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Stiffening Knee Wings (anyone have ideas?)


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I've seemingly reached a point where I no longer feel like dropping coin on replacing my perfectly good pads, however, I'm wishing for a stiffer knee wing on my Eflex 3s. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about this? I understand that I won't be getting results akin to a newer Bauer with the knee block being integrated into the core, but I'd like to not have so much floppiness. Thanks in advance!

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Easy solution but not perfect I've tried is similar to what TRUE has done on 20.2/PX3 - a Nylon knee strap in lieu of the elastic strap. 


On my Bauer GSX I opened up and stitched everything a bit tighter with extra jenpro reinforcement to achieve a *slightly* stiffer block. 

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