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Newbie looking for help


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Hello all I am a new goalie that needs a little guidance.  I have played out as a defenseman since I could skate.  Fast forward 35 years and my rec team needed a goalie and since I started playing net for my sledge hockey team and loved it I decided to volunteer to play standup.   Now I have the basics ok bit where I am having trouble is when and how to drop down.  I'm ok with high to mid knee shots bit when it's on the ice I can never decide how or when to go down.  Any tips tricks training ideas or advise would be awesome.

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I was in a similar situation. Having been a player for 20yrs, decided to switch to goalie when I got back into the game. Learning the new habits of what to do when and making it so it's automatic (still working on making some things automatic if I'm being honest) took repetition. And lots of it. Going to stick and puck (or whatever you call it there) really helps. I'd go off to the side away from everyone and repeatedly run through a drill. Picturing the game in my head and tracking to a puck that I placed and then dropping into the "save" gave me a easy drill that I could easily replicate over and over. After awhile, take a break, and jump in the net for some shots. Rinse and repeat. Here we have an Adult Development Program for new players. I started going out to that and got attached to a seasoned goalie who gave me as much knowledge as he could. Point being, finding someone who knows what they are doing and having them train/teach you, can go a long way.

 As for how/when to go down, stick to basic. Butterfly every time. At first, you'll have to think about it deliberatly and before you know it it'll be automatic. The safe, beginning bet, is to B-Fly for every shot. With experience you'll learn when that standing save would have been a better choice. Or how to read the shot coming off the stick and know where it's going (high or low). That should get you started.

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