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  1. Check out the goalie crease. They had some pro returns a little while ago and might have some left overs.
  2. I saw those before but I couldn’t tell if they had internal skate pockets or were just a giant bag.
  3. Just looked them up bag looks really nice but is $100 bucks more than the passau. Are they having a sale or something I’m not seeing?
  4. Anyone spy any good BF deals? might have to pick up passau’s goalie bag but so far nothing too exciting.
  5. Just realized after looking at my backplate that the OTNY masks don’t actually have slots for new straps, instead the straps are screwed into the backplate. Idk how I didn’t catch this sooner.
  6. Did you get them sewn from PC or do it yourself? I see their website has buttons but idk how long those would last. I like the idea that you mentioned of sewing it to make it last longer. You mentioned you used the GP ones too, did you find the PC harness to be better material? many chance you could post a pic of your straps?
  7. The mask fits nicely in the face it’s just when I shake my head I feel a little wiggle. Granted I do shake pretty vigorously so idk if it’s really realistic. I held the chin and moved my head back and forth and there was very minimum movement.
  8. I’ll have to give them a look, I really like the open backplate strapping that the mask comes stock with. Thank you for the help.
  9. The shell itself fits well and doesn’t have any giant gaps. I’ll give the harness a shot and see if that helps. Pro choice makes some nice ones?
  10. Hey guys, just got my new OTNY eco in the mail and I have been messing around with the fit and seem no matter how tight I make the backplate I still have some sort of wobble when I shake my head back and forth. Not a lot but still not face tight. little bummed out since I waited 7 weeks to get the mask. My head circumference was a hair over 22 and ordered a mask size 22-22.5, as suggested by OTNY. Both masks are Bauer profile. Is a little mask wobble acceptable? It definitely feels more protective than my other mask which is a fusion MMX with padding that is rock hard
  11. More like when the pucks in my end I will start out strong with my hands out in front but as I move around and such I notice they start drifting back to my body. I mostly notice when i get a shot and my glove save is pretty much right in line with my leg pad
  12. Quadzilla32

    Hands drifting

    Hey guys, Been really focusing on my hand positioning lately and noticed that I tend to let my hands drift back parallel with my body instead of keeping them out in front of me. I keep making gloves saves with the catcher being parallel to my body. I don’t know if this is due to just not tracking the puck into my glove. It isn’t every save but more than I would like I haven’t had any lessons and kind of just started playing one day and picked up things as I went. Any remedy for this or just keep working on keeping my hands out in front?
  13. OP whatever you do please post some pictures. I too have a pair of 8+ year old PAW knee pads and they have held up great but like yours the elastic strapping is all but useless at holding the knee pad up. Right now I use them to kind of hold the knee pad in place but put socks over them then tape around the top and bottom.
  14. Simmons might be what you are looking for? I have a pair of 999’s with knee rolls and all that and they are super soft, actually the reason why I got new pads because they were too soft for me. Pretty much a velocity knock off and I’ll second what was already stated that they do settle and need to order up a little bit in sizing. My 34+1.5 warriors are taller than my 34+2 Simmons. I have a narrower BF but weirdly enough the warrior single break stiffer pads help me close my 5 hole a LOT easier than my Simmons double break pad.
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