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X900 Bauer Pants giving way to shots


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In each of my last four pick up games, I've given up at least a goal in which the puck hits my pants on the middle of my thigh or just off center and the padding gives way and the shot goes through. I'm not sure what to do, if it's me (it's probably me), or my pants. Of course it's not where you want to really make a save, but I'd hope for some to at least drop down. I'm in between a Medium and a Large, but I wear medium as I've found that the Medium pants helps with my movement. Anyone else had this trouble?

One particularly bad one was when I was covering the whole post in an RVH blocker side with the paddle kinda down because he was close and the shooter had nothing so he just shot it to end the play and it hit my pants and just went through like a doggie door. 

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If it is the thigh plates, you can easily check them by slightly bend the plate. It should have little to no bend in it if everything is ok. 

Next that comes to my mind is to check all the seams that everything is intact. So that the thigh plate does not have a possibility to turn and let the puck go by.

X900 is the old style of pants where the thigh plate isn't rounded up and should be quite flat.

I have 1X version in large so I can share some thoughts with you, and I already looked inside the thigh areas to fix some wear spots.

This is the (left) thigh plate in 1X pants, propably no Curv and only plastic in X900. There is an annoying sewing in the middle which could break and let the plate bend somewhat. 


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Thank you @ArdeFIN for the response. I just had a look and the pants seems good. I can however bend the plate slightly with a lot of force from my hands.

I think what is happening is that the whole pant leg is shifting outward when a puck hits it causing the thigh plate to bend around my leg that acts like a fulcrum and deflect the puck in, but I don't know how to solve this. The pants are not too big for me I think, and it's just odd that it's been happening consistently all of a sudden in the last few games. It is very frustrating. I suppose the newer style of rounded pants would have the same issue? I'm just looking at something to blame this on rather than my technique. Maybe I need bigger pants? 

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Had my 1X yesterday on ice and tried to replicate what happened to you, and yes the thigh board seems to be willing to shift sideways and it would be possible to let the puck in by that.

Not and easy mod and it might have some negative effect too, is to add some padding either to inside (between thighs) or to outside where there is a soft padding in a bag atleast on 1X pants. This, carefully positioned should shift the thigh board outwards and prevent the excess rotation. But it also could make some trouble atleast if you use knee pads that wouldn't fit in with added padding.

If you can add some to try it out it might help even with the placebo effect of making things better. 😃

Have to say from my three times on ice experince with these 1X pants that I don't really like them that much. They are trouble free and lightweight but at the same time they are made with excess amount of bling and cadgets that give nothing but good looks. That has some effect on my mental playing that I don't really like the gear I'm wearing even while they're perfectly doing the job. This is written from comparison to Warrior X2Pro and Simmons 996Pro pants. That said I don't have a real issue with either of them and still all of them have some problems I cannot solve easily so I'm going to look for some future options.

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