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  1. I have a pair and have been using them for 8+ years and are still going strong minus the elastic wearing out. They are really low profile and offer good protection. They cover the same if not more than off the shelf guards. I know sara offers more choices now when it comes to inserts and gels
  2. Hey guys, still trying to dial in the mask with OTNY. I contacted them about swapping out backplate since OTNY exuded to make a special backplate just for them and screws in the harness instead of having openings. So far I got the suggestion the tighten the chin cup but in order to get the mask to fit tight I have to make the chin cup so tight it’s uncomfortable. I used the stock thin sweatband on two of the pictures below and I noticed there is a much larger gap around my temple. In order to get the gap gone I had to sue a thicker sweatband, which actually made the mask more co
  3. Found some step for my older skates and like them a lot more than my older runners. I noticed they kept an edge better and allowed more bit while letting me move with less effort. mine are black steel and I either run a piece of Leather or wood softly over the edges myself or make sure the shop uses a stone that’s good for DLC. They sell stones just for DLC that you can purchase yourself and use it after the sparx.
  4. What about just getting another Vaughn chesty? I’ve only tried one of but they are super mobile and aren’t overly giant. I would also second Simmons, I had the 996 which is pretty much the same thing as their current model and it was very mobile and wasn’t bulky. I have a passau pro pack now and it’s pretty beefy but very protective. They also make a standard chesty that looks a little smaller.
  5. What model of OTNY did you go with? I just got my CC and the jury is still out on how I like it. Took one glancing shot off the dome and got some ringing but didn’t feel the actual did or any ouch moments.
  6. Ya he has been really polite to me and he already told me he is swamped because of the holidays. I sent him a deposit to make up my template and just waiting to see it before sending my mask since it’s my only reliable one and I’m trying to shorten to time it’s with him. All the wraps I have seen look awesome
  7. How was your experience with JF? I’m starting the process of getting my masked wrapped by him. Seem overall everyone is happy with the outcome n
  8. Never thought about shaving the paddle down, wouldn’t that leave composite fibers exposed and weaken the integrity of the paddle?
  9. I picked up a 26 CCM for funzies and just felt weird being tall but the 25 CCM I use to use kept my blocker lower than I wanted.
  10. Anyone know if there is a shop that stocks 25.5 CCM sticks? I usually use 26 warrior but picked up a 25.5 CCM and like it. A 25/26 stock CCM stick is either to short or tall for my liking.
  11. Check out the goalie crease. They had some pro returns a little while ago and might have some left overs.
  12. I saw those before but I couldn’t tell if they had internal skate pockets or were just a giant bag.
  13. Just looked them up bag looks really nice but is $100 bucks more than the passau. Are they having a sale or something I’m not seeing?
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