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  1. Can someone please measure the length of the elastic for me? Just want to make sure mine ARE senior size. Been using mine since the beginning of the season and I find them real tight to my skates and they make my pads rotate out when I get back into my stance (when you gotta wack them back into place with your glove/blocker). Been using the suggested method of looping through the runners, and my skates are only size 9. 😬
  2. I wanted my shot at the pros, any level, when I was your age and it never fully materialized. Happy to see that you're giving it your best while you have the chance 😎
  3. Seb, is there an upcharge for a NHL spec model?
  4. Any news of a Gen3 or maybe trimming down the Gen2 for the new rulings?
  5. So the only one I know of is Denis Leblanc from the East coast in Canada. Who has a good reputation for their work?
  6. Anyone still using Brian's last c/a model he made when he went solo?
  7. Bringing back this one so I can find out... Has anyone used both the Graf and Vertexx cowling and can give some feedback on the functional/feel differences? We can all see the physical differences, shorter blade vs longer blade, rounded toe vs squared toe, but I need more detailed and practical info.
  8. My update (Bauer Vapor X700): I was using the Scrivens method for the past season and just recently went all over-under minus the last top hole. I found that the gap in the middle was giving stress bite and was a pain to tighten. I was lacing all the way up but felt the strain on the top of my ankle. Now the extra flex in my stance is well welcomed. I wouldn't mind trying out a pair of Supremes to see the difference.
  9. What is the weight difference and fit difference between the X8 and T3?
  10. RichMan

    McKenney XPG1

    Any updates or reviews on this new C/A? Won't look into it until I hear more.
  11. I m now finally comfortable with my GT1 but the GT2 does feel much better on the hand. Could be my new set come summer. I am surprised to see the lack of colour ways available for the GT2 line though. Not as exciting as the GT4 choices. Too bad. Maybe I will have to look into the pro ones if budget allows.
  12. RichMan

    GSBB - Dead?

    I say we ban someone right now just to relive the moment
  13. i did watch your video. I'm searching for a used pair of S27s now to test drive.
  14. That is odd. I own the X700 and I tried on some S27s in the shop yesterday and I felt that the Supremes were way more roomier in the toe box compared to my Vapors. More wiggle room, and they weren't even baked. The foot bed was more comfortable as well. I removed the insoles in my Vapors to put in the Speed insoles for more support.
  15. So...how does the unit feel?
  16. Any personal mods done to it when ordered?
  17. Custom skates aside, has anyone gone from the Bauer Vapor models to the CCM ones and can give feedback on fit and comfort please?
  18. The middle unit reminds me of my H5 pro-return I had a couple years ago. Definitely the one I'd choose out of those three. I miss my H5.
  19. I laced them on at the back of the existing toe-bridge instead of using the hardware provided. Gave them a little bit of slack but will now go for the full inch and see. Had the pads been 35"+1s, they'd sit perfectly with the snug Pro-Laces. If I learned anything in all this so far is that it's better to have a shorter pad than with too big a pad based on the knee landing's purpose.
  20. My knees and ankles won't agree with the torque that would come from a tight boot strap, but thanks for the suggestion..
  21. I had my second game in them with my advanced group. It was a really off night for me as I was uncomfortable in all my gear even though everything but the pads is broken in nicely. This time I chose to use the knee locks which helped secure the pad closely to my leg as it should. despite this, I still managed to land off the knee blocks a couple times which made for an uncomfortable save and/or slide. Either my legs shrunk some the past few seasons or the newer pads are more true to size compared to previous models. I'm not sure if it's the Pro Laces that are making the pads sit higher on my leg thus the reason I'm not landing in the middle of the blocks as I should. Maybe I honestly would fit better in a size down. Maybe I simply have to wait for the boot to break down some. Maybe I should go back to sliding toes instead. It's frustrating to not feel dialed in when you need to focus on your game instead of your gear. 😞
  22. I chose to post this here as it won't necessarely be a real review but more a Q&A about them to help me find the proper adjustment(s) before I truly decide if they stay or go. Thought I'd give a small update/first impression/mini review here since these are an old model and very hard to find, especially new like mine and not worth a full on breakdown. These aren't light as per current Brian's and Warrior standards but they don't weigh a ton either. At 36"+1 they maybe weigh 6lbs a pad. They are definitely a soft hybrid like pad but I still managed to get a few mid size rebounds off of them. Coming from some 12" pads, I do feel and see a slight difference in how they sit and move on my leg. The channel is a good middle between wide and snug. I decided to not use the knee locks to accommodate my Vapor knee pads - BIG mistake. I must of landed off the blocks in my b-fly at least a half dozen times. Not doing that again. They slid nicely on fresh ice as any pad would. They slid ok after 90min. of ice time. I put on the Pro Laces I bought last spring. Although I did feel some flex, they were still a tad tight for my ankles which was in turn hard on my knee joints. I have to figure a way to give the toes a little more slack. I only wear a size 9 skate and yet, strapping it up over the boot was work, even if only using the first 2 holes of my cowling-less skate. Over all, I'm happy with my purchase. Now I have to get rid of my new found Giggy b-fly 🙄
  23. RichMan

    NWHL on Twitch

    Glad for them! Hopefully the Canadian teams will see a chance to come back in the picture soon. Miss our Canadiennes
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