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  1. That is what I was talking about, the contrast of the puck and the cage. All my gear is black so trying not to wash out the puck in those quick scenarios where I need to find it right away. Probably just comes down to user preference
  2. I get ya, I usually prefer functionality over looks too. I’ve also heard about cages getting painted one color and a different on the inside. Might have to look it to whether or not that can happen.
  3. Hey guys, been trying to decide whether or not to get a powder coated cage for my new mask. The mask itself will be wrapped with a black background and darker images. I’m trying to decide whether or not to get a stock SS one or get either a gloss black or flat black cage. only downside I have heard of as for a black cage is tracking the puck and in scrambles being able to track the puck. I’m guessing this is another personal preference and some people are fine with black cages. this is my set up, the SS will match the silver in the set or I will make the whole mask bl
  4. Need some input guys, getting a black mask that will eventually get wrapped with black background and trying to decide between a flat black cage, gloss black, or keeping the cage SS so it will blend in with the silver on my pads the mask is an OTNY CC if that matters
  5. Thank you, I just want to be sure my LHS doesn’t mess them up, I do not have full confidence in some of the guys who do the sharpening.
  6. Bunny, seems that you know a good amount skate sharpening. I just got some new steel (step) and need to get it sharpened. I’m trying to determine if I need to get them cross ground and profiled. From my understanding Step already come profiled, would I still need them profiled and grounded? I don’t want to get them done and messed up.
  7. I haven’t sharpened mine yet so I’ll see if I have similar experience or not. I think if the shop knows what it’s doing you should be gtg. did you have your carbon blades cross ground the first time? I’ve read mixed things saying if you have higher quality steel you don’t need to get it done since the main purpose of it is to ensure the profile is even on both blades and tor ale off any imperfections.
  8. Nope, everything is stock except the runners now. I know I have seen other skates that have white accents and I forget if these were special edition or anything. I’ve had them for so long I can’t remember.
  9. hey guys, just got some new step runners and need to get them sharpened. I have read mixed things as far as whether or not I need to get cross grinding done on them for the first sharpening or just get my usual hollow? They are blacksteel if that adds anything. as far as I Understand cross grinding just is for prepping the runners for the first sharpen by removing any imperfections and making sure the profile is what you want. However, I thought the whole big deal about step is the quality of the steel so I’m guessing they are pretty spot on as far as profile and just need to
  10. My 995 was starting to let me feel the puck more and more and had to replace it. Your 992 is 3/4 years older than mine, probably just need to upgrade or get Simmons “beef up” kit and glue or Velcro it on.
  11. Did they not cross grind the new skates? I just got fresh steel for my skates and only time I get to use them is for games so I’m a little worried about getting fresh steel and then going straight to a game with them.
  12. Hey guys, I have recently been really focusing on rebound control but keep struggling with rebounds from soft shots. It might be the level and skill I’m playing at but I will get semi soft slap shots and the shots aren’t hard enough to really be directed away. I’m not sure if it’s me that is the issue but the shots will come in and hit my stick and bounce a foot or two out. Or I will try and direct them into the corner with my stick and they will bounce off my blade and once again only bounce out a couple feet, instead of ramping into the glass or into the corner. im sure my tec
  13. I agree with you but I also don’t understand when people say they pad X won’t work for them because they tried them on in the store for ten mins on carpet. for example I tried on warrior in the store and the 33’s fit me perfectly and the 34’s were to big. Fast forward and my 34’s fit perfectly, some would argue almost little to small. If I went with the 33’s I would be off the stack.
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