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  1. Are you saying more exports than imports? China? Naw, can't be
  2. All great info...but all these numbers make me feel like
  3. Bringing in a rocker to the blade would not affect the choice of CAG?
  4. Yes, I understood that part, but how or where would that fit with the flat spot and its length?
  5. Here is a good video from Pasco Valana. What exactly would you call his set-up?
  6. I got me a used Ford Focus wagon for cheap, mainly to get to jobs and more. It rattles and rumbles but bottom line, my gear fits in the trunk
  7. Still trying to learn and I went back to a 4mm and am much happier with that.
  8. Likely to be too expensive for most.
  9. Geez, looking at that pic, I don't know if I should reach out to PETA for gear or not (Protecting Equipment Trapped Abjectly)...lollll
  10. Naw, I think that horse is dead, officially. The brand is out of Canada. Dave is somewhere in the US
  11. I do admit that it is confusing and companies or stores don't prepare you or educate you on the difference.
  12. If you play a lot or are a strong odour kind of guy, rinsing it once a month is a good idea. Otherwise, a good soak 2-3 times a year is fine. You could even get away with just at the end of the season, especially if you fan dry your gear after every use, but it doesn't seem to be the option in your case. I rarely ever hang around or go eating/drinking after my games. That gives me time to get home, unpack and set up my main gear on my fan rack to dry overnight. No stink whatsoever aside from a delicate hockey smell. I rinse out my Maltese collar and my mask and let them drip in the tub until morning when I transfer them to the fan rack. The under garments, garters, jersey, socks and towels get washed and dried immediately, no morning after shit. This routine has aloud me to keep my gear in top shape for long periods of time, keeps the apartment odourless, the girlfriend happy and won't suffocate the change room occupants upon opening my bag (I can't stand when that happens from others), and not to mention will also avoid any skin issues or infections that can arise.
  13. Clearly not! Those skates felt like slippers. I own the Bauer 700. Apparently it is a more forgiving boot than the 1X/2X. I like to feel my foot well secured as if the skate is part of my anatomy, less wobbling. The flexing forward as @CJ Boiss puts it is really where the action is. I get that in my skates but going with the top model might take that away some I believe. Also consider that we played different when the 5000 was around as compared to now, hence the stiffer boots. I'm also convinced that if you take a 5'9 160lbs goalie versus my 6'2 190lbs versus a 6'6 210 monster in the show, all are needs in a skate will differ accordingly. I'm very curious to know where the True FT9 falls into the categories.
  14. Coming back here to find some understanding. The pic below shows your generic approach to the different types of sharpens you can get, but it lacks the mention or question if you are on 4mm or 3mm blades. It will affect your choice. And there is no mention either of different profiles. Most of you speak of SAM, mine are J SPRY, don't know if there are more. Again, will the choice be different depending on the blade's width? Is there a graph or pic like above that is specified for each of the 4mm or 3mm?
  15. Just water won't give it the stank virus but not drying it with a fan right after could result in mold issues. I lost my JB unit because of that, and just by having it stored away in a basement during the off season. Even mild humidity or dampness can mess up your gear. Don't forget that there is plastic in his units and that can prevent all the water and moisture to evaporate properly if just air dried.
  16. I say call a buddy over to your place, turn up the thermostats, put the c/a on and engage in 30 minutes of wrestling or jiu-jitsu and let it take its course slowly. Don't forget to fan dry it after or the stink will stick for good
  17. Anyone seen this brand up close? http://neragoaliegloves.com/
  18. Yeah, that shit happens here now and then, but it's been a couple winters now that it's tons of snow but higher temperatures. The world is changing man. Anyways, cool to see hockey happening in China. Don't they have a semi-pro or National team now? IIHF?
  19. I play in Gatineau/Ottawa area. The guy I thought you were was at a clinic I attended in Ottawa a good while back.
  20. Hope they don't crack like Microns
  21. Sorry man, then it was another Asian goalie brother and I can't remember his name or handle. Not surprised about the Canucks vibe given the high Asian population in Vancouver. Lots of relatives keeping the fan love going.
  22. Has anyone messed with the knee strap setting from within the knee block to lengthen it? I wasn't aware you could do that. When I tried to attach the outside wing to the furthest setting to try it out on ice, the knee strap (neoprene) wouldn't extend far enough making half of the male velcro side rub on the sock material behind my knee.
  23. @Rayzilla did you rock a Pete Smith set at one time, Whalers colours or Canucks?
  24. You don't always have the time to do the hokey pokey dance
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