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SZ6.0 Catcher + Itech 961 (painted)


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For sale is my TGC Spec Bauer Reactor 4000's with a few mods of my own. These were previously even more modded, but I returned some aspects to stock as best I can.
Size is 34+2, amazing shape - the toe bindings were replaced last year with much thicker jenpro by myself, and have almost no wear on them. Knee cradle has been removed on this, and I've added velcro to strap the knee lock angled a la Carey Price/CCM/Reebok. This is a very soft pad with very good rotation, and it's very light weight. SOLD

Blocker is a Simmons UL5 - blocker face was added last year, bindings were done last year in addition to finger protection and new palm added January of 2017 by Scott Battram. New blocker board on the inside as well. Great blocker. SOLD

Catcher is a Brian's Subzero 6.0 - very beefy catcher, pro level protection for senior price. Love the angle, haven't gotten a stinger in a year of using it. I've added a skate lace pocket to the catcher.

Puck marks can be removed at the buyer's request. 

$SOLD CAD for the pads. 
$SOLD CAD for the blocker.
$150 CAD for the catcher.

$SOLD CAD for all 3 (get the blocker for free)

Additionally I have an ITECH 961 for sale. Much better built than the Bauer 960 (i own one as well). This mask was painted by the bakerboyz in Edmonton. Great shape, shell is in mint condition. The cateye did take a huge bomb to it, leaving a sizable dent, so that's why there's a cert cage on there now ... as living in Canada I don't have ready access to buy another cateye cage. Harness is fairly new as well, threw it on a month ago. 
$420 CAD 

Shipping is on the buyer. 






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35 minutes ago, TheGoalNet said:

@Kayen - Any marking verifying model. built date, or anything of the Itech mask?

None as of now. 

I can add a bunch of pictures to see if anyone with a keen eye could better identify it, but i'm fairly certain it is an Itech 961. 

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