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Another "help me choose" thread :)


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Hey guys,

Currently in some old Reebok Premier 3's with double break. I'm looking for a new set of pads, but want something stiffer than the double break P3's, and harder rebounds. Right now I'm looking for something "new last season" or used to save a few bucks, so I'm thinking CCM Premier 2's or Brian's Optik2. Any other suggestions? Any thoughts on sizing for the Brian's (I'm in a 34+2 Reebok right now), as well as which core?

As always, thanks for the input ahead of time! 

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Try Facebook marketplace, Ebay, Kijiji or Sideline Swap. For stiff pads with juicy rebounds, my recommendation is Vaughn Ventus SLR, Bauer 1S or 2S or as you mentioned CCM P2. Unless the pad has "shrunk"due to the breaks and natural use, sizing should remain the same.

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Optik 2 won't be on sale yet, it's still current gen, but if you can find some original Opt1k pads they'd be a great choice.  P2 will be an upgrade for sure and a familiar feel.  I'll second Ultima's suggestion of Bauer if hot rebounds are the number one consideration.   There should still be some sites that have stock of 2S pro stuff.

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Yeah if i went optik2 id definitely have to go used since they are current Gen. Thanks for the input guys. 

Any suggestions for sizing for brians, if anyone has gone to them from ccm/Reebok? Their chart says 34 or 35 for ATK of 18, and 36 for ATK of 19. I'm about 18.5 ATK lol

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