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Pad wear


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Hello all,

I very recently picked up some pretty much new (used 5-10 skates by the previous owner) True 9x3 pads. Love them, they're great, etc. However, I have already started to develop some wear spots on the binding on near the toe on the inside edge of the pad. I have always had some decent wear occur on pads in this spot, probably from a bad stance, but this wear is coming on a bit sooner than I'd like. 

Who has ideas on how to delay this type of wear? I have shoe goo, padskinz, super glue... I'd appreciate input before this gets worse.


Side note- I play at a place that has rusty posts and do a Rask-style RVH. I swear its not a poop stain on the outer roll of the pad haha (they clean up easily).IMG_2195.thumb.jpg.31a75a9c3306ef924ce24b8b7ce6a1f6.jpg

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