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WTB: Sewn Shoulder Chesty, I Think

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I have a nice Heaton with tied on arms. The only thing I dislike about it is that because the arms are tied on, the maker had to attach to the torso round shields in front of the shoulders. These in addition to the triangular shoulder flaps. I look huge.


I feel a chesty with sewn on arms allows a?shoulder cap which gives a more natural rounder shoulder appearance.


What do you think?

Pursuing this theory, I'm in the market for one with shoulder caps. I figure the following would be what I want:

A white chesty with:

1. Shoulder caps sewn, rather than tied, to torso pad;

2. Symmetrical arms with padding on both sides of each elbow;

3. Relatively small clavicle flaps

4. Size medium in a Vaughn or 3 in Brown.

I'm thinking of ones such as Brown 501 - 553 or Vaughn 900 - 1050.

If you happen to have one available for sale or trade, please contact me.

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