stack but landing higher than halfway. I also tried on 34’s and they seemed massive and I was landing a little lower but not that much lower. Wish my LHS was open so I could go try them on again
  3. This look roughly like your FTK? I would say I’m between 19.5 and 19.75
  4. Where are you landing On the kneestack? You recommended that I go with 33 too and my ftk measurement is roughly 19.5/75. I only ask because retailer suggested I go with 34 but like you mentioned I want to be mobile and not clumsy. Did your boot break in and cause the pads to settle a little? Im worried about ordering a set and having the sizing being off and be stuck with a set of $1500 pads that are to big or small.
  5. Quadzilla32

    Warrior G5

    I know the pads are stiffer foams but did you find them settle at all? Shrink at all once the boot was broken in more?
  6. You guys can keep your bad TH coffee and maple syrup!!! granted I bet your guys hockey stores are better than ours
  7. Goalie monkey has similar sale right now too. 20% off clearance items and all g4/gt stuff is marked down
  8. Quadzilla32

    Warrior G5

    For you beer league guys what made you go with pro over sr? I have been having an internal struggle whether or not to order some pads or pick up some sr stuff. My main idea of wanting to go with pro is pad longevity, spend a little bit more and get pads that will last and not break down. On the other hand after talking to some of you guys on here the general consensus is that warrior makes nice Sr level gear. If I can still take advantage of TGC presale the difference won’t be that much. I play two times a week mid level nothing to demanding. I have probably talked myself in and out of ordering pads for about a week.
  9. I measure pretty much measure straight up my leg. If I’m reading mine right I’m at about a little over 19.5 FTK. With my leg having a slight bend I’m almost 20 unless I’m reading it wrong. I’m 5’11 and my skate is 8 CCM U+ pro
  10. Quadzilla32

    Warrior G5

    Anyone know if the g5 blocker has changed that much since the g4? Besides the coverage + aspect. g4 pro blockers are on clearance right now with more discount and personally I’ve never cared that much about blockers. If the G5 blockers are improved though I will just pick one of them up instead
  11. I’m right there with you I like leather straps because they always buckle and won’t lose their ability to hold the pad. I’m looking to get some warrior pads and I’m a little worried about the longevity but I’m going to roll the dice
  12. Yes that’s a good option but I just don’t have to modify a piece of equipment that’s not that old because something on it is failing. if I’m spending money on equipment it should do its job and last.
  13. Hey guys, I’ve been rocking my Simmons 995 c/a for about 12 years and Wanted to try something new. I’ve started to narrow down what I want and it seems that almost all the new c/a’s have a ton of Velcro on them and it makes me worry about how long the Velcro will last and keep a strong hold. I like my current Simmons because it uses buckles on the back. These are the chestys that are in the running passau- haven’t found out how it connects but looks like Velcro on the shoulder/neck area like new Vaughn. Simmons- like my current one and still uses buckles but want to try something new warrior- like the streamline look but this one seems to be completly Velcro any other ones I should look at?
  14. Here’s my question I was told the Sr and pro use the same jenpro on the outside and pro material from the previous generation on the inside. That means the only difference in the current pro model is newer foams and hypercomb. If they use the same outside material and last generations pro foams wouldn't the glove last almost just as long as the current pro version with the exception of hypercomb. Does it make the glove last that much longer with that in there? this is all from what I’ve read and word of mouth I’m not sure of the jenpros are in fact the same or not.
  15. I’ve heard this too but pro gear has hypercomb in it and suppose to make the gear more protective and give better longevity. There might be some other slight differences but I’m not to sure.
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