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  1. Picked up a pair of SLR Pros on clearance. Really excited to get them on the ice. Crossing my fingers they reopen the arenas in Ontario soon!
  2. Not a big fan of the Axis graphic at all actually. I found your jerseys the first I’ve seen where you could make the graphic work. Understandable, I’ve always been a bigger fan of a minimalist graphic myself.
  3. I would go with something like this and lean into the red accent and have the front lines match with the lines of your jersey. Just did the pads but would match the gloves as well.
  4. Sudbury, Ontario. Just came to get this topic set to Sold actually. But I don’t see an option to edit the topic so if a mod could set it as sold for me that would be much appreciated.
  5. Selling my 37+1 V5 Diamond Stitch. Well worn but in excellent shape and have a lot of life left in them. Have only worn myself 3 times. Have made a couple changes to them removing the top nylon strap and replacing a couple of leather straps with new ones. I removed the thigh wraps but still have and will send with the pads. 37’s but play more like 36’s. Looking for $300 Canadian plus shipping.
  6. There was an extra flap of protection for the index finger that was laced in where you can see the holes in the side wall. It was getting in the way of the paddle on my stick and thought it was overkill. I have since put the lace back in.
  7. Could an admin please edit the title to *Sold*? Not sure if I can edit it myself but I can’t figure it out. Thanks.
  8. Drew37

    Mckenney Gear

    Picked up myself a 895 Pro Catcher and 870 Pro Blocker today. Was a great sale at my local shop. Only had them on the ice for one session that for some reason everyone was shooting low so they didn’t get much use the first time out. Will update after a longer period with a more detailed review so this is more of a first impression. Catcher: So, so comfortable to wear. Has a 590 feel to it which is my most natural break so that helps but I don’t think I’ve ever had a glove that felt like such a pillow on the inside. Closes like a dream and that’s without any break in what so ever. Has a beautiful deep skate lace pocket that the puck just dies in. Had a couple times that the puck didn’t want to get out of it as I’m sure it was as comfortable in there as my hand but as I’m not the biggest puck handler I don’t think that will really affect my game too negatively. Blocker: Did a mod to this piece right away and removed extra protection from the index finger as it was getting in the way of my stick. Need to put the lace back in as you can see the holes in the one picture but that is just aesthetics. One thing I noticed while playing was that the glove was really tightly connected but as I looked at it, it has an adjustable strap that loosens the connection to the finger protection and once I adjusted that it felt great. Well balanced and very light. I love that both pieces have a large opening to make room for the chest protector arms and that they won’t get caught up on them. I obviously can’t speak on the durability but the build quality is top notch and rivals any piece I’ve had from the big boys so I’m not expecting to have any issues in that regard. If you have questions let me know!
  9. No sorry pads just sold.
  10. Sudbury, Ontario. About 4 hours north of Toronto.
  11. Selling my X900 pads and X700 skates. Both are in really great shape. Both used only once a week for about 8 months. No wear or tears on either. Pads are XL (36+1) and the skates are size 10EE. $400 cad for the pads and $100 cad for the skates.
  12. Bauer 1x are the best I have worn. Comfortable, stay in place well and great protection.
  13. Had a few stingers in it. Found the palm felt thinner than I expected in the break so if you caught a puck in that spot you’d definitely feel it. Kinda felt like a gap in between which helped with having great closer right off the shelf, barely had to break it in. Upgraded to a SLR. Sorry, I already sold it.
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