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Bauer 940 or sportmask X8

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I’m on the fence

bauer 940 or a sportmask X8

i have seen the Bauer and seems like plastic and very flexible.

the sportmask x8 is very rigid and seems more durable.

the Bauer is super comfortable and light and the sportmask heaver  and denser foams. 
Any opinions out there. 
I don’t have the funds for a 950 or  the more expensive mask. 

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As someone who has toggled between a Bauer and Sportmask in the same week, the strapping setups definitely feel different.  The way the backplates feel with the pressure points from the straps is different between the brands.  Just throwing that out there for you.  Have you noticed the difference?  Either one feels naturally better for you? 

Also, are you looking at certified cages or cateye cages? If the latter, Bauer cateyes and Sportmask cateyes have very different center vertical bars that sit in your field of vision very differently.   Just throwing that out there too as a difference to consider. 

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I got the Bauer 940 with the certified cateye and like it a lot.  It's very comfortable and I've taken a few shots to the head without a problem.  Feels very solid and durable to me, in the hand.  Never tried the Sportmask though, so can't compare.

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