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  1. Bauer 1x are the best I have worn. Comfortable, stay in place well and great protection.
  2. Had a few stingers in it. Found the palm felt thinner than I expected in the break so if you caught a puck in that spot you’d definitely feel it. Kinda felt like a gap in between which helped with having great closer right off the shelf, barely had to break it in. Upgraded to a SLR. Sorry, I already sold it.
  3. I can after work today around dinner time for sure. I like it, it’s a very solid glove, was easy to close off the shelf and it’s the first Bauer glove to feel nice on my hand. I also came from a premier glove so it should be an easy transition for you as well. Only reason I’m selling is I upgraded.
  4. I have a 2X glove that has only 6 months of use that I could let go for a good price if you’re interested.
  5. If you don’t plan on using or selling the Monster straps then yes you could just cut them off with scissors. Should just be able to untie the knot of bungee cord though if you don’t want to cut them.
  6. You get the sliding as the knee landing and calf have the cortech material. Of course there should be upgrades in the materials used when comparing a pro to senior pad to justify a $1000 difference. When looking it up though both the pro and senior have the same internal construction of dynamic flex core with curv composite thigh rise(according to the hockey shop specs). I think for some the upgrades on some materials and performance don’t justify the price difference and if you are looking for the closest performance without having to mortgage your house to get it, the senior line is the way to go. What I was impressed by was that when I was in my local shop I had a hard distinguishing between the pro and senior gloves at first. I remember a time when if it wasn’t pro it was garbage and it’s nice to see them upgrade the mid level for those of us who’s wife will divorce them if they spend too much on gear.
  7. Selling my Reebok XLT’s 35+2. Double break, seals 5 hole great. Absolutely no wear, tears or cuts. Only marks are puck marks and a bit of discolouration on the white nylon on the backside of the pads. Used for one year once/twice a week. Looking for $230 usd or $300 cad plus shipping. Shipping from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Price is negotiable.
  8. You’ll be fine with the 2X’s Senior. As long as your not on the ice 4 times a week playing at a high level senior gear will last as long as you need as long as you take care of it. Just got a pair of X900’s and going through the pads I find the build quality very high and have no concerns of how long they’ll last me. Looking at the 2X’s I have been impressed with the senior line and plan on picking up the glove and blocker. I find the quality to be more in line with Warrior’s Ritual Senior which is a great bang for the buck.
  9. I use them with XLTs and have no issue what so ever.
  10. Vinyl stitches added to my matte white Brodeur model.
  11. I think it looks a bit off because it's white with a stainless steel cage. If it was coloured/painted with the white window and a white cage it would look like the picture below or really close to it.
  12. They definitely would have resale value. They are still pro level pads, only a few years old. But that's the thing, if the cost of the pads aren't worth the experiment of trying something different then it's not worth it for you. It is hard to pass up on a good deal though, that's for sure.
  13. I love my XLTs. I got them for deal as well not long ago from my local shop. For the price you can't beat the quality that these pads are made with. Very solid. I have a narrow butterfly as well but I got them with a double break so they cover the five hole beautifully. Like already said, it comes down to liking a stiff pad that shoots rebounds off of it. While I get flex from the double break there is pretty much no flex in the boot. If you like your pad to flex at all points and rebounds to die at your feet these may not be for you.
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