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Question for anyone who's used a Armadilla long term...

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The dilla gets alot of hype. Question is for anyone who's worn one and another well made mask, how do they compare? The dilla will be lighter, but when it comes to taking shots off the mask do you feel it less than in another mask?

I'm not talking about a off the shelf, mass produced mask that's mostly matte fiberglass, but something well made like a full kevlar protechsport or full kevlar Kustom Komposites mask.

I'm curious if the dilla was actually better? 

Problem is 98% of all masks are not made well. Most use cheap resins, and cheaper fiberglass to build up the bulk then may throw in a patch of kevlar or carbon here or there. 

A mask can be a " tank" and durable but that doesnt mean it's safe or even helps dissipate the force of impact.

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