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Vaughn SLR2 RRC strap location


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I just picked up a pair of Vaughn SLR2 pads and I’m using the RRC set up for the first time. I see there are 3 different positions it can be set to - Hi, Middle, Low. Any opinions or knowledge on where it would be best to set this and how tight it should be would much appreciated! 


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In my experiences I've always done these straps up pretty tight, allowing me to loosen up other straps.

As far as height, that's going to have to be something you play with to find what you like. The likely case is the higher up you start with the strap, the higher up the pad will sit on your leg, which I cannot tell you which you will prefer.

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I've actually been thinking of adjusting the strap on my V9s. Mine came on the middle setting and it falls in between the middle of my calf and the back of my knee. I wear it tight but it seems to slip up towards my knee and become loose relatively often so I might move it to the high setting so it gets strapped to a thinner part of my leg and has less chance to slip

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