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Two-Tone Cage fade idea


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Hey everyone, just got a question for any painters out there to help me understand the process. I currently have a mask that was painted for school and the guy did an unreal job, especially with the cage as you can see in the images.

the idea of the cage was to have a gradient fade of red to white from the middle to the edges. very similar to igor shesterkin’s or old jacob markstrom’s masks.

But my problem has to deal with the durability of the paint on the cage with chipping. and with dealing with this, i’m trying to figure out the best way to find a solution.

which brings up the question if I were to powder coat it instead to stop the chipping. Are you able to layer powder coat layers in order to combat the chipping 

anything would help, thanks!

mask link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CjDsGrxOLqm/?igshid=ZjA0NjI3M2I=


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It it is possible to do a fade like that with powdercoat. I've never done it myself, just solid colors. Powdercoat probably wouldn't be quite as precise as far as color placement, it is not as easy to control as paint. It will definitely hold up better than paint, it isn't so much a matter of layering it on but the powder is baked to cure and it isn't quite as brittle a finish as paint. Look up Tim James on facebook (TWJ Powder Coating), I'm fairly certain he's done fades on many cages.

Edit: Forgot to mention, get your screws and cage clips powdercoated too. It's a minor detail but I feel it makes for a much cleaner look.

Also, small world, I remember you from your brief stint in Melville.

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