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Pad sizing compared to Koho 580s


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Hey Guys

I recently threw on my old koho 580s which are 34 inch and 86cm on the side of the pad. Guessing this has a plus1. I really enjoyed playing with these past few skates. Feel so maneuverable even with the weight of these old pads.


My question is what sizing would this equate to in CCM or Vaughn?


  • I have an ATK of 18
  • FTK of 22.5.
  • I am only 5'11

My new pads are GNetik 4's are 34+2 and my GNetik 3's are 35+1. I think they share the same core for ATK. Knee lands dead center on both GNetik pads.

I also have an old set of 35+1 Koho 580s as well which fit the same, maybe a tad higher.


Thanks for any suggestions.





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