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  1. Drew37

    Mckenney Gear

    Mine were shipped by Canpar. Not sure if they ship through them for international though.
  2. Drew37

    Mckenney Gear

    I am in Northern Ontario, so only about 4 hours away from them. I never heard from them as well so I contacted them and was told they were to be shipped the next day and then I got them the day after that. Shipping over the border right now is a crap shoot. Some things I've gotten quickly, some took forever. I would contact them and check in with your order number.
  3. I agree that bring able to try them on first would be preferable but there's no store around me that has them, only Bauer and CCM. Add on the lockdown in Ontario so I couldn't go to any store to try anything on and I find myself willing to take a chance for the right price. Have seen some marked down for 40% off so figured worst case I would just return them or sell them if they don't fit.
  4. Was hoping someone could help me with this. What is the sizing comparison from Reebok/CCM to Graf? Don't have any local shops that carry Graf to try on but am very interested in switching to them. Right now I am in 10 E Reeboks (which I assume fit like current CCM) and have worn 10.5 EE Bauer Vapors recently as well. What size would I be looking for in Graf? I want to say they fit small in comparison from remembering years ago having a chance to try a pair on so I was thinking of going to 11 Wide.
  5. Yeah, it's always something to keep an eye for with certain retailers and what exclusives they may have with some of the brands.
  6. Not sure where you are located so I don't know what the shipping cost would be but you can get a pair of McKenney ProSpec pants for $250 cad(196 usd) before taxes. Better quality then mid level Bauer and you can customize your colors.
  7. Drew37

    Mckenney Gear

    Pretty sure Osgood could fit in just one pant leg too lol I wasn't upcharged for requesting a bigger size then was listed either.
  8. Drew37

    Mckenney Gear

    4xl. I'm a big guy and 3xl would have probably worked but they are able to go up a size larger then they list and I've never had a pair I could actually wear a bit loose so I went for it. Bigger in person then I thought they would be actually but I tried them on with all my other stuff and they don't inhibit any movement.
  9. Drew37

    Mckenney Gear

    And that was with the holidays in there so you might get a even faster turn around
  10. Drew37

    Mckenney Gear

    Dec 24th. So it took about 2 weeks
  11. This is what I've been using the past year. First bag I've had thats big enough to fit my pads into as well. Couldn't care less about the wheel argument as its way more convenient for me. Although I did love that scene in Letterkenny this past season which is being filmed funny enough in the rink I grew up playing in Capreol, Ontario. If they moved the camera to left you'd see old team photos from back in the 80s and I'm in one of those when I was in tykes.
  12. I've had a fair amount of experience with the mid level gear in both gloves and pads. I have mixed in pro gear I can find at good deals but I've like to try some new innovations from time to time and with a young family don't have the extra spending money to go new pro so the mid-level pricing helps. When I got back into playing 10 years ago from a 10 year hiatus gear had changed quite a bit and it took trial and error to find what I prefer. With pads I started back with some NikeBauer one55s which weren't for me so I quickly pivoted to some Vaughn 7450s which were great as they were softer
  13. Drew37

    Mckenney Gear

    Pants came in. Pretty sure I got them big enough if both my girls can wear them at the same time!
  14. Drew37

    Mckenney Gear

    And I was worried where the stains would end up. With my luck it would look like I crapped my pants lol.
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