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    bauer xxl 2spro
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    1x pro
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    Warrior g4
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    Ccm premier
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    Ccm premier 2
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    Bauer vapour 900
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    Step steel
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    Warrior g4
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  1. This guys posts are riveting. He leaves u wanting more. Like a movie.
  2. Bauer x900 sz 9.5 goalie skates. Used 2 times. In next to new condition. 175$ cdn +ship. Lethbridge ,Alberta,Canada
  3. I have the trav spec. I have a 9.5 skate. I had the double knot at the toe bridge to tighten m up. They come long, but easy to adjust tho. But ,but on install the bungie came loose from the velcro/ leather. So it was just the skate lace ,armor and no elasticity. Looked at the stitching and there was only one pass of thread. So i got the miz to go over the bungie and repair the quality control. Was gonna send m back,but was gonna take to long. After the repair they where ok.
  4. Added a set of gloves already listed in the main ad at the top.
  5. 500$cdn shipped. Save someone 50$ + These arent the stock 2s pro. Super soft flexible boot, soft flexible thigh rise. More curve in the rise also. Stock are super stiff.
  6. Ya the width of the pads. I thought they where off width wise. Gtk there up to spec now.
  7. Ccm 3.9 eflex. 30+1 in like new condition. No damage or wear. All straps in good shape. Basically new pads. 280$ shipped in Canada Lethbridge Alberta Canada
  8. Are the older versions of the warrior skinner on the pad face. In the pic of the g5 and the older pad, the older set looks a inch or so skinner. Maybe not an inch but wtf. I have played against guys with older warriors and to the eye they looked skinner to.
  9. Good info but limited colors in the sr pads. Just white . You would think they would have all the colors.
  10. Just so I dont scare anybody with the xxl sizing I wear a 35+2 in ccm. Heres a pic of my ccms beside the xxl 2s pros
  11. Bauer 2s pro xxl pads. Soft boot, not sure of the internal specs. All straps in good shape no boot strap. The pads are in really good shape. Still slide like butter. Lace toe. Had some work done on the sliding surface,just torn thread but professional repaired at a hockey shop. Bauer 1x pro blocker and glover. Used for 1 game in new shape. Basicaly new Shipped from Alberta, Canada Looking for 950$ shipped in Canada 850$ shipped to the states. Not sure how to except in u.s funds but let's work somthing out
  12. I wear a 35+2 on ccm comfortabley. Do the warriors match up size with ccm pads. Is there a size difference between the 2 brands
  13. Havent used regular jenpro since my ccm eflex 500s. If this dam pandemic goes away I'll be pushing harder to try the passau's.
  14. Also hockey reviews shows how the calf wing is super flex able. I'm so use to the firm hard plastic or what ever they use on the calf wing to make it have a more flat solid feel on the ice. Would this hurt the sliding or even have pucks slide under the pad.
  15. I'm on the fence about passau equipment. I'm looking for feedback on the durability and quality of the gear. I'm looking to get the brown retro set. Always wanted the old scoo look, also just the stock gear they have. No custom. Also how is sizing, I wear a 35+2 36+1 pad. 6ft2 height wise. I know theres lots info on here on them. I just wanna see how there holding up. Gonna be selling my 2s pros/ new 1x mitts to get these. We dont get much passau sets out west. So don't see m. Any info on the brown retro set will be great.
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