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Help with RVH


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Hey guys,

need some help/ advice for making my rvh better. Right now I’m having issues of getting across from post to post and recovering back out to the center. I’m not sure if it’s just practice and repetition to get the movement down. I am strong my blocker side but when I try to push over to the other post I sometimes can make it over but a lot of time I get stuck in the middle and have to push again to make it. As for recovering to the center I have trouble getting back up top of my crease and get beat playing to deep. 

If you guys have any tips it would be appreciated 

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It's a difficult transition, for sure. Not easy. If you're strong on your blocker side then I think it's just repition to get both sides down. Also, hip flexibility helps here, too. 

I think with more practice you'll become smoother going post-to-post from your strong (blocker) side to your glove side. As for getting to the top of the crease, that would be the next step. Even if you can't get to the top of the crease right now, just focus on "grounding" yourself and plant those skates, even if you're a little shallow in the crease, that way you can at least react better if a shot comes in quick and you're caught deep. 

Keep on practicing! It's a difficult technique to learn, especially for beer league guys who don't get the reps as oppose to a goalie camp scenario. Good luck! You will get better! For me it took about a good season to get handy with it and fully integrate it into my game, which can take time. I am still learning to swivle in/out and make it smoother. Still work to be done!

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Do you have hardwood/tile floors in your house? Specifically the hall way? I had a huge problem with my left pushes, so this is what I did (besides get more ice time).

First, find towels/material that slides well with weight on it on the floor.

Put knee pads (cheap junkers from big box store) and then put towels around my knee pads.

Drop down into b-fly on one side of the hall. Use the wall like it's your post so your in proper RVH. Push to the other wall and into same setup. Repeat.

Secondary thing: Did this in the kitchen going around the island. Basically just moving wherever I wanted.

Note: Pushing is harder to do. Sliding is harder than it is on ice. Really requires good form and effort to get moving. When you DO get back on the ice, you'll be zipping around like crazy.

Best thing you can do (obviously) is get more ice time. Stick an puck or whatever they call it where your at, is your best bet. Just pick a spot on the ice where people will leave you alone and go through reps. Do it both up and down, same rotations. You don't always need a net to work out, boards in the neutral zone are your workout friends (and no idiots trying to do a breakaway). That way your not getting burned out on one thing, cause that leads to getting sloppy. So what that would look like is this:

Standing: right post to left to top center of crease. Left post to right to top center.

Kneeling: right post to left to top center of crease. Left post to right to top center.

Standing again--kneeling again--standing--kneeling--you get the idea.

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