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Warrior G5 Custom No External Break Regret


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So I’ve been thinking that I nailed all of my custom specs on my pads but one. 

I ordered the extra stiff thigh rise (love it) but no external break (possible mistake).

Looking at the stitching on the spot it seems like there’s just some jenpro over where the break would be. I haven’t dared to open it to see if it’s just a extra piece of jenpro sealing the stock break (like a stock single outer single inner would be) and just stitched up over it. 



Anyone @Kirk3190 maybe??? know if that’s the case? I’m not to handy myself but if I could convert these to a single outer / single inner I’d be very happy and would avoid the main reason I’m thinking about a True 12.2 / CCM eflex 5 / even just a redo of these G5 legs at the moment. 



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