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Warrior X3E/X4E pants


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Does anyone have any hands on experience with these? 

I was to try a non-tuck style with my X2Pro but noticed that when I pulled the waist belt snug the pants turned to non-mobile mode to a level where I wasn't able to drop down and do any movements that required thighs to move. Looking it through I think it's the waist plates on front and sides and added to the thigh plates that are just huge.

From pictures these "E" pants don't have any of those Warrior style extras and look more like the standard style.

I don't have these in the nearby shops so asking before travelling further to find out if these would work for me.

Other option I have are CCM HPG14A but for almost double the price of the X3E/4E and even less chances to try them on, actually only way is to get them shipped to me to try them on.

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Took my skates to get them sharp again (last time was 4th jan 2023 😅) and found one S sized X4E pants. The design was spot on and felt like it could work really well for what I'm looking for. But. The quality of so called SR. Over all everything felt somewhat cheapish but not bad atleast if looking for protection. But the materials and especially the nylon on the outside is rubbish. It even sounds like paper bag and feels super thin. So that was about it.

Then I looked for alternatives:

- Vaughn V9: Super protective and quality feel, thick paddings and movements from shelf felt good. But for some reason atleast the (only) pair that was available had both of the thigh boards halfway straightened. And when I tried the pants on the boards were in 90 degree angle in front of me like snowplough. Could be easily fixed with some strapping into shape etc. But if I'm buying new gear....

- CCM Pro, these were known to have a bit of an issue on the front hip area and yes, there is only 5-10mm of padding where you have cup under. But even Warrior cup cannot cover that whole area. Other than that they felt just like Premier which I liked when had them. But again I'm looking for new gear and not planning to modify them to start with.

So can anyone post me a picture of the insides of CCM HPG14 pants? The front area and legs are of interest.

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Nah, I got impatient and pulled the trigger for HPG14A pants. 

If they are not what I wanted (propably no problems) I'll try and sell them with a small loss of money and buy something else.

I tried to find VE8 pants but they were non-existant in Europe. No new stock and no used ones available. I also found out that V9 has been with the thigh cradle ie. old style flat thigh plates. But the V9 was Pro Carbon and then the price went to 500 euros which is a lot more than HPG14A.

I'm also interested to see if these are truly NHL spec pants or just the same model but less protection. Ofcourse I don't know about the real NHL spec pants but if these feel down graded then I'm disappointed.

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