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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/beta.ctvnews.ca/local/edmonton/2021/1/21/1_5276683.html Got 2 months for drunk driving.
  2. Got a never used pair of total one nxg. Have had many different models of Bauer throughout the years so it shouldn't be an issue. Worse case I can sell them for at least what I paid as I got a great deal.
  3. Thanks for the input. Was able to actually find a pair of older but new Bauers in my size! Thank God, couldn't believe I could find wide skates anywhere really. At my local shop or online. Have worn Bauer before and recently so I knew my size in those so wasn't afraid to purchase without trying on.
  4. I fit into Reebok/CCM in a 10 EE boot. Want to stay with a cowling and a 4mm blade. Cannot for the life of me find a pair in that size, not in person or online. Would going up to an 11 D work Width wise?
  5. Mostly I feel he is overrated and overhyped. Something about him just rubs me the wrong way. Cool to learn that about Anderson. They pick him up once Lundquist opted out due to his heart condition?
  6. Halak - Bruins - playing really good so far. I'm a B's fan so I've seen him play a bunch. Best tandem in the league in my humble opinion. Bishop - Stars - think he's injured though? Binnington - Blues - don't care. Don't like him. Hope he sucks. Anderson - not actually sure if he ended up anywhere after Ottawa. Miller - Ducks - saw a highlight of him making a sweet glove save in his iceberg Vaughns. Salo - Swedish jail.
  7. Was definitely a Brian's/Heaton family playing the 90's. Mostly Brian's to be honest with the pads, gloves and chest protectors. Both myself and my older brother had Brian's for all of those pieces but we did rock Heaton pants that had built in knee pads and jock as well. Recently had a mint pair of Heaton 10's that were top notch as well. Will always have a soft spot for the equipment back then with their beauty.
  8. Okay, something just to get used to then. When I first put it on after doing some adjustments I was disappointed as it felt it didn't fit but after some other adjustments and putting it on with my pants it's all good. Even the extended length will be more for comfort as it overlaps the top of the pants when standing straight and when crouched in stance there is no space. I'm also in the process of losing some weight so it will get better as my gut gets smaller lol.
  9. Just received my new XXL passau! The quality on it is amazing. Was hoping it would be a bit bigger then it is as it fits snugger then my xl Brian's Bstar. I think part of it is on me though as I wore my other one quite loose and I'm just not used to the snuggness. Find the belly a bit short, but just ordered the extender to solve that issue. My question is, the straps from the back plate that connect to the front sides seem a bit short and tight. Did it take long for them to loosen a bit during break in?
  10. Drew37

    Mckenney Gear

    One thing I noticed when I ordered my pants is that they are very accommodating so if you had any questions or requests for it they would probably be able to do it.
  11. Drew37

    Mckenney Gear

    Agreed. From experience though, I believe one thing you don't have to worry about with them is quality. My local shop carries low quanity of McKenney gear and I was able to score a great glove set on clearance. Best set I've ever owned. So when I was looking for pants, I was happy to see I could get a pair from them for a great price. Haven't been able to wear yet because of lockdowns but the quality again is great. Chest protectors are hard though. Fit means so much to those. The quality could be great but if the fit isn't right it's hard to buy sight unseen especially without others reviews or videos.
  12. Drew37

    Mckenney Gear

    Never had a chance to see it in person. I was thinking about getting it but went with a Passau instead. It looks top notch though.
  13. Drew37

    Mckenney Gear

    Not sure about the weight as I never checked it. Had some packing fill and cardboard sheets in there as well. It just gave me a flat shipping rate so I never paid attention to that.
  14. I've personally gone back and forth on this between soft and hard. V4 to P3, P3 to Heaton 10s, Heaton 10s to XLTs and x900s. Now I am in SLRs and find it the perfect balance between stiff and soft. Flexes when you need it but keeps its shape and gives out hot rebounds. The strapping is great on it as well especially the professor strap so you can have the feeling of it being snug but still rotates like a dream.
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